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  1. Dad is struggling and he lives next to it. I haven't seen the thing for seven months! Oh well. This forum keeps the interest going. Many thanks to all of our friends! In the mean time, there is just a little more progress. On top of the front springs is a bump-stop spring. Unfortunately, we are one short and need a replacement. It is a cussing awkward thing with a spiral coil at the top and a square one at the bottom, all bent from 7/16" wire. Beyond my capabilities so I contected the Tested Spring Company and they have made up the replacement. I sent them a drawing and the orig
  2. So pleased to see the photos, Andy. It is this level of detail that nobody realises or understands at shows and recording it here is fantastic. I do love to see it! Steve 🙂
  3. Another piece of the jigsaw! Thanks for that Neil. Steve 👍
  4. Thanks Ruxy. Thanks Andy. Steve PS Happy New Year everyone!
  5. Thanks for the link Barry. It is all out there if you know where to look and they look very promising. We haven't decided what we are going to do with our radiator for the time being but this has been a great opportunity to pick everyones brains! Steve 😁
  6. What a brilliant video clip, Richard! If you have the kit, making tubes like that is far faster than threading loose gills onto tubes. I guess there must be a lead-screw on the far side of the machine to set the pitch. More food for thought there! Steve 😀
  7. Thanks for the pics Ruxy. Not quite sure what I am looking at though? Steve.
  8. Aha! You may get an order! I will have to go and source a press..... Steve 😉
  9. Whilst we are on the subject of radiators, I have another challenge for you Andy! Our Los Angeles Peerless radiator has another gill variant in that they are wrapped around the tube in a continuous spiral without being crinkled to bend them around. How was that done? The original core that we acquired has been 'repaired' by cutting out faulty tubes and then filling the gap with a bolt and washer. How do you repair individual tubes? I cannot see how to remove them without destroying the whole core. This core appears to have gills of the pattern you have made A
  10. Nice job Andy. Is that one action or two? Steve
  11. Go on Ben, you make them! That is a very common size so there is a potential market there. I would suggest doing them in a single action would be worth the tooling effort for so many of them. The ones we had done for the Thornycroft didn't have the points turned over though. Good luck with that. I know you like a challenge! Steve
  12. Hi Bill. What fun! What do you wish to do with it? Do you just need a nut or a stud or what? It is a nice size to screw cut and I would be surprised if you wanted more than one! Steve
  13. The radiator pattern making continues with the bottom tank. As you can see, this is extremely poorly as well. When you say that something is patched up, this one really is! I decided that the split line should be through the centre line of the bosses and so cut the main blocks and flange and also some prints for the water flanges. As the end bosses are also split, I screwed two blocks of wood together before turning them in the trusty Myford. I have a very nice wood turning lathe but I am not very good at it so for accuracy, I use the Myford!
  14. Generally speaking, they should be the colour of a good, fresh cow-pat.....
  15. The blue would not have been original to the Locomobile although it might be to the body. The only Locomobiles to carry bus bodies were fitted with redundant B-type bodies when more troop transport was needed later in the war. The only correct colour for the combination would therefore be khaki-green! Steve
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