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  1. Same here - I am wearing 94' pattern but take your pick of multiple patterns for the rest of the class......
  2. And it is Hogspear so hold onto your hats as if anything is going to sell big it will be one of his listings!
  3. No - there is an extra small series 01-04 which equates to sub size 1. Not exclusively Gurkha but could fit very small paras I guess.... WDBikemad had posted sizing descriptions on this in the past so just do a search on 68 pattern sizing.
  4. I seriously thought I already had a set of pre-metric arctic windproofs in my collection but I appear to be mistaken. I have a few pairs of the cross over SAS type pre-metric DPM slacks but no examples of the windproof arctic pattern. If you have some you are willing to move along please PM me....don't care about size but would like a decent and clear label. Thanks!
  5. They will get you much closer to an answer Lewis but there does not appear to be a listing of trouser sizes and commensurate actual measurements available. So a bit of estimation from available sources will be necessary....
  6. And here is the more successful response that you are looking for...almost! http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?33446-1970-s-Tropical-dpm-trouser-sizing
  7. This is as far as I got with the same question: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?24810-Pre-Metric-British-Army-Tropical-Trousers-Sizing
  8. Depends when you want the gear.....I will be moving to Ohio Summer 2017 and can kit you out in either 60 or 68 patt assuming you aren't built like the Hulk....and not for $100 a shirt! If you are happy with 68 pattern then I can probably do it a lot sooner....again depending on size. And as for the second point you make....it is not about the fact that 300million+ Americans will not be able to recognise authentic or not.....it is that you will know it is not "right"....not acceptable in my book especially when you have gone to the expense of shipping in classic British vehicles.. :-D
  9. Thanks all - very useful info and context.
  10. Very useful - thanks. Key bit of info is RN use. Thought so but clearly modern enough not to be carrying any ref to RN Vocab numbers...
  11. Don't recall seeing one of these before and my NSN listings (courtesy of Mr WDBikemad) are all in storage so if anyone has any background on this jacket I would be interested to know....
  12. Nothing like resurrecting an old thread!:red: Another example - same contract number but size 'Large'....label pic attached.
  13. Yes - although the 'made up' NSN is interesting as well. Nothing like the prescribed number for an 80's para smock and the country designation of '88' doesn't relate afaik to any NATO country either.
  14. Superb Steve - been looking for one of those for ages...where did you find that? Would be good to see a pic of the smock label as well.
  15. There was a chap on evilbay (based in Canada iirc) that used to sell these for very reasonable money. If I was still in the UK I would send you a new set (currently living in Singapore so all my gear is in storage...) in any case via auction sites or folks on this forum I don't think you will struggle to find a replacement....might take a little while though...
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