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  1. For all the GG community does anyone have any spare track grips for sale? Thanks Danny
  2. Gents, Thank you for for your messages, I agree these tires - tread are getting rare. I have some poor examples but as you say the side walls are awful.
  3. Match Fuzee, Thanks for your reply, sorry I should of made it more clear in my post I am looking for track grip, the British style wartime tires. Cheers Danny
  4. Hello all Can anyone help locate a set of Green Goddess tires 1100 x20s track grip should be the sizes. Thanks Dan
  5. Hiya, I recently bought these and believe they are British and was unsure what period they are from, and what ration box they would come from, any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Hiya mate, PM sent, spoke to my dad he is happy to help with any information you need. Regards, Danny
  7. BSA was the main manufacture for this geney.
  8. Mate, It will be easy to get his service record and info on him. Will be over next month for that brew. Will give you all the relevant people to contact. Could find out if he was on D-Day! That would be easy. Cheers Dan
  9. Hiya JohnThere is one at Bordon of this spec complete if that helps? Don 't suppose you know where there is a water bowser like yours for restoration?CheersDan
  10. Hello mate, Is it the red - white arm that goes on the side? If so let me know and will get some pictures the weekend and email them to you... Speak soon. Regards Danny
  11. Do you have one for the Bedford QL? Thanks Danny
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