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  1. Yes another item to test before installing a new Gennie. I have now a replacment Gennie, Harness & Regulator. So by a process of elimination by exchanging component's, i should find the culprit!
  2. Email sent just now. I guess it's now 'Hurry up & Wait'!.......🙄
  3. Hi Chris, Yes I have dealt with him in the past. .50" Deacts as you know are hard to find here now. & very expensive! If it helps you, I have a Mate who is an Engineer. Who makes some very realistic replica's?.
  4. As Title States, I am seeking a Buffer Housing. For a Deact M2HB. I have one for an M3, but this is not what I need. Happy to exchange my M3 Housing if anyone needs one for an Aircraft Gun. Or Buy an M2HB Version if for sale. Photo below shows what I am looking for. M2HB BUFFER HOUSING.jfif
  5. I wont know for certain. Until I do a post mortem strip down on the Gennie. When I have time!
  6. Clive, no out put all all on a volt meter tester. I think the Dynamo has had it. This is strange to me, as it was running perfectly when laid up 18 months ago? I now have sourced a N.O.S French Army Gennie & intend to fit when time allows. I will test it as a 'Motor' prior to installation. I will update this Post as & when procedures' are enacted. M.
  7. Re Polarized Dynamo, Still No Charge output......:(
  8. Now here is a Puzzler for Me! The Radio junction box that came with my Jeep is pictured below As I understand these things, there should be 2 x outlets? This has three! ( Well, it is French! ) 😁Also there should be a metal conduit tube for the power in cable. ( The same as WW2 Willys & Ford Jeeps ) I AM LOOKING FOR ONE OF THESE CONDUITS, IF ANYONE HAS ONE THEY DONT WANT? Also seeking three screw on caps with cone rubbers for this box's outlets as well. The internal insulator is broken in two places, preventing the assembly to be secured. So.... Does anyone have a spare insulator block at all please? Interestingly, my cable has the power & earth wires. Both the same length. Indicating to Me, that the earth wire was secured not far from the Live feed on the starter foot switch? I understood that the Earth cable was short. & exited under the junction box. & was secured close to the box on the chassis? Can anyone clarify the above points for Me? & tell me where I can source the above requested items. Or perhaps some of you erstwhile Chaps, MAY have them for sale? Thank you so much in advance for your assistance! Mike.
  9. No Bud, i dont have time at present im afraid It does not have a charge light. Jeeps dont as standard.
  10. Base overhaul, is refurbish to 'As New', Factory Standards. A Total strip down & refurbish of ALL Component's. Major assemblies such as engines & Gearboxes Etc. Were Field Workshops repairs. A vehicle would come in say, needing a gearbox replacement. In most cases a replacment was fitted & the vehicle returned to unit. Then those major assemblies were collated into a production run strip down & assembly line. To Refurb those defective assemblies. To return them 'To Stock'. For further repair by Exchange. Or Refurbed & Returned to Ordinance Major stores facilities.
  11. I have carefully cleaned all thee coils contacts. still no change. ☹️
  12. Details Required: As posted in 'Other Chatter'. As the Heading suggests. I am seeking a contact number for Andy Carter. Who runs the M201 Jeep Site. 2 x Emails sent already & a week has elapsed since the Overlord Show.... I really need to speak to him on Electrical M201 technical Difficulties! The good weather is passing, & I am unable to go out in my Jeep & enjoy it!. Which is one of the main reasons I bought it, in the First place! Can anyone Help please? This info will not be abused. Many Thanks! Mike.
  13. No, It dosent. As an aside, I now have main headlights working! I ran her up this afternoon. Battery level reading on a voltmeter are 24.7. Running, & also engine switched off. She is defo NOT charging!...... ☹️
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