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CVRT fan bearings

BRDM Driver

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Took my fan to bits this afternoon:


The fan unit was already out as I'm doing the clutch, so if anyone needs to swap bearings, this is what I did.


Unscrew the small screws holding the giant washer disk things on the end of the pulley and take the plate off.


Knock the locking tab washers down flat and undo the bit nut on each end of the shaft. Mine was well tight so I had a crowbar wedged into the fan to lever against.


Next there is a large flat plate over the shaft which is held in by a roll pin. This just levers off:




It's the same both ends.


Next you need to get the fan and the pulley off. They are a tight fit on the shaft, so I used a mahoosive puller:






It would be really difficult without one of these!



Once the fan and pulley are off, there is a coiled bearing retainer spring which can easily be fished out with a small flat blade screwdriver. It has a small slot at one end for this purpose.



The fan side bearing retainer has a couple of belleville spring washers behind it to preload the bearing.




Once these are out, the shaft should come out of the central fan housing, mine was not a tight fit. The bearings are different sizes so the shaft comes out in the direction of the biggest bearing.




Now you just need to get the bearings off, so bring on the monster puller:




And hey presto:




I hope this will all go back together ok, just waiting on new bearings...

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I have been intouch with the bearing suppliers, the first quote was over £70 each 🙂 horror... I then spoke to a very nice lady who explained that the ones I asked for are of course custom sizes and have to come over from the US, but if I would take a slightly narrower bearing I could save £50. Even better she is sending them for approval first and for 2mm difference I will look at shimming the bearing. I will let everyone know what happens ones

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I used to buy bearings regularly for my business and EVERY time I would be quoted a price four times what I paid last time. When challenged they would ask me what I paid last time and without argument would more or less match it. Certainly it seemed that at that time there was a huge discount to be had and list prices were inflated to allow for it. A crazy way to do business !



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On 4/8/2019 at 10:56 PM, dgrev said:

I can't get past the mahoosive puller, never seen one before. Given that other than your example they fall into the class of

"unobtainium", how has everyone else managed to do this job?

Been on to the bearing supplier and they do comerical bearin pullers as well, if you can't find any anywhere else then of course I will give you their details

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will after quite a bit of messing about I got the fan unit out, after making a tool to extract the shaft. Then using normal pullers I  removed the bearings and using a friends hydrolic press, pressed the replacement ones in place.

Many thanks to Andy Baker for pointing out that belleville spring washers should be coned shape and not flat as mine our and as shown above... I have a feeling I  have lots more to learn:


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