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  1. Hello Gents, I’ve just had a quick look on eBay and fortuitously managed to pick up a pair of Bowden clamps, for less than £40, so just need the barrel now. Steve, I’ll give you a shout when I start the restoration. Just waiting for my new workshop to be erected in a couple of weeks so I can spread out and see what I need for the G3. Always like reading your posts as a reminder of what can be achieved. Are you still in need of the steering damper plates or did you find one? Regards, Tom
  2. Hi Lex, Yes the barrel went to me, but it’s still with Ron until we’re cleared to start travelling around again. I’ve been slowly building up parts, but nothing like the progress being made here. Hopefully the restoration will start this summer when my new workshop is built and Steve has stopped hoovering up all the parts 😉. I’m looking for a 1” throttle twist if anyone knows where to find one. I have a G3L carb and barrel I can trade/part ex. Regards, Tom
  3. Hello Fred, Welcome to the forum and military vehicle ownership! There are lots of very knowledgeable motorcycle owners and restorers on here who are always willing to help with advice. Take a look at the WD motorcycle forum as well, another great forum and source of advice, parts etc. I have a couple of WD motorcycles, and based in Wiltshire, but not a Triumph 3HW I’m afraid. Good luck with the restoration. Regards, Tom
  4. That was quick work Ron! I’ve had another look at my notes from my discussion with the dynamic balancer place. They said that the cranks would need to be balanced to within 0.5 thou. As mine were 4 thou before I stripped them, and you have managed to get yours to 2 thou, I’ve come to the conclusion that 0.5 thou is I achievable for a 1940s split crank. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your first test run to see if you’ve reduced the vibration. I’m currently thinking of putting a standard piston back in as I don’t think I’ll be able to get the engine balanced professionally with the higher co
  5. I need a rear rack, an outer chain case and a throttle twist grip if anyone has one for sale? I have a G3L rack to trade if anyone needs one.
  6. Hi Ben, I recently found a Humber wheel in woodland (ex US WW2 vehicle depot) near Salisbury. I can let you know roughly where it is if you're local and feel up to hauling it out. It didn't look too bad, rusty but solid. Although I didn't inspect it in great detail. Regards Tom
  7. Hi Steve, I’m in awe of how much progress you’ve made on such a short space of time. Mine hasn’t moved since it was delivered unfortunately. Just an observation, and it maybe the camera angle, but the spoke at 3 o’clock looks like it might be pulling out of the hub, or wasn’t aligned properly before being tightened up. Might be worth checking so you don’t lose a spike on your first run out, or as you peddle round the garden on it. Regards, Tom
  8. Hi Steve, I will have 2 spare damper plates, when my parcel emerges from the postal system. I ordered 2 NOS from Lex to save me replating my ones, so the ones on my G3 will be spare. I can’t say when though as MyHermes buggered up the delivery so the parts are on their way back to Lex, I hope. Regards, Tom
  9. I have heard that you can et the examiner to come out to you to do the exam, in the vehicle you will be driving, as long as it's roadworthy. You'd just need someone to take you through the test scenarios and somewhere to practice.
  10. Hi, I did my H licence through Tanks A Lot, maybe 18 or so months ago, on one of their Argocats (small 6 wheel tracked thingy a bit like a quad bike), which cost about £500 if my memory serves me correctly. Unfortunately it looks like they have stopped running this course now and do it in a 432 instead, which is more expensive. If you're not familiar with tracked vehicles and you intend to drive one on the road, I'd advise attending a decent course that covers all the maintenance aspects as well, as if it goes wrong on the road it will do a lot of damage. The Argo cat was fine if tha
  11. A quick scan over facebook last night looking for 15cwt forums came up with 2 WOTs which were sold on ebay in the last three to four months. I didn't even know they were up for sale. Damn, missed them both. One of which was a very original looking early aero screen vehicle, which would have been lovely. Someone got themselves a very nice vehicle. Where do people find is the best place to look for vehicles? Obviously, just watching MilWeb is not enough!
  12. Hello Robert, Thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in the memory banks until I can find one. I have a Canadian Carrier with the same V8 engine and cooling system. Just had to have the radiator re-cored as it was like a colander! I filled the cooling system with expensive de-rust treatment and promptly spayed it all over the inside of the hull (and the people who were sat in the back (engine decks weren't on)). The radiator place said I shouldn't have any issues with over heating now as the modern cores are so much more efficient. Sounds like is might be worth doing to the WOT when I find
  13. Thanks for the info Gents. I hadn’t considered door width, doh! Was focussing too much on the height. I haven’t identified a WOT2 yet, just really like the character of the truck and and the size, and as it’s likely to be the largest thing that I’ll get in a garage, so it’s on my wants list and something I will look out for. Haven’t seen one for sale though in a long time. I do have a tool kit spanner though, so it’s a start 😁.
  14. Thank you David, much appreciated. I'd better add a fair margin on the doorway height then. It would be sod's law if I find myself a WOT2 and then can't fit it in the garage!
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