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  1. One with full French army spec just come onto Milweb this morning Pete
  2. Back in the early 1960's there were several of the Aluminium type on the Thames nearly Hurley, they had been converted into small cabin cruisers with outboards on the back Pete
  3. Up date on the rear of the cab and floor in the last post I'd started to mark up the areas that would need attention and the same design issues of butt closed non sealed seams that caused issues on the front scuttle were evident on the rear section as well, it's a miracle that any of these closed cabs have survived frankly. This feature was the cause of the problem around the top of the rear panel, the cab roof can be removed for shipping purposes and the joint between the rear panel and the cab roof is closed with nothing more sophisticated than a metal strip that's what can be seen here
  4. After the usual Equinox rain and gales down here yesterday was a bit calmer so I could get the workshop doors open and move stuff around ready for phase two of the cab repair Completed front scuttle parked out of the way on the back of the Retriever And so it starts all over again on the rear floor and back panel, first job was to crane it off the tank at the back of the workshop and get it on a pallet where it can be worked on Quick look round and asses what needs doing Out with the chalk to mark up what needs replacing. The whole top section o
  5. At last work on the scuttle is finished, it's been a bit of a long haul and at times a bit like completing a jigsaw using a grinder and a welder but it's done now and ready for media blasting when the rear cab section and roof have been seen to but all that's for another day so a few photos to close this chapter. This bit was a bit tricky due to the tight curves and internal lip But with a bit of bish and bosh it came good Here the same area had to be repaired on the other side as well a result of being hidden under the inner wing And the repa
  6. Having called a halt to outside activities due to the somewhat unseasonable weather and needing a change from cutting out rust in the D15 cab I turned my attention to making some space in the store. So dragged the various bits and pieces that make up the Retriever spare wheel carrier and frame into the shed that I laughingly call the spray shop for the standard treatment. I couldn't remember when I'd added the construction of this piece of kit to the blog, looking back I was surprised to see it's been sitting around for nearly four years so it was high time to get it fully top coated a
  7. You will need very deep pockets for that vehicle Pete
  8. I think Steve has summed the whole expenditure versus value for money issue pretty succinctly. Your purchase has to be driven by your budget, your ability, tooling /equipment and as steviem above has found out available working space. Pete
  9. Sounds tempting but here's the rub Richard I'v'e been schooled in the Ward ethic of working, so there are only two excuses for inactivity one is death and the other is....... ah yes I remember now that's death to.
  10. Granted it was a bit warm for face mask, goggles, and welding gloves but I thought the better option than wandering around outside with a six foot metal pole with a strimmer blade on one end and a pint of petrol on my back at the other while the weather was doing a fair imitation of the opening scene from Mordor (Lord of the Rings for those that think I've lost it.....or perhaps it's heat stroke )
  11. Well I don't know about the rest of you chaps but it's been some exciting but sweaty old weather out here in the West. So having nearly melted cutting the grass around the yards I took some time out when the rain and thunder started and got down to some serious welding and grinding. I'm pretty pleased with the result, it still needs finishing off and there's a couple of small holes to weld up on the top right of the scuttle but over all not a bad result, one I could not have achieved with out Richard Taylor's excellent pressings. First photo with the vent lid in place
  12. Welcome to the forum look forward to following the restoration blog Pete
  13. I'd suggest you go to the WW2 British Army Jeep Research Group on Face Book most British operated jeep owners are there and it's the place to go for a huge data base on post war YH numbers. You may even be lucky and find a photo of your truck in the comprehensive photo files Pete
  14. I suspect the problem is that instead of the IWM being a place for serious academic research staffed by people who have an understanding for the subject the whole enterprise has been turned into a money making theme park with the major objective of getting foot fall through the door and royalties off the repetitively used media sign of the times I'm afrid everything has to be self supporting and show a profit even national history. Pete
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