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  1. If you remove the hydraulic line (disconnect it at the master cylinder) underneath the floor plate on the cylinder you may be able to push the pistons back, or more easily slack off the bleed screw on the caliper after placing a bleed tube over the bleed screw (so the fluid doesnt go all over the place) then push back the pistons. Remember the right cylinder controls the left caliper and visa versa It;s fairly obvious when the pads are worn, unlike sticking your head under a car and trying to judge. Getting the caliper off the gearbox with the box in situ is umm- difficult! With
  2. Working with plug and lead as the header says. Open to sensible offers (excluding postage at cost) Please send me a private message Diana
  3. BBC Today, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56386446
  4. Are you sure? https://www.militaryaerospace.com/communications/article/16717037/lockheed-martin-awarded-1-billion-contract-to-upgrade-warrior-vehicles-for-uk-ministry-of-defence
  5. I think, as I have such a box, that you will find that the centre of the hinge pin is drilled and tapped to take a bolt. The bolt goes through the drilled hole on the hole in the protrusion on the box. As Chris says with the box fitted the roof can't be opened. Diana
  6. Get yourself a device from https://hauppauge.com/pages/products/prods.htm
  7. As the Header says wanted CVRT Gearbox. Please PM me. Diana
  8. Just replaced the Hankook batteries in my CVRT with Bosch The big difference is weight, The Bosch batteries are considerably heavier and I hope will last longer. Not one bit impressed with the Hankook batteries. For a price better than anywhere on the net delivered try dorsetautospares - onlinesales@dorsetautospares.com Diana
  9. Electrotherm will not deal with members of the public. - I tried for spares. If the MOD are paying over a £1000 for these they are soft in the head, and wasting public money They are well made and tough, but there's nothing special inside them. The thing that's likely to go pop is the thermal cut out. Diana BTW CAPITALS = SHOUTING, so I don't shout 🙂
  10. Umm.. A local firm laser cut me some aluminium shims for the exhaust - the exhaust melted them 🙂 melting point of Ali is 630 degrees C. Diana
  11. Shock absorbers that didn't need changing which were "faulty", steering that was showing signs of wear, which I couldn't find that passed on the following years test - explain that one? If there's not an issue when a garage says there is that's plain and simple falsification - report them. Most often people who have no idea get taken in and payout for repairs that don't exist or were not needed. Youtube is littered with examples, the bad reputation in general of garages continues. Diana
  12. One piece of fuel tank hose, steel reinforced. Suitable for diesel or petrol. You will need a disc cutter to cut the reinforcing wire. £25 Plus postage Please send me a private message if interested.
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