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  1. For all the GG community does anyone have any spare track grips for sale? Thanks Danny
  2. Gents, Thank you for for your messages, I agree these tires - tread are getting rare. I have some poor examples but as you say the side walls are awful.
  3. Match Fuzee, Thanks for your reply, sorry I should of made it more clear in my post I am looking for track grip, the British style wartime tires. Cheers Danny
  4. Hello all Can anyone help locate a set of Green Goddess tires 1100 x20s track grip should be the sizes. Thanks Dan
  5. Can anyone help locate a Mk16a desert flight suit. unusual size and looking for size 5. Thanks Danny
  6. Yep that is a fair one gents, worst case I will get a repro one and keep the original one in the vehicle file pack. Thanks again for your help. Regards Danny
  7. Thanks all, I have tried Chris at that web address and he was very helpful. I have ordered a few things him off the past but he does not restore plates just makes repros. The plate I don t think is that bad to warrant a repro but would just like to clean it up a little and remove some of the scratches. Thanks all for your help. Regards, Danny
  8. Hello all, I have a very straight and easy to read data plate for one of my vehicles, however it is fairly scratched and was wondering if there is anyone with the skills to possible hide and damper down these scratches? I know aluminium you can clean but think the scratches are a little deep. Any takers or advice? I have tried all other techniques myself so need a expert to help? Would like to try this before I have to get a new one made. Thanks Danny
  9. Gents, Thanks for your time and help, this type is 16lb when charged, it will do for a example as was only £30. I have emailed the kidde factory and see if they can help. I will keep you updated. Thanks Danny
  10. Gordon, Any idea about this one, it is 1945 dated. It seems abit bigger and as Adrian says it has a flatter bottom, I believe it is the last three digits 755 as mentioned above. Thanks Danny
  11. Gordon, I saw the transfers and for $10 I bought a couple, good examples! Adrian, Is one of these the right size? What sort of bracket would it have? Thanks Danny
  12. Adrian, It is the type that sits next to the driver. Thanks Danny
  13. Hiya, Does anyone have one of the red WW2 AFV kidde extinguishers for sale please? Thanks Danny
  14. Ron, Thanks for your help, I went for a brooks saddle in the end. Regards Danny
  15. Hiya all, Could someone help with the height and width dimensions of the sale stem for the parabike, also any makers names etc or were they blank? Thanks Danny
  16. Gents, Thanks for your help. I have gone for a hammerite silver. It is close enough to the colour needed. Thanks Danny
  17. Hiya all, Is there a modern paint such as a 'Hammerite' similar to the WW2 AFV silver paint? Any advice I would be grateful. Thanks Danny
  18. I have just bought WW2 AFV headlamps from a forum member and was wondering if these units had gaskets inserts before the main headlamp units are fitted? If so does anyone have a set of these gaskets please? Thanks Danny
  19. Hiya, I recently bought these and believe they are British and was unsure what period they are from, and what ration box they would come from, any ideas? Thanks.
  20. Hello mate, Hope all is good? Yes that would be brill. Will give you a call and catch up when I get back from hols :laugh: Cheers Danny
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