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  1. I personally don't have a problem with replicas as long as they are not portrayed as originals. I think that anyone who puts the effort into restoring anything is worthy of praise, the only exception, in my mind, are those who pay to have the work done and the then tell everyone that they restored the item themselves, why not just be honest. As for not using the correct thickness of steel, sometimes there seems to be little point, unless it can be seen and the in a lot of cases it can be packed out to look correct if you are using thinner material or ground back, if it is slightly
  2. Thanks Lowfat, I have just ordered a bottle, it sounds just what i am looking for for all the electrical gremlins that i encounter at work. I have also got some of that red electrical varnish to coat the rest of the electrics inside the unit but it was the contact area that really concerned me. I found this interesting article on the product, from a BMW manual. Model:All BMWComplaint:Connectors which carry low current are more likely to form deposits which affect the resistance of the circuit through the plug connector. Depending upon the particular circuit these deposits can
  3. An interesting idea John but i think that it would be safer for all the other road users if I didn't. Evening All, Thanks for asking after me, I appreciate it. I am, as you can tell, still in the land of the living but with winter coming, in the near future, there was a job that I needed to get done and If I have mentioned this before please forgive me for repeating myself, i blame it on my age. When i built my workshop i built it to suit Land Rovers, so it didn't need to be that high or have tall doors, fast forward several years and the vehicles that i own, build, have got ta
  4. 40% on top of the selling price is a bit steep but still, some interesting items under the hammer.
  5. Thanks Gordon, when you say varnish, what sort of varmish? Interesting suggestion, the unit has already got seals at either end of the shaft but i would imagine in situ servicing would be a very messy business. I would rather keep it oil free if truth be known but worth remembering for future reference. DC motor commutator lubricant was my first thought, i just wondered if people had any experience and any recommended products. There isn't enough room to incorporate any dessicant material. Tanks for the suggestions, any more? Jon
  6. Evening all, Not much to report on the Panzer front, as I have been busy with other non military projects that I appear to have gained. As for the Panzer i have been removing the parts that i have previously made and under coating them ready for a top coat as and when. A quite interesting little project that i have finished is the rotary coupling that connects power and audio from the hull up into the turret. I had thought of using a cheap slip ring as sold on ebay and modifying it to suit but i don't think that it will be man enough, so i decided to knock something u
  7. Hmvf has ceased to work on the traditional google browser, so i am now being forced to use chrome. Jon
  8. Clear wax oil every time, then you can see what's happening under it. I have seen instances where black wax oil or other coloured products have been used, they look good but if they get chipped moisture gets under the coating and the material that you were trying to protect corrodes without you realising. Jon
  9. Evening All, Update time again. I am still working my way around the track guards making all the various parts, boxes etc. On the right hand track guard, at the rear, there is a box described as a Werkzeugkasten III or toolbox, what exactly goes in it I have no idea. The box on top of the Wrkzeugkasten on the Tank museums Panzer II is an addition and isn't relevant to the Ausf C. Obviously mine. On the last update I mentioned the MG Zubehorkasten which caused some confusion. This is my recreation, which I think is somewhere near but how the items that it he
  10. Evening and thanks for the information, I realise now that I should have been a bit more specific in my comments. You are correct there are several different Zubehorkasten but there is one that is specific to the Panzer ll, the nearest that I can find is the One from the Tiger tank pictured below but the dimensions are wrong. In this box the gun butt is stored on top of the bipod, thus the box is approximately 150mm wide, (because that is the dimension across the horns of the butt) by 380mm(the length of the bipod) by 80, the length of the removeable sight. The box that I
  11. Evening All, One thing that I never throw away is Oak, I can always find a use for it. The panzer needs a jacking block as part of it's tool kit and as I had some large off cuts left over from when I built our extension, out came the chain saw. Most of the original blocks that I have seen have been made from several pieces joined together but I decided to make it out of one lump. The block in its holding bracket. I decided to use a new fire extinguisher painted to recreate an original, my thinking is, if there is a fire it would be nice to know that i
  12. You could be right, maybe worth thinking about in the future. Evening All, I want to get all the tools, boxes, etc that are attached to the track guards in place before I remove the upper hull, all of the tools are held in place by these clips, An original My version I had thought that they would all be the same and I would just have to make 8 identical clips but in true German fashion, nothings that simple. There are 7 different variations to make, some just bigger or small but others totally different so each one takes a bit of experimentation. They were
  13. Thanks Tapper, it feels very close and yet there are still several major hurdles to negotiate but that's all part of the challenge. Time for an update me thinks. I have finished the engine cover although I have cheated and used 1.6mm steel sheet for the covers to save weight. Around the opening of this cover there is a radiused section, best shown in this picture. Also there is a 15mm gap right around the covers, too big a gap to be just clearance. I had assumed that it was a rain water channel but the more I studied the pictur
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