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  1. Hi all, wondered if there's any split rims of 20" or thereabouts diameter available in Lincolnshire area. Looking at repurposing into a decent size wood stove for workshop this winter so don't have to be complete or roadworthy - only require several back sections to weld together.
  2. Does anyone here do a regular Somerset/Lincolnshire run with low-loader space heading north? Wondering if a member might be able to help with the recovery of a drawbar box trailer (max. overall height from ground 10'6) with a plated unladen weight of 4750kg (+weight of dolly). Box length of approx. 22feet with tail-lift and refrigeration unit overhanging either end. It's standard artic. 5th wheel pin but with a dolly/pivoting drawbar fitted taking overall length to 27' with drawbar down in towing position. Loading assistance (ie can be pushed onto a low-loader at collection point (private land in Somerset) and towed off at my end (private land nr Coningsby) on quiet lane and/or level hard ground. Looking at new year - Jan/Feb/Mar. (this is just a preliminary enquiry to get an idea of cost - would need to check how firm the ground is at loading end this time of year) - would be no pressure either end to move, just as and when it suits/is suitable ... anyone? Cheers, Paul PS drop me a PM with price if you think you can help - can e-mail photos if required. Thanks for looking.
  3. Ideally looking for something that needs recommissioning, with a price to suit (ie <£1000) but anything (good/bad/ugly) considered. In the short term, wanted for extra storage space in garden. Medium term plan would be to renovate and eventually fit out as living van, so empty shell preferred over something already converted.
  4. Thanks Richard, interesting & useful to learn the '44 PRV setting of 54bar ... so in this application the winch got nowhere near the 110bar operation (but could still achieve a good bottom layer pull). Could fabricate a ground spade pivoting about an axis roughly in line with winch chassis mounting arms, which when not in use could be rotated up above winch in front of grill (got some work to do to get winch operational first). Some shots of the PTO attached ... Don't know if it's compatible with the RB44 transfer box yet (hope so) - removed from the S75 version, which has a different casing (without the big inspection cover in top). Guessing the PRV may be inside the outlet secured with 4 socket-head set-screws (to right of data plate in first photo). I've had to switch to running a '44 transfer box for now due to slack in high ratio chain in S75 box causing it to jump teeth. Did get in touch with Boughtons this week but they were unfortunately unable to supply me with any data (guess as the VH8 is at least 25yrs old and pre-internet, to be expected). Found some interesting posts in another (old) thread here which mentioned a guide to calculating pulls, based on ratio of vehicle weight for differing ground conditions: Road 1/25th Grass 1/7th Gravel 1/5th Soft sand 1/4th Shallow mud 1/3rd Bog 1/2 Plus a rule-of-thumb for gradient at 1/60th vehicle weight for every degree of slope (up to 45degrees, adding whole weight over 45).
  5. I suspect you're right - probably find fluid leaking from somewhere well before 200bar (probably doing well to get to 110 ... will need to inspect PTO - am guessing it'll have a release valve designed to open at a given pressure located somewhere?). So the manufacturers line-pull figures (at 110bar, based on 80% overall efficiency) refer to moving a dead weight (in a horizontal plane)? As you say, the friction/resistance between the ground and object the winch is attached to will have a big impact (wondering how manufacturers set up test conditions). Have a sheave block - will see what it's rated at (no doubt a few accessories will be going on the shopping list in due course!)
  6. Some interesting info in that link - found various RB winch images uploaded at arbtalk this week (and some interesting threads there also) but not arrived at that particular page until now, cheers. Found an army equipment support publication dated Oct.'90 this evening (online), which includes winch data and confirms the RB44 was fitted with the VH8 unit, mentioning also a rope length (on 5th layer) of 53m/174ft, although rope diameter is not specified. Ultimately fitting some 13mm diameter rope might be a good compromise ... according to the VH6 info on arbtalk, the drum will accommodate (a maximum) 65m of 13mm diameter wire. Found this also http://www.downleycommon.org.uk/library/VHSeriesLeaflet.pdf The missing data from the horses mouth ... 11mm rope diameter (standard fitment) 75m rope length (recommended/95m max) Recommended oil flow (min/max) 20-55 litres/minute 3800kg line pull (bare drum), 1890kg line pull (full drum) at 110Bar It would appear from your link and this one, full 6000kg line-pull (VH6) and therefore 8000kg for the VH8, is achieved at 200bar (with a bare drum.) Getting there, slowly ...
