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  1. That looks really good. If you need any particular dimensions or photos let me know. I've got a large collection of photos and can always get more dimensions off of mine.
  2. Stuart, A few photos of the track basket on my R100 attached. Dimensions (all in cm): Overall width (along the vehicle): 158cm outside, 152cm inside the basket Height: 55cm including 3cm rib below the floor. 45.5cm at the front (after it curves down) Depth (outer towards chassis): 62cm + 2cm thickness of the mesh section Inside of basket to chassis: 23cm Front of cab to front basket: 33cm The sheet metal is all about 2mm thick and the ribs are about 3cm thick. HTH Ed
  3. Sorry, I meant to say I can get measurements! The basket is currently off the vehicle so can't get the vehicle mounting measurements. I'm going down to see it towards the end of next week if that fits with you?
  4. The 4x4 can't be viewed. It's owned by a member of the showmans family that used it as shown in the civvy photo. For the other enquiry. Is the track basket on the tank transporter the same as that on the recovery & gun tractor? I can get photos of my R100 track basket if that helps. Will take a week or so as I don't go down to it very often.
  5. Here is the link to the leaflet, relevant bit at the bottom of page 2. Note there are age restrictions, for a Scammell Explorer which is over 7500kg it is 21. inf52-large-vehicles-you-can-drive-using-your-car-or-lorry-licence.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk)
  6. So far as I know the pre 60 exemption overrides this. I can't remember the exact wording but I think it's an exemption over other licence restrictions. I've got the pre 1997 licence and the towing rules for that say I can have a combination up to 7500kg. But this wouldn't cover say a Scammell Highwayman with living van. But you can drive this on a car licence.
  7. Pre-1960 can be driven on any car licence so long as the vehicle is unladen. Even with the modern car licences. There is a leaflet from the DVLA that covers it - think it's INF52. Can also tow an unladen trailer. No operators licence or anything else need. But does of course need to be insured and kept in a road worthy state. I assume you are looking at the two Pioneer's that are were on ebay and still on milweb? It's worth finding someone near you he owns a Pioneer or Explorer. Owners are normally happy to explain what to look for and go through what it is like owning one. The Explorer is the easier beast to drive as it has power steering. Ed
  8. Superb selection of photos, thank you for posting them. I'm always interested in seeing any of the Pioneer R100 photos. It's very helpful with the restoration of my one. With 700 Pioneers destroyed or captured I wonder how many of them survived and were recaptured? I know of two early R100's that must have either stayed in the UK or captured and returned. Would be fascinating to which it was.
  9. There was a restored one on milweb for sale recently and there is a project on there at the moment.. I would recommend joining the Diamond T group on Facebook as there are a large number of owners and enthusiasts on there. Regards Ed
  10. Apologies for this being the NI site but it's the first one that comes up. Look at the bullet points. https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/driving-larger-goods-vehicles-lgv-car-driving-licence If you don't feel like reading it all: goods vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1960, used unladen and not drawing a laden trailer We have previously checked and it does cover ballast tractors etc... So yes you are legal to drive the Ferret on a post 97 licence. If you want complete confirmation you can write to the DVSA and get them to clarify in writing. HTH Ed
  11. Short answer is yes. There is a licence exemption for vehicles built before 1960. Legal to drive at any weight so long as it is not carrying a load. Bit difficult to carry a load on a Ferret so you should be okay. Ed
  12. Over 7.5 tonnes running weight. GVW or ULW don't matter so long as the actual weight is under 7.5 tonnes. Assuming you have the older style licence. If you have one of the newer type then it is up to 3.5 tonnes. Or there is the pre 1960 exemption if used unladen. I think Mk1 Militant's are pre 1960 but the Mk3 Militant's are post 1960. In which case you will need an HGV class 2 licence. Ed
  13. If you hover over my name it should come up with an option of message. Click on that and you should be able to send me a pm. If that doesn't work I'll work out something else. Cheers Ed
  14. Can you pm me his e-mail address? I'm not after another one at the moment but have had plenty of people asking where to find a Pioneer. Shipping would be high but it is a very nice and original one. Ed
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