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  1. Just in case anyone is following this I thought I would update the post. Tried scraping the paint off, just went through the covering were the covering was "tired". So then used a mild paint remover, this removed the first 2 or 3 layers but again not a lot of good were the covering was already distressed. So plan c - Got a new seal, new canvas covering, strong tape and new foam (for the edges) and a big tub of contact adhesive. As I am working outside once the weather turns back I will be getting on with it...
  2. Been a couple of months on, any news? not that I am about to need several as I am about to do lots of road work 😄
  3. Thank you for that information, having looked up don 10 reels I can see some reels in housings that definitely would fit in those brackets...
  4. And do you what purpose the 3 plates on the front face have? At the moment only one roof door opens with ease the other needs leverage, so until I can get it to somewhere to carry on the easing process I thought I could do with more storage.
  5. Having looked a several more pictures the tabs seem to be bolted on to the rood door hinges, so happy I know how to make it stay on however while I can see bolt on parts The last picture, I cant see them being used for anything, so any ideas?
  6. I have just acquired the top box for my Spartan. (Pictures below ) I have got is red as I have been treating the rust. But I have a couple of questions, I cant seem to find anything in the manuals about how the box is actually attached on the roof. You can see in Top3 there are hefty tabs, with holes in them, that are at the bottom of the "to box" , If I am to use these 4 fixing points, I cant see any natural points on the roof that any fixing can got to. Top2 is just an overview picture but if you look on the inside to the right, there appears to be to long strengthening bars
  7. Please dont think I thought you were being condescending, I know nothing about nothing and I am learning every day, but now I have you in my list of contacts no doubt we will talk again. And I enjoyed reading your post Cheers Lance
  8. Thank you for your kind advice. I do have the rubber strap too. I am very fortunate I have made some great people who keep their eyes open and of course here and Ebay. When I was in REME we had generators so kettles where in order along with fridges and sandwich makers. Nothing like creature comforts Lance
  9. Oh no I am not... well at least I am not now I have purchased and refurbished a BV and mounting bracket with power cable but at the time they weren’t fitted Lance
  10. Hi and welcome, i am sure if you’re not a million miles away from another owner they would be only to pleased to drop round or if that’s not possible to have you over for a play and instruction. I was very fortunate that the guy I brought my Spartan from also had a scorpion which he let me drive round an industrial estate while he hung on to the barrel.. since then I have had several ex drivers over to talk about, and give me tips on cvrt driving and maintenance, as well of course the members on here, some of which are very helpful and really know their stuff. Lance
  11. They are looking good, when are you going to try them? Cant wait to bring some up for you to do and kick some tracks Lance
  12. Green Machine Surplus has most manuals but google search does have some on line, or I found some for the Spartan https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/index.asp?function=CART&mode=
  13. Just for your information, thexmod have one listed for £150 . I want one to, but thought s*d it they can stand at that price lance
  14. Unless someone comes up with a different idea I will give it a go on the backdoor, once the weather is no longer "cold", the inside and ceiling will be a little more problematic using that method.
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