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  1. Where was the misalignment then Ron ? The mainshaft in the flywheel or was the wheel out of true ?
  2. It may be the case that the cover and screw changed over time. I'm still discovering 'Early' and 'Late' versions of components on Nortons, with little visible difference but they were constantly looking for economies of material.
  3. The red-painted head is so difficult to look at, with that flicking image....Has it perhaps been skimmed ? As Ron says, it's normal to have some combustion chamber above the piston.
  4. I've seen suggestions that Norton SV and OHV were balanced to 50% pre-war but with figures approaching 70% for the OHC racers which of course do most of their work at much higher revs. Even frame rigidity has an effect though. What's it at, at the moment ?
  5. Do you know what he balance factor was intended to be on CO cranks, Ron ? I see widely differing figures suggested for Nortons.
  6. 79x100


    I don't have a copy of the 1941 booklet...Only the 'Home Forces' lists and that doesn't mention Armoured Divisions which is odd. Wally, do you have any ACIs relating to BEF markings...especially the later arrivals ?
  7. 79x100


    '67' on red doesn't appear on any wartime schedule that I can find. '67' on brown or black does, but without a formation sign (and motorcycles didn't officially display them after 1941) it is impossible to pin down. If it's shiny then the odd are that a private owner applied it and quite possibly made an error....or maybe based it on what an old soldier said.
  8. Have you made a crank jig Ron ? 'Radco' mentions that one can be made of wood with 'V' notches and the crank rotated on its own main bearings. Lets hope that you don't have a crank from mismatched halves or something.
  9. I think they should have been, Ron...it's certainly 'correct' but if a photo turned up showing a Terry, I wouldn't be surprised. My 16H had the Terry on it and there is no WD confirmation that the variation existed. Fortunately, someone at Norton liked playing noughts and crosses with coloured pencils.
  10. The Norton factory records suggest that Lycett were not able to keep up with demand in late 1939 and Terry saddles were fitted to some machines, at random. Later, the Lycett elastics were completely discontinued due to the rubber shortages. The VAOS listings for Norton continued to show the WD pattern Lycett but even in 1939, most were being fitted with sprung Terry's. I'd suspect that either make could be correct on a G3/WO but there would only be one version from each manufacturer.
  11. The RAOC 'Chilwell Cards' for C3398 and C3360 simply state that they were 'ex-RASC' and give no frame number info. It's much easier to piece together the details of the RAOC contract machines such as Nortons and most BSAs. The Triumphs were generally delivered to Feltham and it's clear that they were mixed up before the WD serial numbers were applied. They were issued the catalogue refs 19 and 14, despite being earlier than C5108 (10) and C6128 (6) which indicates how chaotic things were. If you use a pre-war WD serial / census number from the early contracts on an OHV machine, it w
  12. Yes, bare crankcases. In the old days, it involved a galvanised bucket balanced on a camping stove with a cupful of washing powder ! You can't beat a boil wash 😀 By the way, Ron, I'm telling on you !
  13. Ron, the smell and smoke is much reduced if you put the cases in the dishwasher first !
  14. It's useful that you posted the photo Lex. I have a 1" G3 lever and clamp which is surplus to requirements. It was ex-dealer stock and had been blasted but hasn't been used. It's in Belgium unfortunately, but if we're quick it can be on its way before Brexit. Send me a PM if you're interested, Steve.
  15. You're not allowed down there to look at the moment ! 🙂
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