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  1. Just out of curiosity, is the £8k they are asking a reasonable price?
  2. This is why you take lots of photos. Then, when you get to this stage you can look back at what you started with, give yourself a pat on the back and know you have done a damn good job. BTW, is that your Fergie in the background?
  3. Couple of points on your post Tamber. I have been told that there is little or no chance of tyre manufacturers putting the date code on both sides, as it will cost them a fair bit to do and only the UK has a requirement use it. Because we are only small beer compared the world market it is not worth the expense. As for getting advice on your rear tyres at MOT test, a friendly tester tells me they (the Testers) are data collecting. If enough testers keep advising that they cannot see the date between the twin wheels, it will get taken out of the manual and they will just need to check
  4. Only just seen this thread. These pics taken at HQ Engineer Resources Long Marston around 1987 . I believe she now lives at the RE Museum Chatham.
  5. Might not be much, but it's all quality stuff. Good work mate
  6. Good to see you're still on the case despite everything 2020 threw at you. Hat's off for your dogged determination to manage with what you've got
  7. Love the AA patrol bike, it would be a right collectors piece today and worth a small fortune
  8. Noticed the modern progress in the background.. The nice country cottages got knocked down to make.....Tescos!
  9. Straight or not, it is a vast improvement on it's previous condition. Any way, quality work always takes a bit more time, and there is always time for another mug of tea
  10. Agree with Radiomike7 codes are week and year, always have been. Biggest problem I've found so far is, tyres are only date coded on one side. A date code on the inner side of a tyre is hard to see and DVSA Inspectors have been instructed to fail vehicles if a date code is not easily visible. They are also giving out advisory notices for rear tyres that are over 10 years, which would suggest to me that they are already planning to expand the current rules at some point. More expense for us.
  11. You always knew this bit would be a challenge (being polite here) But so far it looks seriously impressive. As for the heat distortion, you think the curved bits are going to be the most difficult to get the shape right, but in reality it is keeping the straight bits straight that is the real problem. As mentioned earlier top marks for the bottle and determination to tackle it, it'll look good when it's done
  12. Corralex may be a trade name. It's just corragated plastic. We use it at work for advert boards on the sides of buses, and after that lumps of it are good for laying on when under a bus
  13. Finally got a decent days weather to do a bit more on Tanker work. I thought I was done with the cut and weld malarky ages ago, and was well peeved when I found these holes in the pump room floor the other week. Can't pretend I didn't see it and just hope it goes away, so dust off welder and fetch the grinder again Might as well chop the whole square out, because the remaining metal is pretty thin as well. Corralex sheet stuffed underneath helps to protect the diesel tank top from sparks. Weld in new plate. It's 3mm thick so a lot more forgiving than thin b
  14. Deep breath, plenty of liquid refreshment, and take it slowly, it'll come out lovely. Will be cheering you on all the way
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