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  1. One for the Goslings here, although they would probably turn it down as there's too much to start with & not enough to make & find.
  2. Yes it is, its a copy. nothing todong with me
  3. I'm guessing the Paddle steamer might be The P.S Devonia ? Can anybody shed more light on 'little ship' at 6.22 ???? Eagle.
  4. 1 Ton 180 gallon Bowser behind a Jeep. The Canadian trailer was different in detail in almost everyway but does look the same from 10' away. The main difference was 9.00x16 wheels/tyres rather than the British trailer which had the larger 9.00x20 wheels.
  5. The door skin had a really nasty deep sharp gouge along the top, I knew that any attempt to straighten would result in a very distorted panel & I was right. Normally I would make a new skin which I have done many times before, but I like to keep as much as I can original & anyway my large box folder is 45 miles away which is out of the question with the lockdown. The skin went all out of shape but with a few shrinks its as tight as a drum again & quite straight, I will straighten where I can & finish off with some stopper.
  6. Normally I would get the tin work shot blasted but its all tacked, screwed and bolted to the Ash frame so I though I would give paint stripper a try this time & it came off a treat. Other items are a 5 gallon pre-war RAF fuel container & jockey wheel for my Air Ministry Compressor trailer restoration & 2 9" blackout cover for my Matchless G3 restoration.
  7. While I'm waiting for dashboard parts I thought I would get on with the rotten wood around the nearside front wheel arch fixing. I have used Ash which was traditional for vehicle frames but I don't think the original wood is Ask ? possibly due to shortages late in the war ? Waiting for some glue to dry over night where I have spliced a bit in, ill finish it later today.
  8. Well done Guy I knew I could rely on you mate, I've just ordered 2.
  9. 1st wet day for ages so I thought I would have a go at reconditioning the instruments, if you look back a few posts you will see the state they were in. Began with polishing the brass bezel while its still on the gauge as this is easier & the only way not to distort it, to remove the bezel & glass I turned up a bit of MDF so with the gauge face down its a snug fit & the brass tags can be bent back without fear of distorting the bezel or cracking the glass. On inspection the glass was not dirty but had delaminated so I need to replace with new but as the glass fits inside & not on top its only 1 -7/8" rather than the more common 2" so at this point I don't know where to get replacements ? Also what is the best way to clean the face & needle in situ.
  10. Finished the sanding then drilled out the stripped screw holes & glued dowels into them.
  11. The state of the wood before any work has been done & a brass data plate from the front of the dash that I will carefully clean.
  12. Removed the steering wheel today ready to start the restoration, interesting to see some names inscribed into it.
  13. Finished the float blocks off today although I may take a bit more out for the nut to sit in, next are the 4 brackets that hold the 28mm pipes to the blocks.
  14. You should know they dont have a seal.
  15. Ha Ha correct Richard, but I wish there was tben I could stop the leak om my K5. Any ideas or a mod that will stop the leak ? Thanks.
  16. State of play so far !!!!!!! So after 3 years of doing nothing on the 1st Tilly due to ill health I have decided to made a start with some easy jobs. Engine / Gearbox & engine bay is finished but I never started & test run the 'new' engine.
  17. Some other items that I have found over the years.
  18. Another great find arrived in the post a couple of days ago.
  19. Cheers Duson I've just ordered one, how is your 180 gallon bowser coming along ?
  20. I'm after one of these dash/ignition lights for my 1944 Standard Tilly, does anyone have one for sale or know the Lucas part number so that I can look for one. cheers.
  21. Found this spray gun on Ebay & 2 adverts on the internet dated 1939 & 1940 showing that these would be correct for the compressor. https://www.aviationancestry.co.uk/?searchQuery=Colour+Sprays&startYear=1930&endYear=1945
  22. What a shame, tragic for us & the public but even more so for the organisers.
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