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Morris Commercial gallery

Rick W

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Here are a couple of Morris Commercial CS8 Trucks which form part of my collection . The first is my 1939 CS8 MDO106 which is seen on the front at Brighton - No idea when this photo was taken poss 1970's or 80's but this truck had been off the road for a good number of years when I bought it for restoration .

The second set of pictures are of my 1940 Morris cs8 G.S.


morris cs8 1940-1.jpg

morris cs8 1940-3.jpg

morris cs8 1940-4.jpg

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Hi Phil, i think its a Leyland Retriever with a crane in the back. Photo of the same truck. Original photo from my collection.


cheers for that , some great photos you've got in your collection , will post a pic of what i think is one in scrap yard relics

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Hi All,

Here is one MC still working for a living carting water in Queensland when Noosa was just a village.


It would have been too late for refugee cargo, so maybe ex RN or RAF.


Since moving to Queensland in 1978 I haven't seen any sign of it.




Morris Commercial C8-GS Noosa 15-8-73 A (888 x 588).jpg

Morris Commercial C8-GS  Noosa 15-8-73 B (880 x 580).jpg

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About time to revive this thread.


I found the photo below at Miliblog.co.uk, which features a load of pictures taken at HMV shows many years ago.


It is labelled "Morris C8 Anti-Tank Tractor (YFO 725)", a Morris-Commercial C8/AT 17-pdr Anti-Tank Tractor, most likely converted from most a Morris-Commercial C8/MG 'Portee'.


My question is: who knows if YFO 725 is still around?






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