  7. Had another look at the drum and not sure the recess for securing the inner end of the rope will accommodate a significantly larger diameter wire (not sure if the diameter of the drum centre would suit tight coiling of 16mm wire either). Been doing some more digging and it seems wire rope is manufactured in mm increments up to 14mm diameter, then in 2mm increments up to 28mm (above that, increments vary) http://www.pdqwire.co.uk/dynamicdata/assetmanager/images/weight-breaking-load.pdf Google images suggest the winches were commonly fitted with a data plate (on main casing, left of drum) and mine is missing. Boughtons couldn't help in confirming pulling capacity but thought my interpretation of model number sounded plausible. Anyway, from info i'm finding online, it would appear that a 11mm diameter (with independent wire core) rope in good condition would have a minimum breaking load equivalent to the GVW so going up in size would build in some margin for wear & tear & reduced MBL. With galvanised rope, is it still advisable to treat it periodically?
  8. Thanks for the input Degsy - increasing the thickness at some point may need to be considered, in which case I don't suppose the drum will accommodate a lot more than the 64ft currently on it and leave room for uneven winding. (Vehicle commonly weighs 4.5t and winch is for self-recovery, amongst other occasional uses). Are wire ropes sizes suitable for winching incremental by the mm (not really had to shop for it before) or do they tend to jump from 11/12mm to 16mm? Although I havn't had the opportunity to really get to know RB44's, if had to guess, would have said the 44's had the same VH8 unit? Hard to tell from a lot of net images, as bulk of unit usually hidden behind the bumper skin. This unit was fitted to a Boughton converted Renault Dodge 50-Series S75 (commonly used by the electricity/water supply companies in the 90s for more remote servicing). Whilst trying to find some more info online, found this ... http://www.downleycommon.org.uk/library/winchmanual.pdf ... although relating to what is probably the next model up, has some useful info. There is mention of periodic treatment of the rope as part of the maintenance - what do people favour as a rust inhibitor/lubricant for their (elements exposed) winch ropes?
  9. As far as I can tell (with a little help from google), model number is VH8, with the "8" referring to an 8 tonne rating (which would equate with original fitment to a vehicle with a 7.5t GVW). The only tag present is attached to part of the hydraulic drive assembly, made by Char-Lynn, Eaton Corp. Hydraulics Division, USA. Is there a way of rotating photos on the forum uploader, as they were the right way up before I uploaded them? When I was attempting to measure the diameter of cable fitted (with digital calliper), was getting between 11-11.5mm - would that be a 12mm cable with a little stretch in it? (main frame mounting threads are imperial).
  10. Winch drum release lever took some shifting (heat at top bush didn't free it so dismantled ... heat at top & bottom bush and ages working it back and forth tapping with hammer, dropping graphited penetrating oil in and eventually movement increased & was able to extract pin and clean bushes) Have about 64ft of cable - anyone know what they were assembled with new? Looks like drum would comfortably take more, even allowing for uneven spooling.
  11. Looks like I will need to remove the Bosch pump on a Perkins Phaser 110T ... the drive gear needs to come off before the pump can be removed and it's time to invest in a suitable puller tool/kit ... at a quick glance, this looks fairly comprehensive http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/sNew-Hydraulic-Bearing-Puller-and-Separator-Tool-25-pcs-Gear-Bearing-Remover-/331855790664?hash=item4d44258248:g:KOAAAOSw8vZXNv6V Wondered if anyone had any suggestions/recommendations based on experience of this or other kits? Cheers Also, on a side note, finally got round to commencing fitting a hydraulic Boughton winch, which has sat unused for a good 8-10yrs (most of those outside on the original vehicle) ... the drum release lever seems to have stuck - anyone had success freeing one without using the vehicle/winch itself to assist? And finally, drum looks to be fitted with 11-12mm cable but not a lot of it - anyone here sell it/have some spare/know of a good place to get some?
  12. There is a fibreglass bonnet in West Bromwich that is too big/fragile to courier and it's a lot of miles in a slow vehicle for me to collect personally - long shot but just wondered if anyone here might be passing (in the next few weeks) close enough to consider picking up on my behalf? I'm near Boston/Coningsby but could meet/collect somewhere in Lincolnshire. Obviously wouldn't expect anyone to do it for nothing ... drop me a PM if you think it might be do-able ... cheers, Paul
  13. Thanks Richard. P&P could be arranged for £6 in the absence of a signature on delivery. Alternatively, I'm near Coningsby, 9 miles NW of Boston. Any offers most welcome. Paul
  14. 174mm wide x 189mm tall x 100mm deep (mounting flanges on either side - overall width 203mm) Weighs approx. 2.6kg. Just wondered if it's of any interest/use to anyone ... would cost £9 to send via Hermes ...
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