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  1. That is a small gas spanner and you forgot the Inch drive air wrench! John
  2. I think that it is all to the FVRDE design and has not changed much since the days of the Conqueror immediately post war. Does anyone know what the threads are? John
  3. I am afraid that Martin is wrong. You can use an exempt vehicle fully loaded. John
  4. My understanding is that whereas the REME would rebuild the packs, they would just change the whole K60 engine without messing about with it if anything was wrong with it internally. Presumably they were rebuilt by Rolls Royce Specialist Engines. John
  5. The ten year rule does NOT apply to a vehicle over 40 years' old PROVIDED it has not been significantly altered AND is not used commercially. If the these conditions are met, it can be used fully loaded. That means that my Scammell Contractor is not caught even if it running at just under 100 tons gross train weight. However, if I fitted a Euro 5 engine into it in order to reduce emissions and fuel consumption it would be caught.! Remember, the regulations are not finalised until the results of the consultation are considered. Unfortunately, because of the 14:1 axle ratio, the Con
  6. I had a heart attack with my Contractor when I found that I had left the master switch "ON" for several weeks due to COVID. I was gutted when I found out. Fortunately they did take a charge and now seem to work perfectly well. On the Conqueror ARV have made a timer system so that a Contactor (sic) opens after about 20 minutes being closed and thus isolates the batteries. (Don't ask why I have installed this system!!) Unfortunately, that would not be a safe system for a road going vehicle. John
  7. I think that you are right in your understanding. If it fails because of the front tyre, you should immediately appeal at the testing station. The testing station manager should then check further up his food chain. This action should establish that you are correct. Let us know what happens! John
  8. Are you missing one or is it damaged? Is the pack for an FV430 or is it an interesting item on its own? Andy, was it made by Gallay or something similar? I am not sure that electric fans would be powerful enough in view of the lack of any ram effect that you would see with a truck. With the relatively light and gentle use a preserved vehicle will experience there are three options: 1. Don't have an oil cooler but have a temp gauge and poss thermostat and warning light. 2. Fit an oil cooler radiator in a good position on the pack, again with temp gauge and T stat. 3.
  9. All marks of Antar have worm rear axles (combined with an epicyclic gear train). When you down hill, the load will push you faster and the revs will increase just the same as any other axle, as Andy Pugh says. In some situations, if you are not careful, you can serious over rev the engine. The revs can go through the roof very quickly because of the 14:1 reduction. The ratio of the worm drive in an axle is always arranged so that the vehicle can speed up when going down hill on the over-run. If this was not the case either the axle and the wheels would lock up and cause a terrible ski
  10. They look like 'take outs' to me! Do we know how the Warsaw Pact Armies handled the spare engine and main assemblies? We expect to see a Meteor in full preservation in a bespoke crate. Even then, one can get caught out if not careful and experienced. John
  11. Dear Chris, Thank you so much. On order within 26 hours. What a forum! I have a few other tasks on the J60 winch engine. It was never very good at cold starting and the 'choke' seemed to do nothing. (not having a standard oil bath filter cannot help). A previous thread covered this and I will replace some diaphragms and see if that secures an improvement. There was something 'not quite right' with the distributor drive where I have replaced the civvy dizzy with a J60 electronic ign one. It was a purely a potential mechanical reliability problem. A little problem with t
  12. Dear All, The REME Museum's Conqueror ARV is fitted with an engine that looks like a Jaguar J60. In fact it is a car engine with an automatic gear-box! We had no PTO for the tank and the engine allows the winch to work at all. One of the front rubber engine mountings is broken. Unfortunately, I do not know if it is from the car or it is a proper Jaguar J60 part. Photos of the part are below. Any help would be much appreciated. John
  13. Dear All, I think that the date code can be on the inside of a front wheel. It is not a problem during an inspection because the wheel has to be rotated as part of the inspection process. I don't think that the rule will be made to apply to twin rear wheels. The reasons is this: It is very unusual to find a ten year old tyre in commercial use. They simply do not last that long. If the rule was made to apply to twins, it would be necessary to assemble the tyres on the wheels so that the date code is shown. That would be huge burden to place on commercial operators when they do not
  14. Rob, Clever job but surely at least one of us has got the correct moulded plug and cable. I will have a look to see if I have got one. John
  15. I don't think that it is an octane test. I think that is done with a special engine that compares the ability of the petrol being tested to resist detonation (pre-ignition). If the petrol is as good as Octane it is 100 octane petrol. All of this I think!. It could be a test to see how well the petrol would evaporate. On the other hand it does rather look as if the civilian gentleman has a pipe in his mouth! John
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