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  1. Hi Gents, Is there some one who can give me the sizes of the support legs of the 10cwt gs trailer..? Preferable in metric sizes. Thanks in advance, Louis
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]115342[/ATTACH] Hi Jeremy, Where did you find the glas for your aeroscreen windows...?? Cheers, Louis
  3. Hi MWMike, It seems to be that we have been in the same spot seferal times...:cool2: Here are a few photo's of my MW with 10 cwt gs trailer. Cheers, Louis
  4. You'r stil going strong Jeremy..... I have collected some of the plates as wel from Rippo last Friday in Amsterdam. It was nice to see a face behind it al now....and the plates are wurth it. Keep us up to date....:cool2: Cheers, Louis
  5. One Question....WHYYYYYYY......:nut::nut::nut:
  6. Are there any photo's of the pick up Hans...;-)
  7. Nice trailer Hans.. Have a good trip down and get it home safely....
  8. My wild guess is February 1945. I cant see they were build in 1902 or 1924....
  9. You are doing a fantastic job Jeremy... Keep up the good work and next time hold your camera a wee bit furter away from the engine... Cheers, Louis
  10. The Bedfords MW aeroscreens didnt have the instruction on the filter...it was mounted on the fireboard on the drivers side...and as mentioned it should have an elbow fitted.
  11. Hiya, The right one is a Leyland Retriever Pontoon Carrier....the other is a Leyland Retriever too not 100% sure wich body model is fitted.... Cheers, Louis
  12. Wil make a photo for you of my girl...shows youhow it could be done...
  13. Well done...hope it wil work properly... Cheers, Louis btw the toolbox looks nice too...
  14. Nice restauration on your filter Jeremy.. She das look almost new...wel done. Do you have more info about the spark plug holders..?? Cheers, Louis
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