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  1. I loved the film of the bridge building on the Thames - very atmospheric and as those who worked on the river used to say -"plenty of water about". Right at the very end there was even a QL crossing.
  2. o No Pete, I could not have answered that. I can rememember Bernard having it but don't know where it went. Mike Hofman would be a likely new owner as he was buying all the armoured cars he could at that stage. I have to echo your sentiments though regarding this restoration - nice to see. David.
  3. John/Richard, Does the classification "1/2 Ton" shed any light. The wartime description of these trailers was 10cwt which changed to 1/2 Ton. The Identification List for the GS and Mortar Trailers dated April 1949 is titled "10cwt" but the August 1960 Parts List has it as "1/2 Ton" The change must have been between these dates. David.
  4. Simon,I'm beginning to think that for every rule there is an exception and a further puzzle emerges here. According to the Census book of WD vehicles the X number and contract number on the cast brass plate relate not to Orme Evans but to a contract of 959 10 cwt GS trailers of BROCKHOUSE manufacture ,the numbering sequence seems to fit in quite late on in the war. In the Identification List for the 10 cwt trailers the contract seems to have been issued relatively early on for GS No 1 trailers. Brockhouse took over the Orme Evans Co in 1944 it is said. So what happened here,did Brockhou
  5. Thanks John ,I'm going to ask him about a repair to the corners of another zinc plate.
  6. Nice looking plate Simon,is it brass or zinc ? Some interesting differences to the Orme Evans plates which seem to be printed as contract specific. As well as being made of steel the OE plates have only two fixing holes which I suppose could be another way in helping to determine the manufacturer from the remaining holes left in the drawbar.
  7. Thank you Tony - hope you are well. That would be logical as it fits with the original trailer designation too. I am just waiting for the final proof having checked hole spacings etc. when it arrives I will post it together with the cost of additional plates. Sadly,they will be made outside of the UK but carriage should not be much. Best wishes, David.
  8. Tony/Richard, The preparation of the Dingo,Jeep and K2 for Normandy next month have prevented anything from being done to our trailer since this post over two years ago. The pictures do show the tail/headboard arrangement and poses several questions which are still unanswered. Hopefully work will restart on the trailer this summer. Since that post it has become apparent that trailers exist today with a hinged headboard, a hinged tailboard or a combination of both front and rear. Both Orme Evans and TEC produced 10 cwt Number 2 trailers-Mortar,Mortar Ammunition and GS variants conc
  9. Was this the edition copies of which were available on Ebay USA. They were quite expensive if I remember. I had some bound copies done of the 1960 revision and was charged £20. I could probably get one or more done if that would help anyone. David.
  10. Tony, I think that your photocopy is from the Small Arms Training Pamphlet for the 4.2" Mortar. I wouldn't mind a photocopy if you could do me one at some time. I will check to see if the plank spacing is the same on the Orme Evans GS model. Cheers, David.
  11. Sorry - I would have to disagree. What you have described are roughly speaking the differences between the Number 1 and Number 2 Trailers with the earlier No 1 trailer having the curved mudguards. Mortar trailers and GS versions differed however in the position of the moveable head/tail boards. Mortar and GS trailers were sometimes produced concurrently in the same contracts for mixed types and I believe that whether the tailgate or headboard is hinged and the details of the internal body fittings is what differentiates between GS , Mortar and Mortar Ammunition versions. What confuses
  12. [quote=simon king;374051.........with the making of suspension shackle pins and other turned parts by the firm as well with the making up of replacement raves and replacement "girder and tube" type pintles by another firm.... sk It might be worth asking if anyone else could use some of these parts before finalising the order. most of these trailers were well used in civilian life to say the least. David.
  13. Morning Tony, Thats a good constructive thing to do. I've put mine next to it and I can confirm only some of the wording. Top Line - Only a dash between "10" and "CWT" to add. Otherwise same lettering Second line - I have a rusted out hole at the beginning so I can't see the vacant square shown as white.I think there is the number "2" on a plain background however underneath the "L" of trailer in the top line.I can't see "OEC" too clearly , otherwise in agreement with you. Third Line - Same as you but I think that the word "number" is written in full. Anyone else with co
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