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Instrument find ??

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Wondering if anyone recognises where this instrument panel comes from. I think it is US as it has a label stating 'INCREASE' just below the left hand knob.

It was found this week in a German position outside Bastogne, guessing that the US cleared this area at some point.


It could be artillery related but could also be a an internal vehicle instrument ?? Its part of a larger cast alloy piece of equipment, not steel.

Thanks for looking !





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I definitely don't see it as a vehicle part. I think your suggestion of it being part of a predictor/director is very possible but that is not something that I have a good knowledge of so I can't help much. Someone must know...


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1 hour ago, Rootes75 said:

Water or Petrol Bowser or pump related maybe??

possibly. I am still trawling images of all kinds of equipment...its an odd one, considering it clearly shows fragmentation and distortion from a force of some sort and was in the middle of some woods so can only be from a field set-up of some sort ?? 

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