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  1. The one in Woolwich before the move
  2. Snowy from Tin Tin? I,ll get my coat
  3. Im in Shoeburyness next to Southend if it helps David N
  4. i dont know if this is of any intrest on evil-pay now regulations for army fire service in war 1942 item number 372833498356. no conection to the seller.
  5. Morris Commercial C8 Quad ? though the butttler side light seems too high
  6. damm to late again any one else got a set for a quad
  7. quite a few 30-40s Italian vehicles were R.H.D. I asked this question a few years ago didnt get a definet:red: answer though.:undecided:
  8. I would say its about the size of a mercedes sprinter van well my No5 body is .AA took it on a 7.5 ramp when it broke down. old grandad licence says car/van and two trailers. Dont know how it works now.
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