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  1. A trailer of this size and type would not be subject to plating and testing.
  2. I restored one for behind my Antar back in the early 90's. You have 18 tons to pull out of there. very likely the tyres will inflate in situ, don't try to move without trying to inflate them or it will rip all the valves out of the tubes. Hopefully the brakes were left wound off that will be a big plus. It looks in pretty good condition
  3. Not too sure on the "it weighs 20 tons"
  4. Sellect Military Vehicles in Lancashire have one, contact Peter Boys.
  5. Tenuous link to being famous...Rick Wedlock only lives a mile up the road from me !
  6. Well done, nice to hear it all came good and it really was there.
  7. PM me with the reason why "It is a matter of some urgency", and I may be able to get a message to Fred.
  8. Yes John is quite right the Miller Antar is very well, here it is at Freds open day earlier this year.
  9. Oh yes looks like a lot of vehicles have gone now !
  10. Think you need something slightly bigger next
  11. Very close number to my old Antar, 12DM60 now in the ownership of Mervyn Annetts in Basingstoke.
  12. If you want the DROPS gear to go back on I know where there are some removed sets. PM if interested.
  13. Thanks Chris, thought it was a bit coincidental !
  14. I have a 434 for sale on Milweb. Last Sunday I got an email from Bruce@hetzerman.com enquiring if the 434 is still for sale and if so could he make arrangements to visit. Sent reply saying it was and the general location...answer...nothing. looking at the email address does anyone know if it's him ? Bruce and Hetzer seem a bit coincidental.
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