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  1. Hi andrew, thats a good start, looks like youve got all the important mechanical pieces, and a few spares to boot, is there a second chassis? or just the rear section in the picture on the lowloader, look forward to seeing more, good on ya for collecting it up and doing something with it all cheers mike
  2. Hi rick thanks for the info, my albion also has the two piece riveted front axle and square shaped rear axle, not sure if this is correct, but the other 5 rearends and axles i have are all 4 ton ones, mike
  3. Hi just wondering how your project is coming along? any chance of an update? Thanks mike
  4. Those rear c shaped spring hangers look like the ones found on early whites
  5. Hi andy, yes ive seen that, its a great thing being able to press those square fins, and yes i do have lots of patience, I spent almost 5 hrs straightening the fins with a pair of longnose pliers on my Leyland rad, very tedious but rewarding to have the rad looking as it should, it will be good to see the end result of your stamping, these radiators of this period are usally a major part of any restoration, ive managed to use the toptank and sides of the rad i found a few yrs back but i then had to have the bottom tank recast.
  6. Hi guys another update, being a while but im plodding along with the A10 got the transaxle in the chassis and front axle and steering, firewall, and finally through phil in aus ive got a replacement crankcase and sump for my broken engine, plus a usable radiator core, so its looking very positive, looking forward to fitting the rear axle and wheels in a few weeks time, Merry xmas and cheers Mike
  7. Hi all just an update, finally got my engine from an arizona liberty owner for my 2nd chassis, engine is a aeries two continental and is fairly complete many thanks to william in virginia for making this happen and chuck in arizona too, williams also supplying me with a missing m3 carb and a spare radiator he has, i had put a deposit down on this engine around feb this year then with covid and other issues it has only recently moved the first step before coming back down here, still progress forward, ive also almost got the repairs done on the chassis, added some pics below mike
  8. Hi Al, im enjoying following your thread and seeing the articles you have and leads your getting, the picture of the diff is not unlike the packard one which has a massive stabilising bar coming forward to attach to a crossmember or round tube? Hope you find some riker parts, keep at it mate cheers mike
  9. Doug, how far have has karl got with the Leyland ? any chance of some pictures of the restoration to date ? ive started putting the 1924 ph 2 back together as a mechanicaly restored vehicle only, not blasting or painting any of it, ive used the sth island chassis and transfered the front half taihape ones mechanicals, got a gearbox and diff internals from steven in aus so its now a viable project look forward to seeing karls pictures and update, mike mike
  10. Hi tim, happy birthday to tony, i bet he was chuffed to get that nameplate as a present, i too get my youngest daughter from time to time to help lift or hold things on my projects, good to share a hobby with the family i reckon, progress on the peerless is fast considering the lockdown restrictions, cheers mike
  11. Hi i have three of these oil lamps that go on the series two liberty truck, one each side of the firewall and one with a red lense for the rear, all have USA on the top, also a lot of the castings on the chassis have USA cast onto them mike
  12. Hi Bob, do you know where this liberty is ? or any other details ? looks mechanically complete, just needs chassis repaired or a replacement chassis, it looks to be a series 2, but has some electric lights mounted up front, thanks for posting, mike.
  13. Hi Rick, I didn't manage to get this radiator because they decided not to sell it, but a good mate has just found another which is in far better condition apart from a small section of the left side mounting bracket having an inch or so cut off the end!! now all I am needing is a set of mag/throttle controls- bracket and levers, and also the correct handbrake lever for this Albion to be a complete project, so if anyone can help with these let me know, even recast examples would be ok, I have lots of parts for other early English makes so maybe someone here would be happy to trade for these parts? just another idea to get going forward? cheers mike
  14. Hi Tim, is the body that you are building for the thorny J being made from a set of plans,? WD type, or have you measured up and copied it from one of the restored examples you have there in England? just wondering, on the radiator front I have three what I think are J types but they are all slightly different, the one with the cross braces I was told came of a j type chassis and this came as a spare with a complete 1923 j chassis nos 10402, third one with brass inserts of the mounting lugs is one I picked up from a collector years ago, be interesting to know for sure, thanks mike.
