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  1. 6 off 12.00x20 track grip runflat tyres very good tread but light cracking Gordon 07976556791
  2. 4 new 8.25x16 Michelin xza tyres £80 each Gordon 07976556791
  3. 75 links of new 432 track with pads for sale near Dunstable £400 Gordon 07976 556791 also 9 links cvrt track new £40 cvrt track sold NOW ALL SOLD
  4. my mate has one for sale in Milton Keynes 3500 on the road ,always kept undercover. could be driven away.
  5. A friend has one for sale.contact me on 07976556791
  6. Farm storage in large barn with 14 other military vehicles . Good friendly bunch Ring Gordon on 07976556791.
  7. I think it was called airline. Some of it centered around the Berlin airlift
  8. sorry not bar grip .they are in ampthill £40 each
  9. I have 3 1100x22 and 1 9.75x22 all new if any help
  10. I can get new for £160 each
  11. i remember seeing these landrovers at 118 rec co at Northampton just a few years ago.
  12. Just fitted some tyres on to rims like these, I was told they were on an early dodge. difficult to get modern tubes to fit because of the position of the valve hole.
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