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  1. I can't shed any more light on your question, I'm not that up on Scottish Regimental history, but they do have some very interesting unit titles. The movement order we found, just shows the destination to be Edinburgh, no specific unit is mentioned. The B Vehicle record card shows 102 Regiment RA (V). Wikipedia shows this as 102 (Ulster and Scottish) Light Air Defence Regiment, formed in 1967 and equipped with Javelin surface to air missiles. As for which higher authority they reported to, Brigade, Division etc, I've no idea, but somebody on here will know.
  2. Yes, it was in a bit of a state and he was asking £3500 for it! Initially I was hoping it would donate decent tyres to my other Militant, then I would sell on the rest. But there wasn't much original Militant left on it at all. Even the HIAB wasn't original, Atlas cranes were fitted to Militants As for the other stuff, I was back up there snooping around just before christmas and it looked just the same as the day we collected the Tanker, 4 years ago. Nothing seems to have moved at all. I am told the old guy who owns it (Brian Hawkins) is 93 years old and still works everyday. St
  3. Chance of getting down the pub for a few beers would be a novelty these days
  4. Hmmm! Retirement project, then. Would have to start with a tipper to go with the excavator
  5. That is an absolutely outrageous monster of a piece of kit. You've just got to love it, but I'll bet it is hard work to operate with any degree of success too. Definitely one for the fantasy barn that is. Anyway, one at a time please, got to finish the Tanker first 😁 Pump is back together, turns quite nicely now too. Back on fixing up the chain cover, now I've restocked the welding gas New corners on the top half And start cleaning the bottom half Which revealed a few holes around the bottom drive sprocket area. Incidently
  6. I believe there is at least one, owned by a forum member who goes by the name Ashcollection. But I don't know what stare it is in or if he still has it. As a former plant man with an obsession for Militants Iwould love to have it Can you post the picture in the Militant Gallery, would love to see it.
  7. I think you are absolutely right, and much as I like the idea of doing the water thing with it, it's not really a good idea. I might get one afternoons fun out of it, and after that it's ruined. All that restoration work and years of history out the window. Bit like Indiana Jones, brilliant archaeologist, maybe, but every time he finds a priceless artefact, he goes on to wreck it!! Think of the last crusade, the old Knight had kept that temple tidy for all those years, Jones turns up and ten minutes later the place is in ruins!! Buy a fire engine? Nah, don't think so 😁
  8. I've been giving this a good deal of thought actually. I like the idea mentioned earlier by The DT Guy of carting water round steam rallies, would make a great show piece, being seen to be working. BUT, as we all know water isn't known for it's lubricating properties, more so for corroding ferrous metals. While most of the pumps components are aluminium, brass or gunmetal, but the actual gears and roller bearings are steel and wont appreciate a regular coating of water. Tanker was built to carry and pump various fuels so first thoughts are pump needs the lubrication of passing d
  9. Fished the pump drive chain out of the WD40 bowl on Sunday and spent several hours working each link in turn to get them to free up. All bar a block of 3 have freed up nicely, but I suppose you have to have a couple of difficult ones to make it interesting. The 3 in question do move but only under protest, so it's back in the soak for a few more days. Pump case and end plates got a coat of paint Early finish from work today, so I thought I would start putting the pump back together. First off, lay out all the clean bits in the right order. Looks a lot more lik
  10. So would I!! Hopefully we will get some shows to go to this year, and the whole plan is to have it working in some way
  11. Yes it is, been using it for years. Can brush it, or thin it with about 25% standard thinners and spray on. Touch dry in about half an hour. Sticks to anything Red colour does tend to bleed through green top coat, so I usually do a grey primer over it first to seal it Certainly seems to keep the tin worm at bay
  12. Got the rest of the pump room in red oxide today Not exactly the nicest place to have been working, bit cramped and awkward to reach some bits. But you have to make the best of things. Comfy chair and heater, who could ask for more? On a serious note, heater worked rather well when it came to the painting. After de-rusting, bung the heater in with the doors shut while you go to lunch, warmed the whole thing up beautifully. Obviously heater out while spraying, but as soon as the vapour cleared heater back in to help with the drying. Job done.
  13. Christmas socialising is off this year, so might as well do some more Tanker tinkering. Bright and early start on Monday morning. Well I was, weather was grey, damp, cold and generally unpleasant, so didn't stay long. Just enough to remove the Pump and drive chain, clean the floor up and give it a coat of Bonda Primer. Then rush back home before I froze to death. At least this gives me somewhere clean and dry to sit while I de-rust the ceiling when the temperature improves. Back in the home workshop, first job, fire up the new heater and warm the place up. Does a fine
  14. ZERO!!!!!!!!!! ......... the down side of working on your driveway , bad weather and short winter evenings coupled together with work being busy, lockdowns, COVID and isolation... the project has currently stalled for the moment......... Sounds like making excuses to me, lack of moral fibre an' all that 😁!! On a serious note, did it get damaged when the tent blew away? Buying a new tent is easy, a bent cab top or something could be a disaster.
  15. Chain oiler looks a lot different now it's cleaned Didn't even realise the centre was glass, but at least I managed not to break it. Not sure I want to paint it back into silver
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