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  1. This thread seems to have hidden itself somewhat in another thread. I'm sure we would all appreciate seeing some pictures from those 40 years.
  2. I think this is the third time they've had to move now. If Scampton is saved, whenever it does close, hopefully they can return to their original home of many years.
  3. Looking good. Enjoying this thread, especially as all the work appears to be happening on your driveway and garage.
  4. Hi, have sent you a DM about it.
  5. Speaking with a friend he suggests that the No23 would've been applied at a HO Depot when in storage. Have you ever heard of The Green Machine book - will be of interest.
  6. Great stuff! What is the history of this one, if you don't mind me asking, former showland vehicle after demob?
  7. Looks like one may exist still:
  8. Scammell Crusader and another Scammell on a low loader going clockwise on the M25 at Junction 17 on Saturday 17 January.
  9. I'm sure in the early years they were included in certain editions. May be worth dropping the Editor a line in case there is anyone in house who can help with your request.
  10. Just logged onto the iPlayer to have another look and got the attached screengrab. Think we can say that it is indeed an AEC Militant. Well worth a look at the beach scene on episode 5 about 39 minutes in for anyone interested.
  11. Anyone spot the AEC Militant cab which was near to an explosion on the beach scene from two episodes ago? A shame as they did manage to get some of the period vehicles correct.
  12. Great to see and hear that the Militant has had a good first road-run. Really interesting to see this project continuing to come together.
  13. Really good to see progression on this interesting vehicle. I continue to follow it with admiration and look forward to seeing the finished product. Thanks for providing the updates and pictures.
  14. Spotted the Dodge Command Car heading back up the M40 on a trailer on Sunday afternoon. It has already been listed on Milweb!
  15. Yep that's Nikki, along with his newly finished living van with patio, and as has been pointed out he is on his way to Llandudno.
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