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  1. German car makers are allowed to do what they like. Who decided to allow VW to fit LED strip lights along the bonnet edge ? It's almost impossible to shut them out of the field of vision. The same VW that hides indicators in the middle of a circular stop lamp.
  2. 79x100

    Triumph 3SW ?

    Lots to think about here. I'm not sure that I've seen a 40 3S model stamped "3SW", even those from contracts such as C5708 so it may be that the lack of a "W" at this stage did not indicate a civilian spec. The "C" number makes no sense and the R.A.S.C. (The 3S / SW was an RASC machine used by them and third-line units) were not very professionally done. The only way though that I could imagine an engine leaving Triumph with no number would be if it had been built as a spare unit. Even that is strange though as I'm not aware that they had any other "Shop" number to identify a build. I'm fairly certain that the frame number is an over-stamp. The height of the numbers seems greater than on Ron's example and that deep serif on "7" looks typically Continental. If I look at the "0" figures, both seem to have a line across as if there is an indication of a previous number and the gap in the "6" seems to have been peened to cover something. Post-war France had extremely tight import controls and locals went to great lengths to put machines back into circulation, using pre-war documentation. The removal of the Triumph logo from the engine casing would have been part of this process too. Are you aware of the old French registration number ? I believe that some records still exist. They may show what it has been registered as.
  3. ..which surely makes it all the more useful that "Rewdco" has decided to share his extensive archive research and combine it with existing knowledge and discussions. I'm sure that he's hoping for constructive comments and further documentary evidence.
  4. Ron, I never go anywhere without a 1" tube, but if it's a cold jumble, it could be down to a half-inch !🫢
  5. There is no requirement in the UK to have a main beam on a pre-type approval vehicle, the only requirement is that they don't dazzle. Almost uniquely, when rear brake lights were made compulsory in the 1950s, that legislation was retrospective and applied to vehicles from the 1930s too. WD motorcycles were of course exactly that and normal civilian regulations didn't apply. On the subject of those switches, Ron, they were used as late as the 1970s on the two-tone horns of Commando Interpols...clearly on 7/8" bars and I had no trouble fitting one to a 1" handlebar. The post-war dip switches that you often see on WD bikes (I don't have a photo handy) came in LV6 packaging marked "Switches, Dipping to suit 7/8" and 1" Bar, for motorcycles..
  6. If you're not running steel headlamp masks, then probably. The Wassell Lucas replicas of the clamp-on type are quite good. Although they state 7/8", I can find no trace of Lucas ever offering alternative sizes. I'm fairly sure the clamp is universal and will cope with both sizes. You do need the "rat turd" type lever rather than the diamond shape though.
  7. Some C435**** M20s with dip switches here, from contract C7287 which commenced delivery 24/8/1940 and ran well into 1941.
  8. Is there a print date on that, Ron ? The DME Circulars list gives a May 1941 date for removing the dipper switch and fitting "New type headlamp mask" (which would be the steel type rather than the card with a hole). It would make sense if the switch was deleted when the new masks were introduced. As far as I can tell, Nortons altered on production machines during the early part of 1941. Diagram W2053A clearly came later than W2049.
  9. Yes, you're in luck. I recently bought a small quantity of pre-war Lucas wiring diagrams which included this November 1939-dated scheme "For Motorcycles used by H.M. Forces". It confirms what I found on my BEF-abandoned 1939 Norton...that WD machines from the outbreak of war were fitted with a dip switch along with the WD-type OTLH four-position main switch. Incidentally, MCR1 CVC regulators dated between September 1939 and mid-1942 were marked "Lead-Acid" to distinguish them from the Ni-Fe type that had been the pre-war standard WD fitment. It's only really noticeable on Nortons though, due to the location above the tool box.
  10. Is that a slate roof behind ? A huge variation based on reflection between the dark forward elevations and the light green of the more steeply pitched area behind.
  11. 79x100

    BSA WB30

    That's exactly the same situation as the WD16H. In order to give a less rear-set and more upright trials type riding position with footrests mounted in the only place they can be, between the gearbox and the engine, it's necessary to have a longer lever, assuming it's pivoted on the frame behind the chaincase. I don't think it's a weight thing.
  12. Indeed, the WD "80 mph. Non-illuminated, non-trip" with supersession numbers to indicate the various types fitted to earlier machines which it replaced. I love the term "Elastico" by the way. Shades of "The Fast Show".
  13. 79x100

    Site Adverts

    There certainly are, Ron. I've never paid for one. If you want to look at Facebook, try F.B. Purity too. No ads, no sponsored posts.
  14. 79x100

    Site Adverts

    I know that forum / website owners hate adblockers, and to be honest I have nothing against static, relevant ads but I simply can't read anything if there are moving images on a page. The answer as others have said is a browser like Firefox that enables the easy use of an adblocker. I see no ads here at all, neither do I when using Microsoft Edge at work, using an adblocker. They really work.
  15. 4532232 and 4532252 had a "Z" prefix and were Bedford water tankers...so not possible. There were no motorcycles with 7-digit serials beginning with "453" Lex or I could confirm pretty well any individual component as Norton in seconds if you can get a photo to us !
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