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Great War truck

RAF Leyland workshop lorry

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1 minute ago, andypugh said:

Also shows that the motor drives a ring gear on the flywheel of the lathe. So I am rather sure that it is a Drummond lathe. 


Shows what looks like _exactly_ the same lathe, with the leadscrew handwheel and clasp nut on the side of the apron. 


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Note, also, that the Drummond double-height-bed 5" lathe in this photo is being used with a powered overhead to grind a crank journal. 



And the far end of the crank is being supported by a Con-rod held in the drilling vice on the drill press 🙂

That's a Gosling level of machine capacity stretching. 

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The narrow gauge War Department Light Railway workshop trains are well illustrated in WDLR Album by Roy Link. They seem to be built onto the standard D Class bogie wagon chassis and are therefore longer than the IWM example. Could be the source of the idea that it was once a railway wagon, although it would have had to be cut down.

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