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  1. I assume the museum next to the Nissan plant is the North East ,Land,Sea & Air Museum. I don't live that far away , I doubt if there is any British Tanks , possibly a local Sherman garaged there when not on summer circuit ? When the NEMVG lost their storage/museum near Gosforth - the situation was on the slide and that was 4 decades ago.
  2. Disgusting situation , its the North/South divide - where can a party of school children be taken to view a gun-tank or private individual go in the North of England ? or for that matter Scotland. State museums have a education responsibility..
  3. Yes , I too would have expected a broad arrow or letters WD on the cap. Most cans where the company name is embossed on the side such as Pratts, BP, Shell, Esso etc. - you can easy match with a brass cap. However I have never seen a can embossed with Anglo American Oil to which the AAO Co. Ltd. caps can be married with. I have a book "Pioneers of Petrol" about Carless Capel & Leonard , good early history about import of oil , early history of Launch Spirit, Motor Spirit , Aviation Spirit and how the word Petrol came about. As a kid I can remember taking such
  4. Yes - that would better account for the spigot ends - possibly ?
  5. Yes - you have me convinced - ground station for a man-portable to get more aerial sections up to improve Tx/Rx . The sections are very slender & light , I think for back-packing ? It is the spigot ends that have me ? possibly some sort of bayonet fitting collector to hold the top firm to mount the antenna on. Possibly the sort of equipment that few survived ? I think would need a separate earth as the guy ropes & wood sections would not give any continuity.
  6. Hi , the person whom I am trying to dispose of , he had done a search of RAF equipment & drew a blank. Actually he lives nearer to a seller of uniforms , medals & all militaria than I , probable he would best take them there for best opinion ? Yes - the oxygen supply did make me wonder , goggles do have that "open-cockpit" look , am aware much RAF kit is coloured green.
  7. Mystery kit ? I would be interested to know , no markings , no clues. Does look very WD , WW2 era ? May be suitable for 1:1 diorama , BUT seems only a part of ? Tree-wood parts - n o dry-rot or wood-worm , white on canvas may look like mildew , but canvas is dry & sound. Among some stuff , asked to dispose of by a Show/Autojumbler - sickened off scene by Covid-19 If interested - make me an offer £ , collection mid-Wearddale or you pay £ shipping.
  8. Uncertain about this , seems WW2 era. ? Seems similar to a aerial wire (civvy) on a spool & axle on roller knife-edges - crossbow used to fire a cord over some very high trees to lay it on canopy - it seemed the idea. Communications to light aircraft & helo. May be suitable for a 1:1 diorama Aged & some broken bits to outer sheath. Reel dia. is abt. 12" Among stuff I was recently asked to get rid of by a Show/Autojumbler sickened off-scene by Covid-19. If interested - make me an offer £ , collection mid-Weirddale or you pay £ shipping.
  9. I think I have seen these worn by such as Scorpion crew ? One has a slight rust stain - should brush off. Goggles are OK. Among some stuff I was asked to dispose of by a Show / Autojumbler - sickened off scene by Covid-19 If you are interested - make me an offer £ collection mid-Weirddale or shipping at your £ cost.
  10. Possibly , but probability has a % against - so I don't think so , if you google on a can this date (1953) one is to be seen with same embossed top and the cap is identical - then this one has been listed for sale (where I established the origins of a AAO cap. The hard evidence again matches the top to the can with this cap, many cans embossed front/rear but not the top - in this case the top is a link to correct cap. The probability not so great as to be wrong.. Could have been jumbled but then I can't say I have noticed Pratts, Esso, Shell being sold with wrong caps - if they do get mix
  11. 2 additional pics - one should be of the base.
  12. errata - noticed I have shown a picture of a end , other end in same condition.
  13. - Dated 1953 , embossed WD & broadarrow. Brass cap is marked AAO & Co. Ltd. It seems AAO was Anglo-American Oil Co. a subsidiary of Standard Oil Co. Predecessors of ESSO, apparently the company name was changed 1951 to ESSO Petrol Co. Ltd. So - seems like they were lazy in change of cap casting. Has had a smear on a base soldered seam (probably Devcon) , container is all solder seam construction - flimsy ? If you are interested - I am open to offers - collection mid-Weirddale , or you pay £ for shipping. It probably would solder repair
  14. I don't know for certain - but would expect all those Opel Blitz lorries were just bodied with European Redwood (unsorted) from Germany, Sweden, or Baltic forests. I doubt if they had access to anything better and it would do the job , renewal - no problem or great cost.
  15. https://scholarworks.umt.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=4333&context=etd It seems that North American WHITE OAK was a preferred timber for truck bodies during WW2.
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