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Been to the viewing day, most of the stuff is pretty rough, military wise include a reasonable condition complete Bedford OY 3tonner, a restorable Bedford MW Aero screen model with screens!, no back body, a scrap QL, a complete but tatty Scammel pioneer, lot of Bedford engines g/boxes axles all rough some panels/engine covers, tyres all poor to average also an mod TK & MK both been stood a long time, some interesting vintage commercials and two 1942 Allis Chalmers crawler tractors in nice condition

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Looks like it didn't then, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MACK-6X6-RIGID-TRUCK-CLASSIC-/270855809920?pt=UK_Commercial_Trucks&hash=item3f1043ab80.


I had read elsewhere that the same buyer had brought all three machines.


Oh yeah you have probably seen it Edd but the Unipower is on the sellers other items.

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It looks like they didn’t sell after all and have beensitting outside ever since the sale, deteriorating them even further. Hopefullysomeone will save all three, as they are listed in the advert, this time around as they certainly have some greathistory behind them.

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