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Bastogne Barracks Belgium tank museum annual parade video

Nick Johns

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Sorry I didn't mean to offend, it was purely an observation on my part. Had it been your video I would not have passed comment, but for what appears to be a semi official video it could have been edited down a little. I actually skipped the last few minutes due to it being repetative only to go back again this morning and find the best bit at the end where they are being maneuvered into the building.

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Nice to see all that WWII Armour, actually on the move. Can anyone explain why the Belgian Army Staff, are so elderly & Have BEARDS ? Is it possibly because the Belgian armed forces are conscripts. & retention of experienced Instructors is upheld by extension of Service Personnel who are Volunteers? Not decrying what they do, just interested from a Professional Point of View.


You are Not allowed Beards in most Professional Armies. Due to an NBC Respirator not being able to seal around your face when needed in a Toxic Chemical Environment. The exception to this rule is. a Pioneer Sergeant as a Traditional Sign of his Rank & Position Held. (Beard would be shaved off in a combat environment for real) & if you were excused Shaving for Medical reasons (Temporary).


Makes sense to Me. & of course. LOOKS More military & smart with no Beard. Just my own thoughts!.......:nut:

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