  15. Doug, the last set of wheels are definatly thornycroft, I have two sets, one set still attached to the diff, the others are loose, I think they were optional wheels for the BT thornycrofts from early twenties on, both my sets came with the BT collection of Terry's, that most was gathered up from around the hawkes bay region, mike.
  16. Sam, chassis nos is 9801804 I have decided not to take it on, if the chassis wasn't so butchered maybe it could be saved,? who knows, many thanks again for the advice, cheers mike.
  17. Thanks Neville and Sam, yes its a decision I need to make soon as it will be scrapped otherwise, and even though it wont actually cost a lot to buy and move home, its really a matter of the economics, a few others have looked at it and walked away, the owner reckons these were the only two purchased by the nz army, so even if a few more were imported later on theres really no chance finding parts down here, and now that you mention it sam there is one axle missing from the left side of the front diff, so maybe that diff is buggered ?? i'll attach some pictures of the sad looking DT, seems a shame to see it scrapped, but doesn't look good for the DT, many thanks, cheers mike.
  18. Hello, i'm new to the Daimond T world, but I have come across a 1942 980 here in nz which may be for sale, I have been told it came from the pacific campaign and was set up as a dumptruck when it arrived here with one other the same, it is in pretty bad shape and is only a rolling chassis with cab only, has no engine/gbox/ bonnet or rad, or L/h door, is this worth saving ? and could the missing parts be found at prices that would make shipping down here an option? I don't think many turned up down here, maybe in Australia theres parts available? appreciate any advice negative or positive, cheers mike.
  19. hi steve, i'm watching your tank making with great interest, ive started to remake the tank for the A10, I have used the method of cutting a slice into the end of an old punch to fold the end plates and baffles, it takes a bit of time as you only fold a small amount at a time and the tighter corners end up with a bit of excess which then need to be hit with a hammer and dollie, I done the mod 24 one like this and it came out ok, are you going to use silver solder ? or soft solder ? cheers mike.
  20. Hi Andrew, is your chassis an English truck? I have 2 American makes with mileage recorders in the front hubs, and the mid twenties albion truck I've got has a recorder halfway down the chassis like yours, driven by a cable from the rear of the gearbox, I think its albions own recorder? same idea, different maker? mike.
  21. Hi Rick, just got a few pictures of that Radiator, its not in very good shape but good enough for a patern, may still be a better idea to talk to the other guy you mentioned but i'll see what comes of this first, cheers mike.
  22. Hi Rick, sounds like the radiator is same as marks, i'm trying hard to acquire it and also a complete engine too that came out of the same truck, the gearbox/transaxle is there too but its incomplete, but i'm hoping the fact that I have shown the owner the big pile of albion parts and chassis etc, that they can see it can be put to use in making a whole vehicle, obviously a vehicle made from original parts not an original vehicle, heres hoping it can happen? Doug it will be a while before I can start on this but i'll keep following up any leads, cheers mike.
  23. Hi Doug, yes you are quiet right, and I've still got to go back and pick up another chassis and a complete rear end! on the plus side I've just located another transaxle/gearbox and the correct radiator, for a WD model, just a matter of negotiating a price ,hopefully? and I do have all the steel now for a decent sized shed, trouble is work keeps getting in the way of my hobby, mike.
  24. Hi Rick, I have tried to send a private message 4 or 5 times but for some reason it wont go through, I have just bought a collection of A10 parts with one chassis and engine having the numbers 1979.F on them, the albion club reckon its a WD model but have no records of this particular chassis, anyway there is almost 2 or 3 of everything with the exception of no radiator at all and only one gutted carburettor, I think this is why the owner gave up on this as he had picked up the parts almost 40 odd yrs ago, wondering if you can help? I've also spoken to phil in parkes nsw, so hoping he may be able to help too, anyway doesn't hurt to ask! thanks mike.
  25. Carey, the pintlehook body I sent you is an original one off the spare chassis I have, and the spring is still inside it mate, I took it all apart to clean so you wouldn't have any problems with customs as it was full of dirt ! from that picture it wouldn't be too hard to make a patern I reckon, and get a few cast, that's what i'd do, I found a gmc pintle that fitted perfectly, but the hook is different, could be reshaped a little to look more correct and add the tang ontop? just an idea i'm thinking about.cheers mike.
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