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  1. Mine has a Nissan K11 998cc 16v twin cam retro fitted.
  2. The shape look about right for a toe jack.
  3. Dose this help ,will measure trailer when I can get to it.
  4. I think this is the pole carrier , one of my father's pics
  5. Straight 30 winter 40 summer low detergent oil if I remember correctly.
  6. Is there any member with experience of this set, hope to restore it to working in the long run
  7. With clansman I would remove one off the wires from the battery stud terminal , so there is no risk of powering up accidentally. For working sets like 320 321 351 and other, I have receive only hand and head sets on them with a TX hand set in a safe place for demo working Keep safe Graham G1DNZ
  8. These rules also apply to sets such as AN/PRC 90 pilots survival radios. Which youse 240mhz distress frequencies.
  9. I youse RH for my insurance ,I have 4 motor with them been pleased with there service and prices
  10. Is this the one with w/d pressed in the top under the handle , if I may have one.
  11. Could this be a trial setup for the trailer truck combination ,as the prototype Civilian antar would be around in 1948
  12. Yes found one on smoke stack engine forum .
  13. Not yet ,hope to start on it over the summer.
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