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  1. No i don't for DVLA i do for the ambulances but not got HGV any more as i didn't need it and i am getting old.
  2. I don’t think so I just was so unclear what category I needed. Thanks to Mk3iain I understand I need a category “C” licence. All this has changed since I used to play with heavy goods there were 3 categories HGV 1, 2 and 3 depending on what you were driving.
  3. He said that they examiners had been out and said what he was doing was fine, after he built an area to do the manoeuvres on and had access to the road in a circuit fashion. Then on the evening of when they were coming out to examine a class of students, they phoned up and said it was not ok after all and he had to make other changes, but they were unclear as to what those changes were….. Sorry Nick if I didn’t get that 100% right
  4. I am not sure if this is under the right heading but :_ I have been chatting to some one who has owns a “drops”, sorry I don’t know what type. This got me thinking about using it to take the Spartan around the country, something I am keen on doing. I duly go on the DVLA website and get totally confused by what it is, or what it is not telling me. As I am not driving heavy goods vehicles or Buses for a living, so it seems I don’t need a Goods Vehicle Operators License. But then there does not seem to be the old HGV 1, 2 or 3 anymore either. It seems to say I can apply for a
  5. If this is Still a live thread, Nick Mead (Tanks-A-Lot) put a post on FaceBook about DVLA examiners and what they will and wont allow. I did speak to him the other day and it is still a very very sore point. He was supplying 432's with a part off road - part on road setup. He did mention he thought other people were still being allowed to provide H-License training. I was one of the people that passed their test on a tracked Argocat, but then managed to get an "old" hand, to let me drive his Scorp round an industrial estate in the way of a conversion, and managed to get a driving experi
  6. When i first started driving, I lost my first road wheel doing a "tight" left turn, shortly followed by the rubber from the left hand middle wheel parting company. It was the first time i had driven it more than 20 yards, Wheel replaced Thanks to Chris. Next time was doing a tight turn in a car park and lost the middle wheel from the opposite side but the rubber was completely shredded this time. Another wheel fitted , Chris again to thank. My wheels are mainly old and not in good condition, which i don't think helped , but taking it easier on the turns i have not lost anymore. On the dow
  7. When i said i don't feel the washers slowing the movement down, I mean i can move the piston in and out, with ease, off the the vehicle without any problem. Where as the cooling fan which has the same type of washers in I can feel the washers take up the strain
  8. I have found that the piston can get stuck unless i rotate the piston, which frees it but i don't feel the washers slowing the piston at all either, which is why i wanted to take mine apart
  9. I was more meaning that a call to DVLA to find out what they would call it might be the short cut, cause the Spartan is also a private heavy goods vehicle. I did submit the form with a few errors and the lady who dealt with it was kind enough to send it back with all the boxes correctly filled in telling me what documentation I had omitted.
  10. I dont know when you registered yours but on DVLA advice in 2018 I registered my spartan as a Crawler, I also advise another person in June last year and they had there 2 CVRT's registered as Crawlers to. I would say if in doubt call DVLA but not sure how many staff are actually manning the phones. And of Course things change all the time with DVLA requirements so I may be talking out of my hat Lance
  11. folowing on from your post "Excess Friction" as some one who does not have access to any other CVRT , readly, for comparison, how do i know what excess friction is? I am guessing it wont "freewheel" but how do i tell?
  12. The manual turned up today, thanks to Diana for the pointer, it helped me no end and my spare carb is back together and looks complete... now to strip it down and use the gasket kit. Another big thanks to Diana for the pointer about leaving the engine idling when hot to cool. I have recently been through and topped up all the hubs and idlers, but after your post I am going to drain and refill to be sure... now I know the gearbox should be omd90 but semi synthetic or fully synthetic in the hubs or idlers?
  13. I have had several chats about cooling. I have been told I am missing some plates in the bulkhead so they are down of my to do list. I am also thinking of putting an electric fan on the inside of the engine louvres for running on a hot day (On my 3rd set of to do list) but this post was more about the carburettor and some pictures, as I started to remove parts without sufficient pictures. I have now rebuilt it and looks good, but I will be stripping it again as I purchased a gasket kit, but thought this time I would take pictures and wait for the manual to arrive.
  14. Hi Diana and Jackie, I have ordered the manual thanks, sometimes it is unclear which one you need and I am getting quite a collection
  15. CVRT/J60 Carburettor, I am stripping one down and forgot ( I got too excited and didn't record a picture from every angle. Has anyone got one they can take 6 pictures of, every side, up and down. Also can point in the direction of the right manual that might contain the parts list and diagrams of the carb. Cheers Lance
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