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  1. Hi Gents, Is there some one who can give me the sizes of the support legs of the 10cwt gs trailer..? Preferable in metric sizes. Thanks in advance, Louis
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]115342[/ATTACH] Hi Jeremy, Where did you find the glas for your aeroscreen windows...?? Cheers, Louis
  3. Hi MWMike, It seems to be that we have been in the same spot seferal times...:cool2: Here are a few photo's of my MW with 10 cwt gs trailer. Cheers, Louis
  4. You'r stil going strong Jeremy..... I have collected some of the plates as wel from Rippo last Friday in Amsterdam. It was nice to see a face behind it al now....and the plates are wurth it. Keep us up to date....:cool2: Cheers, Louis
  5. You are doing a fantastic job Jeremy... Keep up the good work and next time hold your camera a wee bit furter away from the engine... Cheers, Louis
  6. Hiya, The right one is a Leyland Retriever Pontoon Carrier....the other is a Leyland Retriever too not 100% sure wich body model is fitted.... Cheers, Louis
  7. Well done...hope it wil work properly... Cheers, Louis btw the toolbox looks nice too...
  8. Nice restauration on your filter Jeremy.. She das look almost new...wel done. Do you have more info about the spark plug holders..?? Cheers, Louis
  9. I do have the right hand side one....stil looking for the lefthand side one (with holes). But its verry nice to see a photo of it. Cheers, Louis
  10. Hi Jeremy, It looks like to me that it should be fitted on the gear box. So who knows maybe a later waterpump...?? Cheers, Louis
  11. Hi Jeremy, If you occasionally need a Towing Pin... John Morter das have them....new old stock as we say...;-) Cheers, Louis
  12. Thank you Danny, Thats some good info i can use... Cheers, Louis
  13. Hi Danny, How thick and long is that wee steel plate that holds your towing pin up..?? Cheers, Louis
  14. Hi Jeremy, Thats smart and whise at the same time to do. I saw that my toolbox is a wee bit differend then on Rippo's photo's. Wil make some photees tomorrow and put them on here if it can help you.... Cheers, Louis
  15. Hi Jeremy, It was nice to meet you at Malvern last Sunday and its good to know that you like the toolbox... You can always remove the rails and store them safely for when a normal toolbox shows up.... But as we say here its better to have something under your back body then totally nothing....;-) You dont see it verry often that a person is trying to sell a toolbox for a MWD truck. Cheers, Louis
  16. Hi Tony, What year is your trailer from..?? I have seen an advertice here in Holland some months ago with excatly the same trailers (2) for sale back then and my feelings said it was post war....also becouse of the man said they came from the Belgian Army...wich isnt a standard becouse the Belgian Army have used Brittish trailer after the war as wel. Cheers, Louis
  17. Hi Jules, What a lovely car to have... You do a great job on your resto.. I was wondering what kind of makers are your headlamps and wich size..?? Keep up the good work. Cheers, Louis
  18. Hi Jeremy, PM is been send to you this morning. Cheers, Louis
  19. Hi Jeremy, The headlamp looks like Civi to me and the mounting should be on the bottom and you should have flat glass in it if i am correct...It also looks like an 6 inch version am i correct on that..?? Cheers, Louis
  20. Dont worry about the shock absorbers...mine arent dated too...:nut: Cheers, Louis
  21. Hi Jeremy, I will dig it out in a few days and make some photoos for you and send them by pm to you.. Cheers, Louis
  22. Hi Jeremy, Nice to see more details of your new MW.. Did you find a contract number on her..(on the back body or in the cab)?? Is it possible to show us some pictures of the towing hook..??? If you are looking for a rear toolbox for the right hand side i might have one for you.. Cheers, Louis
  23. Hi Jeremy, What a nice find and welcome to the MW's aeroscreen club... Hope to see lots of pictures of her in the future... Keep up the good work. Cheers, Louis
  24. Hi Danny, Its good to see that you are putting so much effort in this lovely wee truck.... My Bedford heart is bounching faster now... Its so much fun to drive these wee Bedfords. Keep up the good work and post more photo's when ever you can. Cheers, Louis p.s. what is your engine number..??
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