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  1. Following this with interest as I have 2 Spartans and a Striker to do this job on! As an aside, I have exactly the same T handle hex set as you!
  2. Andrew Baker has loads of cupolas lying around, although I'd guess most of them are in no better condition than what you have.
  3. Nice work, presume you know to use iso10 mineral oil in the brakes not brake fluid!
  4. Clive According to the University of York website these only ran to 1994, so you only need 10 more (and 1981!), and you will have a complete set. I am battling through Noble Frankland et al's Official History of Bomber Command at the moment - 4 volumes and a tad dry for modern tastes, but of course they didnt make a fuss about these things back then! Tim
  5. Nice work! Your front bins are wrong way round by the way Having said that ive seen them fitted both ways in service.. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the conversion process..!
  6. A rare dip into truth based fiction for me....Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada...story of a couple who lived in Berlin in the first half of WW2 and go round leaving anti nazi propanganda on postcards. Chilling and scary and a reminder that there were a few incredibly brave people in the German population who stood up to the nazis. I wont spoil it but it is characterised by an overwhelming sense of foreboding as to the final outcome! Recommended...
  7. But why would you dig down? Surely the easiest way would be to follow the line of the tunnel until you find the entrance then open it up from there? All a bit fishy....
  8. I recently struggled through American Sniper, which I'm afraid I thought was complete and utter tosh. I've also just finished Beevor's Ardennes 1944, which was as usual very readable...
  9. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?50494-CVRT-bulkhead-Fan-unit Seems to be a popular topic at the moment!
  10. Very interesting report! Amazing how only the 81mm mortar comes even close in terms of noise - even the Cent and Chieftain are significantly quieter. Glad to see the Sally is virtually a stealth weapon by comparison. It's also amazing the amount of analysis you can do on earplugs...!
  11. Saw 6 of them on the m1 heading south - Oshkosh het's - absolute beasts - possibly the same ones...
  12. Great pics - the Saladin will make a good companion....!
  13. Andrew Baker has 00GM60, complete and running and took part in the Household Cavalry Pageant in 2007. I have 00GM70, more or less complete but needs finishing!
  14. Stunning work James well done and keep going. I visited Jim while he was doing your turret so can attest to the effort he put into it! I did mine the easy way and bought it after Jon (Fourfox) had done all the hard work... Cheers Tim
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