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  1. Dose this help ,will measure trailer when I can get to it.
  2. I think this is the pole carrier , one of my father's pics
  3. Straight 30 winter 40 summer low detergent oil if I remember correctly.
  4. Is there any member with experience of this set, hope to restore it to working in the long run
  5. With clansman I would remove one off the wires from the battery stud terminal , so there is no risk of powering up accidentally. For working sets like 320 321 351 and other, I have receive only hand and head sets on them with a TX hand set in a safe place for demo working Keep safe Graham G1DNZ
  6. These rules also apply to sets such as AN/PRC 90 pilots survival radios. Which youse 240mhz distress frequencies.
  7. I youse RH for my insurance ,I have 4 motor with them been pleased with there service and prices
  8. Is this the one with w/d pressed in the top under the handle , if I may have one.
  9. Could this be a trial setup for the trailer truck combination ,as the prototype Civilian antar would be around in 1948
  10. Yes found one on smoke stack engine forum .
  11. Not yet ,hope to start on it over the summer.
  12. Nice to hear you intend save its history, factory fresh is nice but dose not tell a story of its life in service.
  13. Back in work shop tomorrow will look in my junk box. They work on magnetic induction ,as the ring gear teeth pass the sender they induce a AC voltage which is fed to the controller, as the speed goes up or down its conspired to the set reference for up or down adjustment to the speed.send me PM so I can let you know what I find.
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