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thank god for hmvf


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I'm sorry but being forced by the other half to watch scantily clad female dancers girate around is not too difficult :-) Ola and Natalie......I rest my case :-)


Even though we have to sit through bruce's jokes!


Tess aint half bad either!


"I've said too much....back to the emer's" :D

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I used to maintain that these programmes demeaned British Television and thought back to the great light entertainment we had in my youth. then I concluded that the difference between (say) Saturday Night at the London Palladium and X Factor is basically down to professionalism or not. If it entertains the hoi-polloi, that's fine. I'll be next door slaughtering aliens.


She Who Must Be Obeyed is watching what she wants, put out on the whim of a broadcaster; I am watching what I want to watch, but I am dictating what happens on the screen. First time I explained this to her, she stopped getting shirty about me playing games on the computer.

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