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WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

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Can't leave Dad to have all the fun! Now that the front wheels are on along with the track rod, king pins and stub axles, the king pins need some greasers. We are fortunate to have the remains of

A Genie! Gosh that made me laugh. Nothing quite so exciting really. Here is a picture of the store room.

Guy, a forum member put me on to a recent auction in case there was anything there that caught my eye. Something most certainly did, four Peerless front wheels. I put in an on line bid and was delight

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Very fortunate to have some additional muscle in Devon for a few hours today following the easing of the lockdown and Tim and his daughter Ella between them hung the Back Springs whilst they were here. That was all successful and it was a shame that they could not have stayed longer as they could have also put on both axles and Front wheels as well!










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We didnt just go down to Devon to get Ella to fit the springs, but it was dads birthday and as social distancing allows it was good to be able to go and see the parents and give Dad a birthday present. He normally says dont get me anything , but this year we had something special to give courtesy of forum member Chris. Chris informed me of an original Peerless name plate which had come up on E Bay. It's only description was "WW1 relic" so I would never have found it without Chris's help. I have been sitting on it for about 4 or 5 months so was pleased to give it to him today.

The plate is flat and is therefore off the rear cross member and we have been searching for about 28 years and this is the first rear plate we have come across. It is quite corroded and has been nicely repaired with filler. I am not sure if it is good enough to fit on the Peerless but we can definitely use it as a pattern. Painted up it will look nice on the wall.

Thanks again Chris 



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I think that you are probably right. Despite her slight frame she is very strong, just the sort of person we need

> to help put the axles and wheels on. She seemed to enjoy herself as well which was a bonus.


Is she likely to end up studying at Imperial College? Or Southampton? 

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Hi tim, happy birthday to tony, i bet he was chuffed to get that nameplate as a present, i too get my youngest daughter from time to time to help lift or hold things on my projects, good to share a hobby with the family i reckon, progress on the peerless is fast considering the lockdown restrictions,

cheers mike

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Good to hear that daughters are getting involved in engineering. Reminded me of the EDF Energy "Pretty Curious" campaign a few years ago now. There's some short videos on YouTube encouraging girls to get interested in STEM subjects.


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Having worked in Engineering for over 20 years now there are signs that younger people are taking more of an interest.

The Apprentice scheme is certainly having an effect with the company that I work for. 

I also notice that on the show scene there is quite a healthy mix of both younger Girls and Boys joining their parents with vehicles, a lot of youngsters are involved with Steamers too.

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I am pleased to confirm that Ella is a very hard working and industrious girl - but her interests lie not towards the mechanical horse but to the 4-legged variety!  She is just completing her gap year - no Imperial or Southampton for her but Cirencester instead!


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We need two new Radiator Filler Caps - one was missing from one Radiator and we suspect the one on the American Radiator is not "Peerless" and has come from something else. The Filler "necks" are good enough to use again so it is just the caps to make. One piece of bronze required, just long enough to accommodate both caps and with enough to hold on to so that they can be machined back to back with enough to hold on to whilst they are machined one at a time.
The thread is nominally 2 1/2" x 16 tpi but we did not notice initially that the "necks" were tapered - about 8 thous from top to bottom of the thread so cutting the thread was a little more difficult than first anticipated.
The first cap now screws down easily after some subsequent "adjustment" but tightens up comfortably as it reaches the bottom of the male thread.
Now has to be reversed it in the lathe - do the second one -part them of and machine the big "hex's" on the tops.








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Took the Radiator Filler Cap and Filler neck off the second Radiator today - usual expected fight with it to get it off - especially with the cap from the neck! Gave it an initial clean up to see what we have there - and as we anticipated the Cap does not appear to be an original one and is made of some kind of light alloy. It was cracked or split in two places where it could have been over tightened in the past. Gave these bits a further clean up and was pleased to find that this second neck will screw half way easily into the newly made cap for the other one but the thread on the neck will want some further work and cleaning.









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On 6/20/2020 at 7:55 AM, Great War truck said:

That's the first of the two Caps - now finish the second one!







That pitting is pretty impressive! Are you not tempted to use some filler to improve it? It is surpassed only by the pitting on the main leaves of the rear springs several posts ago.

Very nice job on the filler cap, by the way.


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Thanks for your comments - no decision  made on the pitting at this stage - that will come when we all get together! So far, we have decided that we shall probably use the other Radiator - looks much better on the outside but that one is of "ali" and we will not know how sound it is until it is apart. We are very mindful that the Dennis one - also of "ali" looked fine on the outside but it was very badly corroded on the inside  and has now to be replaced as it is so bad. I expect Steve would like to comment on the back springs!


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50 minutes ago, IAN_B said:

That pitting is pretty impressive! Are you not tempted to use some filler to improve it? It is surpassed only by the pitting on the main leaves of the rear springs several posts ago.

Very nice job on the filler cap, by the way.


Yes, the filler cap really does look the part.


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