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  1. Just a little bit of rivetery-countery and not of such import on a Matchless where the CVC box is slightly hidden, but WD MCR1s up until at least June 1942 were marked 'Lead-Acid' to differentiate them from the pre-war Ni-Fe boxes. On Nortons particularly where they're stuck out on the side, it's noticeable. Does yours still have the original internals, Steve ? If so, what is the date on the back plate ?
  2. Rubber didn't really become short until after the Japanese took Malaya in early 1942....There is a tendency to assume that 1944 spec was 'normal' but allowing for 1939 production during the build-up, pretty much half of wartime production was not subject to rubber shortages and a fair quantity of the vehicles that were went straight into post-war reserve stock which is why they were so common on the 1950s and '60s demob market. Lots of rubber bits is really far more 'warry' in terms of year served.
  3. Which model of Enfield are you restoring ? In practice, apart from use of the WD/C by the BEF and by some second-line units in the Middle East, it is hard to find evidence of their use by the British Army overseas. Italy was a campaign that saw M20s, W/NGs, 3HWs and G3Ls with the British and 16Hs with the Canadians. In terms of markings, as early as the Army Council Instruction 'Vehicle Markings 1941', published in January of that year, it was stated that formation signs would not be applied to motorcycles and this was repeated in each subsequent publication. The most correct choice
  4. The heavyweight Webb forks and the style of the headsteady clamp really look Triumph...The 'three stay' plunger rear-end is unfamiliar to me..I suspect that it is a 1940s suspension upgrade. I'd say that it was pre-war Tiger 100 with upgrades but that the fuel tank doesn't belong on it
  5. The 24w/24w non-focussed bulbs in motorcycle headlamps most certainly didn't have 'e' marks...neither does a 'Difusa' glass.
  6. Sadly, there is a large-scale fraud going on with a number of Indian eBay sellers....Jan posed as a buyer on another group. It appears to be common practice to photograph a genuine item and then sell poor quality look-alikes. Presumably they hope that feedback will be left before the buyers find out that things don't fit.
  7. Matchlesses and no two alike ? Who'd have thought it ? 🤪
  8. Lucas lists are supremely unhelpful and confusing. I believe that this first one is from 1939. The earlier 1936 list shows one with a black bezel, but only the 6-0-6 ML that they took over with all the Maglita stuff in the early thirties. It looks as if you should have the 369, 075 which was the BM4 L15 with an upright needle and illumination at 6 o'clock. It had a chromium plated bezel. Whatever, if you paid more than 8/6d then you were had !
  9. Sorry to chime in late. Gas paint really shouldn't be too carefully applied. They simply slapped it on. Mine had quite a small area but with very visible brush strokes. I got it wrong though as I put the panel on afterwards.
  10. Indeed Ron. Taff said that those fitted as original equipment by the manufacturers didn't have the Lucas markings cast in, but those supplied as replacements did....I think this held true for the major firms, but some of the smaller outfits seem to have purchased from wholesalers rather than direct.
  11. No casual tea-leaf is going to be able to walk up and start a bike of this era. ignition left on full advance and fuel off should be enough. A chain around the rear wheel and frame will stop someone from walking up in bike gear and riding off on it...professionals with a van who go equipped to steal will remain a problem whatever you do. It doesn't look by the way as if the OP is doing a WD rebuild, but in case it's important, the Altette shown is a post-war aftermarket civilian version. (cutaway body, aluminium branded bezel and acorn nuts).
  12. 57% is the recommendation from now on then ?
  13. Where was the misalignment then Ron ? The mainshaft in the flywheel or was the wheel out of true ?
  14. It may be the case that the cover and screw changed over time. I'm still discovering 'Early' and 'Late' versions of components on Nortons, with little visible difference but they were constantly looking for economies of material.
  15. The red-painted head is so difficult to look at, with that flicking image....Has it perhaps been skimmed ? As Ron says, it's normal to have some combustion chamber above the piston.
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