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  1. Also take the opportunity to tighten EVERY nut, bolt & Hose coupling whilst you have the pack out! You will notice that some joins are lock wired. This will give you confirmation that these packs vibrate like hell when running in the vehicle! Running up outside the hull is the only way to detect fluid leaks on these packs as well. especially the heat exchanger! You could try taking the cables off the panel after labelling them, if you cant read the connection umbers. & find out which is the one for the starter. by pushing one cable at a time. Onto the distribution
  2. The gearbox MUST be in neutral & IIRC there was a transmission lever that should also be in neutral. I think this is at the bottom of the pack itself. It's been over thirty years since I worked on these! LOL Was the engine starting ok prior to removal? The one VERY important thing I DO remember is. you must NOT run the pack for more than 15 Mins Tops! As this has something to do with engine oil draining into the bottom side of the gearbox that is on the pack itself. And you really MUST wear ear defenders doing this. & Basically you are running with no sile
  3. I repaired MANY bicycles as an Armourer. We could also demand spares for them. It was common to obtain an old bike frame from a Civy rubbish dump. & bring it back to the Workshop. Make a list of what was needed & demand the spares for it. Thus Every Armorers shop in every unit I was attached to. Had it's own Shop Bike! 😉 Very useful for runs to the NAAFI & the unit canteen. & as a 'Camp Runabout'. As some camps had quite large areas to get round! 😁 At Sandhurst, they had Hundreds of Bikes! So Many it had a repair shop for Bicycles of it's own.
  4. Interesting that the Box is stencilled 'Boxes Veh Mechanic'. As Bicycles came under the Unit Armourers For Repairs & Maintaninance. Note the green small metal tins also. They are Bren / LMG spare parts tins. Used in the Spare Parts wallets for this range of guns.
  5. Probably to be replaced with AJAX. Similar vehicle, but with Larger Gun in it's turret. It does the same job as Warrior, but is a newly introduced AFV to UK Military Service.
  6. At least you had a reply! I sent them three Emails requesting a Refund & to date. Have not even recieved the courtesy of a reply!......Says a lot really, dosent it?................☚ī¸
  7. Well, at least the thread is staying 'On Track'!.......😁 Unless you have another 'Link' to 'Pin' it down....... We dont need to 'Pad' it out any more, do we?....
  8. Just as long as you dont fly a Filthy, Disgusting, Evil & Nasty EU Flag Paul!......đŸ˜ĩ Mind you thinking about it, if you do. Inform the council of this. & they will most likely grant your planning permission. There & then!...😂
  9. yay! At last I won something!......😁
  10. One way to lose support, slowly go Bust as a Show i would submit?.......☚ī¸
  11. How about............. A German Tiger tank ?...............;)
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