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  1. There is also one at the Museum of Flight at East Fortune in Scotland: there are a fair few photos of it on line. Also Googling "thunderbird missile" will throw up some useful sites - and photos if you go into images.
  2. It's the Tank Bridge no.3 which was carried by the post-war Churchill bridgelayers. Or to be more accurate, two no.3 bridges both lacking their rear ends (which look as though they have been cut off) and the framework that separated the trackways.
  3. Noel is correct - it is definitely not 1962! According to the caption in the book Dunavant was in Bosnia in September 1996. Not sure how that error crept in. On the plus side I was only 34 years out ... Bill
  4. And another - Black Beauty, Centurion 44BA10 (from photo found on the internet).
  5. One more for you - Dunvant, Challenger 1Mk3 of D Squadron 1st Queens Dragoon Guards, 7(?)9KF27, Bosinia 1962 - Photo in Challenger 1 &2 by Walter Bohm and Peter Siebert.
  6. As Bob notes, it's the rear section of the dust shield which has been welded (?) onto the top of the hull to provide extra stowage space.
  7. Andi This photo may help: https://collection.nam.ac.uk/detail.php?acc=1992-10-144-2 Or you might find something of use in one of the two walk arounds on Prime Portal. Just scroll through the vehicle list until you get to the entries for Centurion AVLB. http://www.primeportal.net/the_battlefield_armor.htm
  8. Trailer Cargo (1tonne) FV2401 (two wheel) - H: 1220 mm (48"), L: 3150 mm (135"), W: 2080 mm (82"), Track 1710 mm (67 "). Wheels - rims: 6.5x16 divided, Tyres 9.00x16. Trailer Flat Platform (2 tonne) FV 2520 (four wheel) - H: 750 mm (30.5"), L: 7650 mm (302"), W: 2360 mm (93"), Wheelbase: 3660mm (154"), Track, front and rear 2060 mm (81 "). Wheels - rims: 6.5Hx16 divided, Tyres 9.00x16 10n ply. (Source - British Military Vehicles 1971 and 1981 published by MVEE) The books don't include the office trailers unfortunately, but 1:76 scale plans of those (and the other two) exist.
  9. As Richard notes, Airfix produced a Bedford MK in 1:76, along with soft and hard topped Land Rover 109s, a Land Rover 101, a 105 light gun and a Saladin and Saracen. They went out of production a couple of years back but may re-appear one of these days. They still turn up on Ebay from time to time, with prices that reflect their scarcity. There are a number of small companies that produce post war British soft skin and armoured vehicles in 1:76 and resin including Matador Models http://matadormodels.co.uk/76B PWB/lists PWV page 1.htm , Kingfisher Miniatures http://www.kingfisherminiatures.co.uk/vehicles-1-76-scale-c1.htm and Milicast Models http://www.milicast.com/shop/home.php?cat=14 . Personally I would only buy from the first two of these at shows but I have always found Milicast mail order service to be reliable. In addition to the Aveling Barford mentioned by Richard, Oxford Diecast have various 1:76 diecasts that can be used as a basis for post war British vehicles, including Land Rovers. You could also look on eBay for 1:76 white metal and kits by BW Models and 1:76 and 1:72 scale resin kits by Cromwell models, and for out of production kits by Kingfisher and its predecessor CMSC. (Some of the of the BW moulds were bought by Hobby Den in Ireland and they have a few ex BW kits in their list - see http://www.thehobbyden.com/index.php?cPath=57_142&osCsid=mftfktj3f2vd9fta3lag6tgrc2 . Others were bought by Matador and have been incorporated into their own range, but the majority of the BW - and CMSC - range are unfortunately out of production. In 1:72 both ACE and Takom produce kits of British armour in plastic, including Centurion and Chieftain MBTs and the FV432. Ace also, from memory, have produced kits of the Stalwart, Salamander, Saracen and Saladin. Challengers, Warriors and AS 90s are available from other producers in plastic 1:72., whilst Revell do both and an M109 and a Fuchs NBC variant that can that, with a bit of work , be converted to UK standard. S&M Models also do a 432 in plastic and Dan Taylor has a number of conversion sets for this kit - see https://www.dantaylormodelworks.com/cold-war-75-c.asp which may also fit the Takom kit. There are probably other kits about, but these are the ones that spring to mind.
  10. Hi Steve I've just emailed you a copy. You might want to check the plan against the dimensions given in Wally Duggan's post in case scanning it and printing it out at your end has affected the scale. Regards Bill
  11. Bill,

    Many thanks for your feedback.  My email address is <micknorton1944@gmail.com>


  12. Hi Mick I'm not sure how well it will scan as it is a bit faded, but if you PM me with your email address I send you a copy. Bill
  13. Its a Trailer, 40 Ton, Tracked, Recovery designed by Cranes. According to the information given on a 1:76 scale plan I have, 75 were built in 1944/45 by Boulton and Paul. Both the front and rear bogies were tracked.
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