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  1. Some clowns like to tighten the nut a tad to stop it wiggling. we used to cut the bottom side short and flatten and top piece cut it and twist into the castlelation. This was to prevent hooking parts of your body on them in confined areas. PS stainless is the best..I still have thousands of the buggers. Carbon would be such a nuisance due to your road salting (never had to drill one out...yuck) The beauty of lock wire pliers is the locking onto the split pins and the long arms for leaverage..unless you got the short ones.. mine are from memory close to 12 inches long....
  2. Great for yanking out split pins
  3. we used them all the time with stainless. Copper was generally by hand, I remember the emergency release on oh58's were copper. Uh60''s had very little amount of safety wire and I often got asked to do it as I had spent my time on the older airframes
  4. https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/AuctionLots.aspx?smode=0&aid=23751&_ga=2.193071464.472783871.1623053530-1528186501.1623053530 The been carrier and the megacruiser looks good
  5. Apparently these are on the Lloyds auction site now
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9591651/Tank-Ride-selling-three-ex-military-gun-tanks-operated-Vietnam-War-Queensland.html I saw this a few days ago on the RAEME Facebook page. Seems to be good prices for Vietnam historical equipment
  7. Au$..... I still think they were the best Land Rovers ever made
  8. Sorry I been travelling for work and did another stint in hospital. RFSV are the most sort after so higher prices, then FFR then GS
  9. Trust reme / raeme to make life comfortable 😃
  10. Perentie prices keep going up and up. 25k would be close to average. Some times 6x6 go cheaper than 4x4 because of rego cost but their prices still go up and down. If you had to pay auction prices you would be better off with a unimog. Of interest an RAAF rb44 was sold here, how and when the RAAF got it I don't know
  11. Yeah that one on Facebook is a tad rough. Was a nice one for 1500 a few weeks back. I should get my shed built first
  12. Well I did see this precious on Facebook, but I'd be mad 🤔
  13. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/lithgow/truck-parts/cast-iron-wheel/1272505953 what would this be off?
  14. Basically they are a bad design for roads...great for offroad
  15. I was just thinking that before the incident i.e. a lot of people thought I was nuts. I've done many of these out back roads. It was a remote bit I was in but far bigger distances in WA. Tools and spares is a must
  16. Mate thanks for the kind words..... It has been a devastating year thus far for various reasons. My nephew whom I was working with went down the meth addiction route, wasting 80k and losing everything else car career house and family. I bought the Perentie so I could go bush and get away. I suppose I should buck up as I have my 79 series, it's just not camo
  17. Yep transport from there would be unthinkable
  18. No it was written off.... Was really nice with the big Izuzu engine
  19. I am amazed I have not had nightmares as of yet.... But I expect some I suppose my biggest psychological scar at the moment is an innate fear to go overlanding again...... Which is the whole purpose behind me fixing ex mil vehicles
  20. Both the hitch on the trailer and Perentie can rotate. I locked the NATO one on the vehicle as was taught not to allow both to be free. Another off aspect is the trailer hitch has been known to disconnect as has a big nut on it
  21. Yeah I was lucky the small town looked after me. Would have been devastated to of just being a statistic. The emergency room medic was an ex para (UK). He kept me going with his banter. Putting a FC 101 on its roof would definitely be a scare as their rollbars are not significant. I didnt hear about that as I havent been in here so much since moving back to Australia. I have to admit I'm a bit over Land Rovers now, or more precisely desert trekking as I seriously thought I was a goner
  22. No I believe they are only required on civilian registered trailers in case the hitch disconnects. Typically 2 chains but I have seen with one Talking about hitches I remember a 101 Land Rover towing a Noddy went around a tight bend and it fell over. The lesson was the hitch on the vehicle should be locked and the hitch on the trailer unlocked
  23. imagine the roadbase was 3 - 4 inches on top of the old road base with a vertical drop. The trailer LH wheel dropped off that edge and got caught and dug in. The adf trailer design I feel compounded the problem as I noticed on the high cambered single lane tarmac it loved swinging off with the camber. However in the accident when it dug in I pulled it out but that caused it to fishtail which caused the rear end of the Perentie to fishtail and an instant later it was flipping. It seemed to only fall on its side but it got a whip up... The mechanics of it I can't fathom as it appears the trailer got a good wind up as they had to cut the chains with bolt cutters and in the photo it's on its wheels but it had spun a few times. The trailer had 6 spares in it
  24. About 70kmh as just crossed a new cattle grid. I got the whole trip on Garmin satellite, which now is a bit amusing. Amusing as a few of the guys wanted to keep a track of me as the middle of nowhere. They thought I had stopped for a toilet break. Oh and another lesson learnt... Keep everything you may need in your pockets... Phone was in the middle of road... Satellite Garmin with SOS function under the car
  25. Yep I was taking the back way to Alice then Alice accross to WA
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