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  1. I wish I had known however I could do with any intercom harness wire you have, I am missing the driver (CB2) to radio operators (IB3), The short harness connection between IB3 and CB2 same postition and the drivers CB2 to the commanders box. Failing the correct cables any intercom harness cable can be made to suit. Dont suppose you have a spare equilibrator from the drivers hatch for Terra1936 he is in need of one and has been looking for ages. On the my wish list I need the back rest on the right (between crew and grunts) with it's fixing mount, and at a push th
  2. Just wanted to update the topic, The manual suggested by Chris (sirhc) was a great help, also came across a few manuals on line. Much activity and some bargains I have almost got a setup that in theory works. Lance
  3. Have you tried Mr Baker, he should have so many laying about, Or even Mr Mead. If you don't know how to reach them try CVRT appreciation group or Tanks A Lot on facebook if that is not working for you let me know and I will see if I can reach out to them.
  4. I do try to round up topics I start. I got the bracket made by an engineering friend of my son flat plate with 2 arms welded to it, and a hole drilled through them. Bolted the plate on and after some messing around with the washers, adjustments and grease (thanks Chris) it is now installed and works. Onwards and upwards Lance
  5. I found a local company that did the blasting and coating for me on a CVRT drivers seat for £60. I built my own sand blasting setup for £30 (already had the compressor) and it works a treat on small parts, I also got a needle scaler and that works a treat as well. I have hear of the power wash option but dont know anyone who uses it John
  6. Hi There, There are a number of posts about getting your V5, several of us took copies of are V55/c but talking to MVT, Bovingdon and the right people at DVLA normally get it sorted, only took me 6 months but that was due to MVT and DVLA not accepting the documentation I had, but thanks to Bovingdon that was resolved. Hopefully you have it well in hand, if not lots on here can provide help and even examples Lance
  7. just in case you were upset there is another one this month, no tracks this time, and a sultan Also noticed a Samaritan and another Sultan in the pictures, maybe next month Lance
  8. Did you get rid of it? If not if you can contact me 😀 Looking to put an intercom in My Spartan John
  9. https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/registering-an-imported-vehicle seems like a good place to start, the web page title is Importing vehicles into the UK say you need V55/5 form to register a used vehicle, including rebuilt vehicles, used imported vehicles and older vehicles that have never been registered unless someone knows different.
  10. Seasons Greetings. It has become time to fit an intercom to my Spartan. I was looking through my manuals and cant see anything about the intercom system, the placing of boxes etc. Can anyone tell me in which manual(s) where I can find such documentation or even better can anyone provide me with information to get me going Thanks all in advance. Lance
  11. I dont know if I put this elsewhere or just kept it to myself but I did contact Cook Defense and got this back A set of CVR(T) track is currently circa £26,000 ex vat at this time depending on the exact quantity of links required. ummm not sure I will be rushing to get some. Lance
  12. Thank you, yes I found the mark and yes it makes total sense... now I have the cable I just have to go and try it Cheers Lance
  13. Hi chaps, Now having got a BV want to check i know how to use it... before i do Simple do you have to put water in the BV it's self before you put the pot in, or does the pot go straight on the plate? I did do a serach online but no one appears to have put anything up
  14. Brilliant, exactly what I was going to try and do. I really want to say I will rush up and fetch the pad(s) and put them on mine and run it around. But I guess I can wait till spring. I hope your going to put some pictures/ videos up Just for everyone’s information I got a quote of £26,000 + VAT (depending on CVRT) from a supplier for new tracks. I will be researching on new bushes as well
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