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  1. Great for yanking out split pins
  2. we used them all the time with stainless. Copper was generally by hand, I remember the emergency release on oh58's were copper. Uh60''s had very little amount of safety wire and I often got asked to do it as I had spent my time on the older airframes
  3. https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/AuctionLots.aspx?smode=0&aid=23751&_ga=2.193071464.472783871.1623053530-1528186501.1623053530 The been carrier and the megacruiser looks good
  4. Apparently these are on the Lloyds auction site now
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9591651/Tank-Ride-selling-three-ex-military-gun-tanks-operated-Vietnam-War-Queensland.html I saw this a few days ago on the RAEME Facebook page. Seems to be good prices for Vietnam historical equipment
  6. Au$..... I still think they were the best Land Rovers ever made
  7. Sorry I been travelling for work and did another stint in hospital. RFSV are the most sort after so higher prices, then FFR then GS
  8. Trust reme / raeme to make life comfortable 😃
  9. Perentie prices keep going up and up. 25k would be close to average. Some times 6x6 go cheaper than 4x4 because of rego cost but their prices still go up and down. If you had to pay auction prices you would be better off with a unimog. Of interest an RAAF rb44 was sold here, how and when the RAAF got it I don't know
  10. Yeah that one on Facebook is a tad rough. Was a nice one for 1500 a few weeks back. I should get my shed built first
  11. Well I did see this precious on Facebook, but I'd be mad 🤔
  12. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lithgow/truck-parts/cast-iron-wheel/1272505953 what would this be off?
  13. Basically they are a bad design for roads...great for offroad
  14. I was just thinking that before the incident i.e. a lot of people thought I was nuts. I've done many of these out back roads. It was a remote bit I was in but far bigger distances in WA. Tools and spares is a must
  15. Mate thanks for the kind words..... It has been a devastating year thus far for various reasons. My nephew whom I was working with went down the meth addiction route, wasting 80k and losing everything else car career house and family. I bought the Perentie so I could go bush and get away. I suppose I should buck up as I have my 79 series, it's just not camo
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