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  1. Does anyone have any idea how many of these RWMIK+ are coming out? or have already come out.
  2. Thanks Clive, and Simon for your anwer. Clive, you are bang on with the prestolite parts ref. I have just uncovered that on the box. I thought they might be for the Generator panels but from what I can see from the parts manuals they are BCK-37 and 38 which were used in them. Kind regards, and thank you again for your help. Matt
  3. Hi Clive I hope you are keeping well. I have a number of CAV BCK-30 cut-outs and I am struggling to identify the fitment. The NSN is 2590-99-802-9183. Would you happen to know in which application they were used? Kind regards Matt
  4. It would be interesting to see the sold price. I looked at this champ before it went to the auction. Decided against it in the end. Albeit original, had some problems. More than I have the time and effort to deal with at the moment.
  5. can you get hold of any michelin XZL's in 255/100/R16? Thats what I have on my 101, and I know some Aussie Ferret owners have fitted them too as a replacement for the trackgrips
  6. Hi guys I've got some stock of 2530-99-800-0439 / AVA54E Here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302737811598
  7. Ahh, I thought I would hazard a guess :-) It looked nice indeed...
  8. Was that the one in the recent Heywood auction?
  9. I'm selling this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Albion-Chassis-10-Ton-GS-6x4-6x4-Technical-Handbook-Manual-Reprint-1955/302488218185?hash=item466db3ea49:g:FK4AAOSwpGFZ4m30
  10. A fantastic job on the bins, and everything else :-)
  11. Hi lewis I had a similar issue on my ferret when I got it. It started to cut out on the road. It turned out to be connection issues inside the switch panel itself. Primarily the Ignition switch. I removed the switch panel and stripped it down. It was caused by some old electrical contact grease which had degraded causing continunuity issues, especially on the ignition switch. Cleaned up the internals in the box and it's been fine since. I remember it was a total git to get out and refit, on hands and knees perched on the drivers seat. I should have removed the seat in hindsight and m
  12. Toolman

    Stalwart FFR

    Good luck I love stollies :-) I think we met the chap selling the rough one at Yorkshire wartime experience 2013. Keep us posted :-) MT
  13. aaahhhh :-) THUD!! shame we can't see the registrations. Thanks for posting photos. MT
  14. Hello Have you any pics of ferrets there? Cheers Matt
  15. And of course the Russian memorial
  16. Spotted 3 of these in Berlin at the weekend: Ex Military??
  17. Brilliant! Yes, please keep posting the pics. Believe me we cannot (ever) be bored with any in service pics! Thank you (Clive I also bow to you superior humber knowledge, I'm longing for the day where i have room to keep a pig and email you asking for help in buying one :-))
  18. at least it's attemping to be preservered! Looks like it's been blasted without time to paint. If they knew how difficult the wings are to get they would have painted it. Don't suppose anyone can duck their head in and take a photo of the data plate :-)
  19. Is this the current advertised big wheel ferret?
  20. Yes, i think it belongs to the Holgate (quarry) people. It's been there a few months and not moved. I had a quick look when I spotted it. Shame it's just deteriorating, windows down etc, must have been bought for a reason though. Berna knows the owner. Matt
  21. is this any help? Pic Courtesy of daimler ferret facebook group.
  22. It's a shame that. I'd like to know the identity. MT
  23. could you take a pic of the aforementioned ferret?
  24. I remember reading this years ago, it was about spraying cars outside. Wetting the ground around the vehicle cuts down the amount of dust getting blown onto the fresh paint. It's obvious really. Matt
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