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  1. A trailer of this size and type would not be subject to plating and testing.
  2. I restored one for behind my Antar back in the early 90's. You have 18 tons to pull out of there. very likely the tyres will inflate in situ, don't try to move without trying to inflate them or it will rip all the valves out of the tubes. Hopefully the brakes were left wound off that will be a big plus. It looks in pretty good condition
  3. Not too sure on the "it weighs 20 tons"
  4. Sellect Military Vehicles in Lancashire have one, contact Peter Boys.
  5. I restored 00ED85 about 3 years ago and sold it to a young gentleman called Maximillian did you buy it from him ?
  6. Ah yes John, but that was because the MOD were short of B series petrol engine parts back then, (I think for the Pigs and Saracens in NI). There were rows of Martian Artillery Tractors at Jacksons all missing the engines.
  7. These engines have become quite sought after by the replica Rolls Royce and Bentley fraternity they could have gone in that direction for quite strong money.
  8. Tenuous link to being famous...Rick Wedlock only lives a mile up the road from me !
  9. Well done, nice to hear it all came good and it really was there.
  10. Have fully reconditioned Mk13a Engine for sale, new tow ropes, rear stowage bins of turret side baskets. Message me if of interest.
  11. Try the 17 that are at Withams, not 8 ! As Chris said they belong to Withams and have done from long before the current disposal contract being held by Withams. All bought via the bulk direct MOD tenders during the 90's. Up until about 4 years ago they were stored in the big shed that has been refurbished, they were moved outside then.
  12. PM me with the reason why "It is a matter of some urgency", and I may be able to get a message to Fred.
  13. Yes John is quite right the Miller Antar is very well, here it is at Freds open day earlier this year.
  14. Remember it well, I offered help with the CET but they were not allowed to move any of the tracked vehicles in the park other than on low loaders.
  15. Yes the cement mixer does a perfect job...but be prepared for unwrapping the chains from the padles in the mixer a few times if the chain links are small enough to go between the drum and paddle. Done it plenty of times in the past, needs water in there too to make the sand very runny.
  16. Get a suitable length of wire rope at least 16mm diameter, preferably with eyes / loops at each end. Feed the rope from the rear left hand side under the counter weight, under the chassis. Lift the forks slightly and slide both together slightly left of centre on the carriage. Attached the end of the rope to the 2 forks close to the heels, shackles and heavy chain may be required. Lower forks and remove slack from wire rope. Pull the rope around the counterweight towards the right side of machine, take rope outside and anchor to the heaviest thing you have, like a truck, large tractor. Start forklift operate lift whilst standing to the left of the mast tension in rope should drag the rear of the forklift around towards the doorway. Be prepared to throw away the wire rope as it will be damaged by the pull round the counterweight. Make sure rope is clear of any pipework around the front axle. You may need to do the lift operation a few times to get the forklift to the right position. Disclaimer, I take no responsibility for anything going wrong, carry out dynamic risk assessment as you progress.
  17. Not actually owned a Kraz but have a good friend who did own the radio truck one. In the scheme of things they are big, clearly bigger than an M35. I would suggest that it would be nice to own but not something you would use every weekend. The Reo is somewhat more practical something that you can take out every weekend and is not a killer on fuel. Not all M35s are pre 60, and multifuel is all but gone now with the AA and many "fuel doctors" collecting contam fuel for reprocessing. All depends what you want out of it.
  18. Oh yes looks like a lot of vehicles have gone now !
  19. Yes I also did Terry's course a few years ago, excellent 1 to 1 tuition resulting in a pass.
  20. Can you hear the pump ticking with power on but engine not running ? In a relatively quiet surrounding you can hear it especially if you open the flooding valve between driving compartment and engine bay. I have had one which when the vehicle was cold the pump ran perfectly after driving for about 15 minutes the pump would stop, let it cool for a couple of hours then the pump operated again.
  21. Likely to be the electric fuel pump, will start and idle without it running but as soon as there is any fuel demand you will lose power and engine will start to miss. Can you hear electric fuel pump ticking when you turn on the battery isolator ? Remember there is a switch on top of road drivers dashboard to turn OFF the electric fuel pump. Same fuel pump as 430 series. It is located on bulkhead between transmission bay and engine bay. Pipework is in transmission bay, pump motor is in engine bay. Check electrical connector has not worked lose. A good indication to check it is working is to open the fuel filler and listen for fuel return running into tank, alternatively fuel return pipe is very accessible on top of the second fuel tank when you lift the transmission bay cover.
  22. Looking excellent John ! Probably better than new !
  23. A couple more from this morning of the good one.
  24. Only managed to get a couple of pictures early this morning of the non runner coming off the trailer.
  25. Any timing yet Rick ? Might get chance to pop up and watch you unload.
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