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Morris Commercial gallery

Rick W

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It was actually taken in St Helier Jersey in 1945. The vehicle was one that had been used by the German forces. The Liberation force only brought about 30% of vehicles they needed the rest were taken from the occupiers. A lot of 'Requistioned' (Read stolen) vehicles were still there, but many private cars, especially Jaguars and a Buick, wee sent to France in 1941. Have a look through the photos here http://www.thisisjersey.co.uk/hmd/

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Tabor chapel, as I know it. Is at the end of a road called Petite route Des Millies, the road I use to live on. As for the descration, well unfortunatley Jersey has it's idiots. I don't know any follow up I,m afraid. Best palce to trty is the Evening Post archives. http://www.thisisjersey.com/




Thanks for the info, Tony.

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Hello Les. Nice to see you here. There are a number of MLU ers on the forum.


Here's a Time Life picture with what I assume are also 11/30s in the foreground and presumably a variation of Caunter Scheme camouflage ?




Rich Payne

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