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  1. FV756564 .. 2540-99-810-5814 .. BRACKET, VEHICULAR COMPONENTS; 4.000 IN W, COMPRISES BRACKET, PILLAR SUPPORT AND COLLAR According to the book of parts. I have the backrest but not the bracket it sits in. So before I make one I wondered does anyone have one sitting around or the dimensions of the bracket to aid in the manufacture of a new one. Thanks guys
  2. Well I fitted the wheel I had used the polymer glue on and did a few turns on an area of grass....................... The outer rubber came off left lots of polymer on the outer rubber and the wheel itself indicating I had managed to get good adhesion across the whole of the rubber and the rim, but it was not strong enough to withstand the sheering forces... Still I learnt something and had some fun playing...
  3. E10 fuel: is the switch going to affect you? With E10 unleaded petrol replacing E5 as the standard petrol grade from 1 September 2021, find out if your car’s compatible with E10 and how does this fuel could affect your car. I have seen the post up to now, has anyone actually got any advice? or come the second are we all going to go bang? I did notice Jag Engines after 1992 are meant to be ok, Shame that is well later then our design.
  4. When I did my h it was in an Argocat which had handlebars... but I know Nick told me they weren’t allowed to use it any more, so they sold it and brought a huge tractor thing
  5. Having just done a c license and my bike license, the h license was a joke. 20 mins of an examiner walking beside you, turning left, right, stopping, reversing round a corner followed by 3 Highway Code questions. No wonder any can teach it
  6. Tanks-a lot now use a tractor for their h license training, just mention it as you mentioned arigculture . Not sure what they are doing as a large of tanks-alot are off to play in the sand
  7. Tanks-a lot now use a tractor for their h license training, just mention it as you mentioned arigculture . Not sure what they are doing as a large of tanks-alot are off to play in the sand
  8. I didn’t do cpc as I only want it to transport my Spartan around, but yes I imagine it adds a lot to the bill
  9. I have just done c license for £1400 but that was everything, and not just 2 days
  10. Anyone with an H license can actually do H licensing training so DVLA may not know where it is done. They will tell you where there are H Licensing examiners. I did my training with Tanks-alot
  11. I said I would get back, the first iteration (Gorilla Glue) did not work so I have moved on to a polymer type glue, and will fit and try it soon.
  12. HI Iain, Try https://www.thecoldwarmuseum.com/about or The Iron Curtain Museum. A History of Life during the Cold War @theironcurtainmuseum · History museum on Face book Lance
  13. No supplier I know hold anything this size and why would they, I did ask my favourite imperial nut and bolt supplier. But as I said if I cannot find anything I will have to make them seems overkill though
  14. after deciding to recover the rear hatch of my Spartan I procded to remove some of the furniture when I manged to break off 2 adaptors. Looking through my parts lists I cant seem to find them and before I start to make new ones I was wondering if anyone had a couple or knew where I could get some from. The attached pictures show the adapator but with the sound insulation removed ( I might do that) There seems to be 2 types both have an inch long hex body (1/2" across the flats) with a 5/16 UNC thread 0.375" long and taking a 1/4 unf bolt. but if some one has the other type I am sure I can over come as they are only going through holes in plate metal (a first aid kit and rubber strap) Cheers in advance Lance
  15. Just in case anyone is following this I thought I would update the post. Tried scraping the paint off, just went through the covering were the covering was "tired". So then used a mild paint remover, this removed the first 2 or 3 layers but again not a lot of good were the covering was already distressed. So plan c - Got a new seal, new canvas covering, strong tape and new foam (for the edges) and a big tub of contact adhesive. As I am working outside once the weather turns back I will be getting on with it...
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