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  1. imagine the roadbase was 3 - 4 inches on top of the old road base with a vertical drop. The trailer LH wheel dropped off that edge and got caught and dug in. The adf trailer design I feel compounded the problem as I noticed on the high cambered single lane tarmac it loved swinging off with the camber. However in the accident when it dug in I pulled it out but that caused it to fishtail which caused the rear end of the Perentie to fishtail and an instant later it was flipping. It seemed to only fall on its side but it got a whip up... The mechanics of it I can't fathom as it appe
  2. About 70kmh as just crossed a new cattle grid. I got the whole trip on Garmin satellite, which now is a bit amusing. Amusing as a few of the guys wanted to keep a track of me as the middle of nowhere. They thought I had stopped for a toilet break. Oh and another lesson learnt... Keep everything you may need in your pockets... Phone was in the middle of road... Satellite Garmin with SOS function under the car
  3. Yep I was taking the back way to Alice then Alice accross to WA
  4. Luckily just really depressed as was having a great time up until then. I got out of it, made some shade, crawled into a ball and I guess shock set in... A guy found me around an hour later then another hour back to Boulia and hospital.... Tons of bruising but only got bad pain from it around three days later when I got back to Perth I'm amazed when the top of the window frame came out and roof came off I didn't crush an arm The people in the small country town really looked after me, which was quite emotional So lucky and unlucky in the same breath
  5. Yep the trailer...came with the vehicle, even on the heavy camber single lane bitumen it was twitchy
  6. They had laid new road base and was around a four inch drop. Left hand trailer tyre dropped in, I got it out and started fishtailing, and in an instant it was flipping. In hindsight should have driven straight off the road as flat treeless desert... But hindsight never helps afteri thought it was game over
  7. unfortunately not all dreams have happy endings. You can see the ROPS was ripping out by the end, that was after 3 and a half rolls
  8. well picked up the Perentie and trailer around 6 weeks ago.. Had to drive it 4600km mostly desert. Amazing that the trailer was from my old unit that I left in 1993
  9. Ok a minor update as i had 4 S2a's and now none.... Why... Well I bought this around 6 weeks ago from the other side of Australia. Havent so far been able to collect as had 2 flights cancelled due to cyclones and this Saturdays flight cancelled due to a UK variant covid outbreak!!! So most likely will be the 28th fly over. Always wanted one and this one was a good price with a trailer
  10. i thought some guys might like a look if only the photos
  11. its becoming a problem here as many exporters here are making big bucks
  12. yep the fire truck is from down that way..... go out Kalgoorlie way and 100 year old wrecks are rust free.... well unless mud is allowed to stay stuck in crevices
  13. Still more bolts.. i had delusions both would be off today..... power hack saw down the rusty front panel 😁 saved me 5 rusty rounded bolts
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