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  1. The rules were more than adequate BEFORE Paris and they are now, all this latest panic and uncertainty has arisen because of the ever powerful EU, who think that making more laws actually affects the lawless. I have certificates for my deacs that declare them legal, I am NOT a terrorist and if I was I would think of a far safer way to do it than resurrect a UK deactivated EX weapon. The VCR act has its flaws but it has continued unhindered until the EU decided the biggest threat to humanity was a middle aged ex squaddie who likes collecting deactivated weaponry from the past. Does anyone wi
  2. Tales From The Front Line - D Day by Jonathan Bastable A cracking read and very thought provoking.
  3. You can also try reversing a bit before trying to select 2wd from 4. It has worked for me.
  4. I spotted these while on holiday in the Highlands three weeks ago.
  5. Thanks for that, I do have the deactivation certificate as well. Any interest please PM me.
  6. I have a nice early spec SLR which I bought when I was going to show my Lightweight Land Rover, well that and it brought back happy memories I am thinking of selling it but am struggling to come up with a realistic fair price to ask. Any ideas/offers guys ? VCR applies.
  7. As I have the much hated jeep judging by the view on here, it seems pointless by boring everyone by showing another one. I do the shows for my enjoyment and to meet old friends and possibly meet new ones.
  8. Dodge WC 52, Ford GPW, Chevrolet G-7107 :-\
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