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  1. How much are you wanting for the 434, how many hrs on the pack, thanks

    regards andrew

    1. antar


      Hi this sold about 5 years ago. 

  2. A trailer of this size and type would not be subject to plating and testing.
  3. I restored one for behind my Antar back in the early 90's. You have 18 tons to pull out of there. very likely the tyres will inflate in situ, don't try to move without trying to inflate them or it will rip all the valves out of the tubes. Hopefully the brakes were left wound off that will be a big plus. It looks in pretty good condition
  4. Not too sure on the "it weighs 20 tons"
  5. Sellect Military Vehicles in Lancashire have one, contact Peter Boys.
  6. I restored 00ED85 about 3 years ago and sold it to a young gentleman called Maximillian did you buy it from him ?
  7. Ah yes John, but that was because the MOD were short of B series petrol engine parts back then, (I think for the Pigs and Saracens in NI). There were rows of Martian Artillery Tractors at Jacksons all missing the engines.
  8. These engines have become quite sought after by the replica Rolls Royce and Bentley fraternity they could have gone in that direction for quite strong money.
  9. Tenuous link to being famous...Rick Wedlock only lives a mile up the road from me !
  10. Well done, nice to hear it all came good and it really was there.
  11. Have fully reconditioned Mk13a Engine for sale, new tow ropes, rear stowage bins of turret side baskets. Message me if of interest.
  12. Try the 17 that are at Withams, not 8 ! As Chris said they belong to Withams and have done from long before the current disposal contract being held by Withams. All bought via the bulk direct MOD tenders during the 90's. Up until about 4 years ago they were stored in the big shed that has been refurbished, they were moved outside then.
  13. PM me with the reason why "It is a matter of some urgency", and I may be able to get a message to Fred.
  14. Yes John is quite right the Miller Antar is very well, here it is at Freds open day earlier this year.
  15. Remember it well, I offered help with the CET but they were not allowed to move any of the tracked vehicles in the park other than on low loaders.
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