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  1. Evening All, 2021, it doesn't seem five minutes ago that it was 1982 and I was leaving school to enter the big bad world and if someone had told me what a shit year 2020 was going to be I wouldn't have believed them. But forwards, onwards and backwards. On to the turret rotation gearbox and just to remind you what it should look like. The top section is the actual gearbox, the lower section is just a guard to stop things getting trapped in the gear that meshes with the turret gear ring. This is what the gearbox housing looks like in my world. The original unit rotat
  2. Evening NZM and the same to you, lets just hope that this virus buggers off soon. Not much to report I am afraid, I have been a bit down in the dumps lately and didn't feel like doing anything on the Tank until yesterday but I have completed some other jobs that needed doing instead. The Component that I started yesterday was the turret rotation gearbox, it's quite a complex little unit that not only rotates the turret but also houses the trigger mechanism for the MG34. I have managed to put a digital display on to my Bridgeport milling machine, I bought the read out abo
  3. Hi Dan, Add this to my user name @googlemail.com Jon
  4. It fits me and I am 5ft 11" so a nice size. I had been looking for a camo one to go with the plain tan one for ages and then one turned up on a Dutch dealers web site. Jon
  5. It's for a mannequin that I am putting together with my camo pixie suit. Jon
  6. Morning Enigma, I managed to get the red size marking off and most of the black without removing the paint or painting over it. And then i found a picture of one with the markings of the Scots Guard Armoured Division on, so I copied that. Jon
  7. Morning ghasp, The power plugs, like most of the rest, is home made but if you notice they screw to the front plate, as it didn't seem worth making them actually plug in. Yes the blokes details maybe useful, although I have bought a small CNC engraving machine so that I can do such things myself. It's a bit of a long winded process to program it and my mind is else where at the moment but in time I will get it going. Jon
  8. Evening All, Would anyone perchance know the dimensions of tracks from a Russian BMP, pitch, width and the gap between the horns. I should be most appreciative if anyone could provide this information. Jon
  9. Ebay uk. Any idea what colour green they were painted?
  10. Here you go. The stamps are very hard to see clearly on the photograph but to the eye it looks like: BMB mk2 ? 1?53
  11. Evening Enigma, I managed to get a helmet but it's been stored in a pile and although the advert didn't show it, it has a black ring around the crown. Do you ever repaint your shells, if so what colour do you use? The shell is dated as well as the liner. Regards, Jon
  12. I bought a series 2a a few years ago, it was born as a petrol but someone had put a 2.5 diesel in it, I think it was from an LDV. Where I live it's all small roads with very steep hills, I hated it but thought that I would change it for a 2.25 Land rover diesel to keep it all land rover. It was a good engine, no smoke and on normal roads quite acceptable but around here, I don't think so. So I did what I should have done in the beginning and put a 2.25 petrol in pure silk. Noisy old diesels, you can keep them. This is after rebuild. Jon
  13. And my wife has instructed me to tell you, that I made her a vegetarian quiche. Red Leicester pastry, with mushrooms, sugar snaps and sweet peppers, mixed with egg, pepper cream and more red Leicester topped with melted Cambozola. There, done as instructed. Jon
  14. John seriously, I might need some help, thanks. Evening All, Forward, ever forward and to that end I have completed the support that connects the commanders seat to the rotary coupling on the hull floor. It can't be an exact copy of the original because I have had to modify it to suit my version of the electrical connection contained within. Now don't laugh, I don't usually show the pigeon poo pictures but I have made an exception, before grinding. After grinding. And after painting. The support is bent in this unusual shape so that it mi
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