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  1. Evening all, A friend of mine is looking for electrical parts for his Militant, as a lot of it has been robbed at some point in history. I know some of these are generic and fitted to a lot of fifties and sixties kit. Hoping someone has any of the following in the shed they wouldn't mind exchanging for financial reward Generator Control Panel No.1 Mk 2/1 Plessey plugs for Dynamo to Generator Panel connecting lead. New cable can be made up, just need the plugs to fit on each end (1 x Male and 1 x Female) Slave Socket, aka Distribution Box Mk1 No.1 Junction box - Connection holder thing Indicator Switch Box Many thanks for looking and thanks in advance for your help
  2. Few days off work last week, so took another step nearer getting the old girl back together. Now the canvas cover keeps most of the rain out of the pump room ( still get a bit in round the doors) I managed to get the floor repairs finished and a coat of silver on top Next move start putting the gubbins back in. It's all cleaned and painted, with fresh gaskets made, fresh bolts where required and the others cleaned and threads chased, should go easy. There were a couple of hurdles but in the main it did go well too. First problem, the main pump is far too heavy to lift in by yourself, so crane required Straight in without scratching the new paint. Small issue, there is a woodruff key/wedge thing that locks the drive gear on. It is in a place of safety and security so it doesn't get lost, I just can't remember where that place is. And without it I can't fit the chain cover. Can fit the rest of the pipework. Needed a bit of juggling here and there to get bolts to line up, but in the end it went OK. Few small details to finish off like the hand throttle, and adjusting the cables that work the tank foot valves, but otherwise all in and looking quite the business. Went for a local run out on Sunday, to the Kent Heritage Transport Show at Detling. Lost count of the number of fuel tanker jokes we heard, during the day, but everybody seemed impressed with it. Had a very nice chat with a geezer who reckoned to have driven these with 17 Sqn RCT back in the 1960's. He was well pleased to have a look round it. Day out in Hastings next Sunday on the Sprat & Winkle Run. More photos to come
  3. Completely forgot about the cupola cover, these are bread and butter stuff for RCH, they finished this one for the Tanker ages ago. Quality job, fits perfectly, but I am keeping the plastic lid on while she is parked up and saving the canvas one so it looks crisp and new when we are at shows. I should also mention their prices are well affordable, can't recommend them enough
  4. Busy weekend for Tankering one way and the other, good results all round. First off, Must big up Richard and Charlotte from RCH canvas. After weeks of measuring making and adjusting, we finally got to the end of the canvas that joins the tank and the pump room. It has been a considerable challenge for them, complicated shape, no pattern and nothing to copy from, built completely from scratch. But they were up to it and the finished product looks pretty good. Top section rivetted on Off side And the near side. Unfortunately I ran out of rivets, so couldn't finish the job, but it all fits nicely and should keep the rain out. After that excitement, moved onto another on going saga. Trying to find the "right" shade of red paint for the drain tap tops and the fuel out valve. I've tried various shades, and didn't like any of them, either too dark or too pink or orange. Got a result earlier in the week and finally found a shade that I think looks right. Minor downside is, it is a coach enamel and takes 3 or 4 days to dry, then several weeks to harden off. Next problem, what colour primer to use, as I know this will affect the final colour. A search of the net suggests white, yellow and even blue. Best answer set up a test From left to right, white, yellow, blue, and red. Interesting result here, not much difference in the white yellow and red, but the blue gave an unexpected bonus. The only blue I had, for the test, was some gloss left over from painting the Saltire badge. Painting over gloss is never good as the new coat tends to slide off, but here it only slid off from the lettering making it look like they had been highlighted. Photo doesn't really do it justice, looks really striking in the daylight, but black lettering would be better than blue. So, clean it all the different colours off. Start with a base coat of gloss black, then red over the top hoping it will slide off in the same way. Again, photo doesn't bring the colour out right, looks pink here. This was taken a few minutes after painting and the red is already sliding off the letters quite nicely. Looks really good Fuel valve looks orange, but honestly it is the same red paint as the valve handle On the other hand, it could be pink. Either way it has got a fortnight to dry, as we are off to Yorkshire to visit the in laws. Plan A, when we get back, is full steam ahead with finishing the pump room now that the new canvas will keep the rain out. I'll let you know.
  5. Quick restoration update as there hasn't been too much work in that department recently, all effort went on polishing and getting ready for the first show. Long time ago, back on page 16 of this blog, in fact. I took one of the tank drain valves off, to drain the remaining fuel out of the rear tank. This weekend I managed to get 3 more of them off. Still got one left but that tank still has about 200 litres of fuel still in it, so will need draining properly. They look like this. If you remember they are made by Saunders of Cwmbran, Wales. Company is still going and new diaphragms etc are still available off the shelf. Easiest way to clean them up is to dunk them in the electrolysis bucket for a couple of hours. So, strip down and line up on a bit of threaded bar to get the current through Couple of hours in the bucket Follow that up with a quick wire brush over and the main bits are ready to paint Starting with a coat of Bondaprimer. All the internals are made of brass and are surprisingly clean considering how long it has been since they were last in use. Replacement diaphragms are in hand so we'll all be sorted, shortly.
  6. It was a grand day out, as you say doing what a Militant does. And a chance to help a mate with his project
  7. Yeah, quite a bit actually, but I don't let people look at that bit! Inside of the pump room, and all the valve gear is yet to be finished. Currently this is on hold. There should be a canvas cover that fits between the tank itself and the pump room, but barring a couple of scraps most of it had rotted completely away. Without it the rain just pours in and wrecks everything. So little point trying to do anymore just yet. Richard and Charlotte at RCH Canvas are making a new one for me, but as there is no pattern or another tanker to copy it is all having to be done from scratch. This, of course, is taking a bit of time what with measuring, test fitting, adjusting and so on. But progress is being made, and from what I've seen so far, they are doing a good job
  8. As you may have noticed the Tanker made it's debut appearance at a show last weekend. No point posting any more photos, the ones Landylearner has posted already look pretty good. Have got a bit of video of trundling round the arena with the other Military stuff Tanker in the Arena at Woodchurch 2021.mp4
  9. Thanks for posting the pictures, and great chatting on Saturday. Sorry I didn't get over to see your Healey, there was too many people turning up at the Tanker I couldn't get away
  10. Unfortunately, someone will buy that to get the registration number, and the rest will get scrapped
  11. When the decision was made at about 10pm on sunday the internet went mad with people messaging each other, I had half a dozen contacts giving me the bad news. Not sure how much it will dry out during the week, but forecast is promising. Apparently a final decision will be made on Tuesday, more info on their facebook page. Hopefully will see you there.
  12. Be good to meet up again at a show, hope it stops raining by then
  13. Finished the wheels off, and gave the tyres a once over with Autoglym last weekend Then started on the front wheels They did need doing And look better for it. Just got to get the red paint splats off now. She's out to her first show next weekend at Woodchurch, so much work today with the old turtle wax. Not by hand, I have to admit, it was hard enough graft with a polishing machine She does shine up well, but at one point I was considering the merits of a matt IRR respray
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