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  1. Thanks Hoseman, I have the pins as pictured as patterns and would be interested in the cost of having a set made. I'd always assumed that with the hardening added to the cost of manufacture it would be prohibitive and that there must be someone with a box of NOS items on the shelf. Any idea then of the cost of getting these made with your people please ?
  2. I'm still having no luck with finding these items - can anyone help please.
  3. I am looking for a set of spring pins as pictured,can anyone help me with a set or suggest a likely source please. Set of (6) Front spring pins - Austin part number - IK 5048 Set of (6) Rear spring pins - Austin part number - IK 5046 These parts are needed for the K2 Ambulance but were also fitted to the K2 lorry military and civilian. They were also fitted to other Austins 1930s to 1950s in different combinations. Any help would be gratefully received,thanks in advance. David.
  4. At least with this tyre there is the comfort that they will be relatively recently made and should be still supple and free of cracks. Query the tread pattern for a British truck though. STA -" Speciality Tyres of America" still make an interesting range of sizes including a 10.50 x 16 with a very authentic tread for British/Canadian vehicles which I am road testing at the moment. Its the only authentic looking option but comes at a horrendous price !
  5. I'd go along with Richard. Definitely not a Mann Egerton body on a K2. Certainly a Canadian Body and I don't think there was a Chev version. Must contravene the Geneva Convention !!!
  6. I loved the film of the bridge building on the Thames - very atmospheric and as those who worked on the river used to say -"plenty of water about". Right at the very end there was even a QL crossing.
  7. BMB is usually accepted as the abbreviation for Briggs Motor Bodies. They were I believe a Ford owned subsidiary who amongst other things pressed millions of jerrycans. It's probable that this canvas has a Ford connection.
  8. Well said Richard. I like a good laugh but this has all been a load of b....cks.
  9. I've had through my hands an unused,reconditioned engine for an IHC Halftrack rebuilt by Bugatti for the French Army and sold as surplus in the early 80s. I don't recall the rebuild date though.
  10. If you go without the plates (as I always did) there is a tendency to suck up dust into the engine compartment if you go too quickly over dry ground. Seems a small price to pay,especially if you drop small bits or tools on a regular basis though.
  11. I think this mirror assembly was listed as :- "Mirror oblong convex WD 1924 type" The slight difference in glass fitting is probably accounted for by the different makers as mentioned by Richard.
  12. The really interesting thing for me in this picture are the tyres. The front o/s is a mid to late 30s tread pattern,often seen on BEF vehicles but seldom later. The spare is an American bar grip pattern which is the only time I have seen a tyre of this pattern on a British vehicle during WW2. What a contrast and reassurance for those driving an MW on bar grip tyres !
  13. Thanks for that info Richard. The bottom of the barrel is now in sight though. Only a few left. All the best, David.
  14. A recent tidy up in the barn has produced a small case of new old stock correct and original type spark plugs for the Daimler Scout Car with screened ignition. The plugs - KLG RE 41 are in excellent unused condition having been stored in an airtight container since being in my possession for about 30 years. The plugs are in their original cardboard boxes of 12 plugs, each in its individual carton wrapped in waxed paper as from new. On the basis that every Dingo owner with screened ignition should have a set of new plugs with a spare set on the shelf,I am offering a box of 12 plugs for £120 plus postage. Carriage in the UK £5 - Europe £10 - North America £15 Please contact me by PM. Telephone 07860 889524 or email dbelcher1949@hotmail.co.uk to reserve a box of 12. David Belcher.
  15. Hello Phil and I'm so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. I ran into your father years ago now and remember him particularly from a Sunday Times feature in which we were mentioned as part of the strange new hobby of MV collecting, if I remember rightly he was working on the LVT. All the best and hope to see you soon. Regards, David Belcher.
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