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  1. i thought some guys might like a look if only the photos
  2. its becoming a problem here as many exporters here are making big bucks
  3. yep the fire truck is from down that way..... go out Kalgoorlie way and 100 year old wrecks are rust free.... well unless mud is allowed to stay stuck in crevices
  4. Still more bolts.. i had delusions both would be off today..... power hack saw down the rusty front panel 😁 saved me 5 rusty rounded bolts
  5. Well when you live alone with a steep driveway.... you improvise
  6. Well sold the hardtop off the series 3 SWB..... looks nicer topless The wings on the 109 fire truck are driving me insane... keep finding hidden ones... got 2 to go (I hope) on the rhs one Just waiting for the sun to go down a bit. Not looking forward to the 3 more wings after this
  7. yep but we closed the borders to everyone....
  8. yep i seen Snow once in Australia when i was around 7 years old in Bathurst, NSW. Typically here Santa brings cold beer and salad. Yep much of the old architecture we can credit to the UK working class ie the convicts 😁
  9. Tried to get the old drawings but need the previous owners permission, which is becoming a drag. The drawings regardless have to be approved by a structural engineer (more cash) They monitor your house with drones and google earth and send you a letter every time you have an impure thought
  10. What's snow? Yep I thought the roof trusses look light but its not a home build its a shed suppliers method. The uprights are 25x25mm and the trusses slot in at the top. With all the purlins it was pretty rigid, the flimsiest part was the door structure.
  11. Well shed is down and at my place. I had hoped to get original drawings but too much red tape so I now have to redraw the structure and submit to the local council. dreading the price of concrete
  12. i cant wait to get it up...... i might paint the trusses RAEME colours
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