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  1. Steve, .... and you laughed at me when I said you needed a sledge !🤣
  2. Dear All, I have a 320 man pack which has obviously seen better working days and would like to get it working again. When switched on, with a fully charged battery, it emits a continuous high pitched whine.. There is no receive or transmit. I don't feel confident enough to delve into the inner workings of the 320 so was looking for recommendations for a person / company that will do repairs on the 320. Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Iain / Andy Thank you for the info. My LR Wolf is currently with 'the man with a spray gun', should be back in the next day or so and then the start of the build up. I would have expected a 2 metre quarter wave rod to have been around 19 (+) inches. However being shorter is going in the right direction, easier to take off metal than to add it ! .... and the next problem relates to a non working RT320, but I'll start a new post on that.
  4. Gordonb, Thanks for the info. Unfortunately it will have to wait a while as a friend has just offered to re-spray the Wolf in a couple of weeks time, so I’ll be slowly stripping everything off the vehicle. When It’s all back up and running and radios, antennas etc installed will try an experiment or two and post the results. Won’t be for a while though.
  5. Thanks for the reply And that was going to be my next route, however my friend has offered to respray the Wolf so everything on hold at the moment until Wolf prepped, sprayed and ancillaries bolted back on. will keep you updated
  6. Dear All, Hoping this isn't a silly question ? I want to use the Clansman mount, (Photo's A & B) with a 2 metre amateur radio set in my LR wolf. In the top part of the mount (Photo C & E) there is a transformer / balun. If I by pass the transformer / balun (Photo F) and use a quarter or five eighth wave length of Clansman aerial rod. will that suffice or am I missing something ? Thanks, Barrie 2W1GMM
  7. Steve, Part of the bike's rich history ..........
  8. Wartime Wheels @ Caldicot Castle, Monmouthshire, S.Wales. Saturday & Sunday, 2nd and 3rd May 2020 Entry Forms ...... wartimewheels@yahoo.com
  9. At the moment, still available. e-mail enquiries to: Barrie@marcherlords.co.uk
  10. Now Sold .............................. I bought F207077 a couple of years ago and from what I can gather it was Mr Chris Wilkinsons own Dingo and he used to sell bits off it, when he had the yard at St. Albans, and replace the parts on F207077 from his stock of new parts. This seems to be borne out by the gearbox still having a number in yellow wax crayon on the casing. From my research F207077 was manufactured in May or June 1943. I have loads (... and I mean loads !) of information regarding the vehicle together with Workshop manual, Parts List, Drivers/Oper
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