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  1. Absolutely agree. Especially Militants, they were known for blowing head gaskets after getting too hot. Timber tractor was done a couple of years ago, and it was on the list of Tanker jobs to be done at some point, the leak just moved it up the list a bit
  2. Only got a couple of bits done this weekend, spent far too much time mucking about with the dynamo control box, still cannot get any life out of it. If I fit the one out of the timber tractor she charges nicely, put it's own one back in and no charge, so it's definitely that's where the issue is. Did get the coolant leak cured. Washed out the block first, to clear all the sludge, there was quite a bit of it too so good job done Refit plate with new gasket. Run up for to temperature, while messing about with the charging lark, and no leaks found. Finished paint
  3. Quality work takes a bit of time, and your fabrication is definite quality. Looking forward to see how you tackle the curved top
  4. As far as I have been able to ascertain, they were, as part of 154 Lowland Transport Regiment. That said, my information comes mainly from various google searches and isn't guaranteed to be right. So far, no one has told me I'm wrong, but I'm always open to information from anyone who knows better than I do.
  5. Thanks for posting that link. Looks like any blue will do, going by their standards. I had assumed there would be a typical Army type official spec for exactly how it should be. Being the national flag and all that
  6. Sorry, I was trying to be modern...... thinking of our younger readers I think the new shield looks more balanced now, but that is without paint. Once painted, contrasting colours can sometimes be deceptive to the eye and change the overall appearance. We'll see.
  7. Nice try, but no cigar for that one 😁(LOL). It only looks like that. In actual fact the centre of the cross is about 20mm higher up the shield. It looks too low because the lower legs are short, and you eye gets drawn to that. It's more to do with the shape of the shield, I think. So, start again. Cut of new shield with a less pointy shape. Have a practice run with the cross before doing too much work on it. I think this shape looks better. I've ordered the right colour paint via the link Matchfuzee posted, so with a bit of luck I'll be able to have another trial
  8. Bit of a set back on the Tanker today. Plan A was to get another load of little jobs out of the way, but it didn't quite work out. Finally got the fuel tank cap back on, and in a decent yellow paint finish Refitted the cab electrics, dashboard is back in, and all cables secured, but the damn thing still wont charge the batteries, so more work required here. Then I thought I'd best have a look at what was causing the damp patch that I'd just noticed under the left side of the engine. A steady coolant drip from the middle of this cover plate, and a suspicious look
  9. It's good to write about things when you have had a bit of a result, even if it's only a small one. Take one sorry bridge plate, and sand off the rubbish Good coat of primer and then a few top coats in the correct Golden Yellow. Now the difficult bit One water slide transfer to "slide" on First attempt didn't go too well. Looks OK from a distance, get close up and the cracks look awful. Second attempt didn't go too well either, managed to get one corner screwed up. Third one never actually made it onto the plate, a printer cart
  10. What a fabulous drawing, very talented lady. She could make a living out of that sort of thing. Can she do Militants? Tanker sketch would be priceless
  11. Control box now sorted. It was, as expected, dirty contacts. When I did it last year, I just set the gap so that it looked right and worked. Since then I have acquired a copy of the tech book, so this time it has been set properly with a feeler gauge to get the correct gap. A lot smaller than I had before. Worked out well with testing it too. Wife wanted to go down the farm where the Timber Tractor is to visit the relatives. So spend a bit of time giving her a lift down, say hi to Aunt and Uncle, and get to test control box on the truck. Everybody happy. Spent the afternoon m
  12. Bit more progress on the Tanker this weekend. Down to the small bits now, the five minute jobs that take all day. Fuel filter/sediment bowl fitted and a quick test. Felt it was worth a short video, as she ticked over without stalling. Bit too slow mind and still needs adjusting. Now the fuel tank is fitted, next job wire up the fuel gauge. Connecting the sender is fun, working through a small hole in the pump room floor. Five cables to cram in, on the right terminals. Then the dashboard end, which is not quite as bad. Took the steering wheel off to g
  13. Are the head bolt holes in the block clear? Any debris in the bottom will cause the bolt to bottom out and lock, giving the impression of being tight to the correct torque, but not actually pulling the head down properly.
  14. It'll get fatter when you paint it, and then it wont fit again without scraping big lumps out of your nice new green finish 😁!
  15. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one with tape measure issues. Looks good though.
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