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  1. Is there any NOS track out there at the moment ? Cheers Andrew
  2. I would have thought the 3 lights are green for neutral , yellow for over revving, and red for fire indicator. Some of the earlier CVRT engines had a plastic tube around the engine which was pressurised with air and when the engine caught on fire, the tube would melt and the red light would come on telling you that, you had an engine fire! If the air pressure is low the light will come on , with no fire. Later models did away with the air pressure idea, I guess that is what maybe happening ? Cheers.
  3. I have a 1942 Loyd Carrier , Starter Charger project that is available from the Tank Factory. Controls are fitted to the chassis and the body is nearly ready to fit. Comes with body kit. Suspension and other components stripped , and ready for blasting / painting . PM me for details / options and photos , Thanks Andrew.
  4. We have a Scorpion Turret , no ring , but has hatches, available for pickup, Suffolk area , GBP750, PM if interested for Details , Cheers Andrew.
  5. I have a bearing shell with part number : 22469 and was trying to find some information on it, Cheers Andrew.
  6. Thanks , I have sent them an e-mail, so will be interesting to see what they come up with, Cheers Andrew.
  7. Yes Richard, you are exactly right, the logo is a V over a P, I took it as the other way around. I now wonder if they have a catalogue that goes back to the wartime?, Cheers Andrew.
  8. Would anyone recognize an old English engine bearing manufacturer by the name of : PV Ltd , ( War time ) Are they still in existence these days? , Thanks Andrew.
  9. I have a spare M3A3 Stuart turret side mounting roller block, original, available, send me a PM if interested. Cheers Andrew.
  10. The present paint job in that Camo scheme looks more Australian than NZ army. Ours were only ever painted in green all over, as far as I am aware, other than the NATO ones that got sent to Bosnia, and painted white. In the 80's deep bronze green was the colour, and flat. I had never heard of our ones coming from Australia in the 80's, I would have thought that ours' came direct from the UK. In recent years there have been quite a few imported from Aussie by civy's into NZ and I am wondering if there is a confusion in your thinking as to the origin of your landrover? , just my view. I could pr
  11. I had thought you had some good experience Hummermark with Detroits .I have run N55 on the 2 -valve head with elongated port holes with 17:1 compression ratio making sure the return fuel line outlet elbow runs an .80thou hole, and is easy start and runs very clean around the 190- 200 HP, estimated, cheers Andrew.
  12. Has anyone out there got a source of these M3 Stuart Tank mud-flap support brackets or have stamped some out? We are looking for about 1/2 dozen, Thanks and PM if you can help, cheers Andrew Rowe.
  13. Are you trying to just put N80's straight into an old "Low Block " 2-valve head 671 to upgrade horsepower?. I would think you will need to be running a 4- valve head, which is "high Block" with N80's and you would have to make sure you have the correct injector rack, as from the HV- series injectors, they have a different offset than N80's , and then there is consideration about the type of liner you are using, with the different configuration on air-vent holes, as to get the right air-fuel mixture, as you are dumping more fuel into the cylinders, and also what compression ratio are you using
  14. Hi Peter, I have a die for making those cups, cheers Andrew.
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