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  1. I have a friend whose 25 pounder may be for sale in the near future
  2. We think they are for Daf Drops 3 tonners, brand new old stock,maybe a dozen...
  3. We,be a quantity of new, still in the wrappings, Leyland Daf cab rear rubber wall coverings, or at least that’s what we believe they are. Can anyone confirm from the photos, that that’s correct. If no one can identify them, they may go to the great cab bits store in the sky... Can anyone confirm the dimensions of the brake drums on the Leyland Daf Drops trucks, we,ve about ten new drums that I want to advertise and keep trucks on the road where they belong,but can’t be sure what we’ve got, photos to follow. If they aren’t military, they are going... Having a clear out of new O
  4. We’ve a fuel tank that we thinks from an armoured car but not sure,does anyone recognise it.? Paul 07976 254989
  5. Any use for a new old stock Warrior pad, paperweight anyone.?
  6. For a few Foden parts and a quantity of various paperwork for Fodens and Rolls Royce engines, try Tim Lane 07936048802, he’s very much into his Fodens and will probably have something. Paul
  7. Forgot to mention, loads of BSA gen set photos on Ebay, can upload US gen pictures if required.
  8. The gen sets that we have are the BSA 300w 30w sets, we've plenty of sets that could be bought at the right price for spare or repair. Also an American one that might be useful spares or repair, similar size,make unknown used by Allied forces in WW2. Ring Tim 07936 048802. I can supply photos on request. Paul
  9. We have lots of these generators, if anyone needs spares or complete units at the right price, ring Tim Lane On 07936 048802.
  10. Rl new old stock steering boxes and front wings,take off instrument panel with good dials. Saracen 24v 300w 30w BSA generators, a believed Daimler Dingo fuel tank, not sure but offers to identify would be helpful. Bofors electrics spare parts box in steel case marked 4/3/55. comprises 40 individual boxes containing seals,gaskets, brand new regulator, box is grey and may be Navy, excellent watertight steel chest. Alvis suspension dampers not suspension gas struts,the dampers in between. All must go to a good home at the right price
  11. We’ve a quantity of brand new old stock exhaust sections for both Chieftain and Challenger1 MBT,s. FV771205 and FV 474570 respectively. Too good to scrap The first is 290mm in length square plate at each end, the Challenger is slightly smaller, they might be of use , very heavy duty sections of flexible exhaust. Photos on request. PAUL 07976 254989
  12. Hi, Ring Tim Lane in Derbyshire 07936 048802, he may have a selection of what you seek. can assist with moving anything purchased South. Paul
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