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  1. Going back a few years - ISTR that armoured vehicles were disposed of to selected scrap dealers & that was the arrangement - scrappage. Just that some seemed to be passed on to MV collectors.
  2. The 109" has an extra 4/5" for sliding seat, compared to 88" , so a 88" Rover 8 FFR is what you should be looking for as survivors greater in number. Details will be same shunt to twin-ammeters.
  3. 1967 , is it a Rover 9 or 11 ? Have a look on Ex-MLRA , I think the blog by GAVFOZ - his was a Rover 11 and I think FFR, lots of photographs - may be something. More S2A Toastie types 88" Rover 8 - by such as John Hughes , Stivvy, Nils and one or two more. I think you would have to contact and request specifically what you need. A LWT Rover 1 / 2A FFR would hardly be much different , I once stripped off flex. conduits from a 109" to swop over to a LWT and was surprised they were same lengths/identical around the shunt box.
  4. https://www.winwaed.com/landy/mil/military.php http://www.land-rover-lightweight.co.uk/Images/Electrical/rover1 24Av.jpg Have a look at the Winwaed site for some 109" specifics. For 109" (non-transistorised) , a early LWT diagram with 'twin-ammeters' will not be far away from what you want. I normally work around what is the nearest available.
  5. They look as if misplaced chills or chaplets.
  6. I remember a hydraulic moulding press made by Daniels where the hydraulic ram cylinder sprayed the machine shop with a mist of Shell Tellus. A new cylinder was ordered and fitted. I then with a sledge smashed the original cylinder , the wall thickness was 2" + & oil had tracked through the CI abt. 2 feet before escape to outside. On a thin water jacket like this , similar porosity problem - so I drilled to investigated , luck was in and I used the smallest taper plug (with threadlock) - it was only 1/8" BSP , I would probably have gone up as far as 3/8" BSP. After a few years - I ground off the square head and painted over - invisible repair at £ zilch cost. Devcon on similar CI recip. pump crankcases & engine casings - the norm if not extensive.
  7. My £ bet , would be that if John Attlee 3rd Earl - reads this then he would make no comment.
  8. You couldn't make it up ! 80 years the nutter Geoffrey Pyke of the 'Pyke's Uphill Rivers' project and Habbakuk project , a 2.2 million tons displacement aircraft carrier (x50 the displacement of a battleship) - made from frozen Pykrete (sort of a frozen woodchip) - a prototype was built in Canada. Pyke's fast armoured snow vehicle for northern Norway - apparently led to the M-25 Weasel. Pyke for his efforts was paid just over £30 per week, that during WW2 was absolutely ££ top $ for a unknown deep thinker (but he was a crony of Churchill's cronies) , put it all down to inflation and out of 10 + totally barmpot idea - you might just get something that both works and is serviceable under the battle conditions it was intended for, there again AJAX could just be lots of £££££ funny money for the few.
  9. AFAIK - you just have to ask the RAF Museum , no need for a formal FOI (like with Army Vehicle) and RN would be a real problem in any case as they re-cycle the VRM. IIRC - does not this RAF Museum person who does the search attend this forum in his civvy hat ?
  10. From 01/01/1983 the vehicles were Tri-Service , so green fleet could be allocated to Army, RAF or RN . Tri-Service started with VRM of KA - so it would be plated --KA -- ??KA??
  11. I have just a few books on WW1 & WW2 - on the eastern front , written in English by people of Polish origin , I think the only books same but Russia are by Victor Suvorov - same problem to me , when you are reading along if these strange names & strange place-names don't register in my brain , then I have great difficulty to absorb the book.
  12. Many Polish surnames end in ki (Sikorski) - it always sounds more Russian to me , but with Russian & Austro/Hungarian empires & 'pale of stttlement' - could be all sorts of origins. The words were always the same if Poland was mentioned , Zacky would pull my arm and whisper in an ear - Tony , Poland is Catolik !
  13. How history is lost , for 5 years I worked alongside a man who was then a machine tool recon. fitter. His name was Fred Zak , he was only known as Zacky . I don't know - you never asked , was Fred his real name ? was his surname Zak or Zack , was either a abbreviated longer Polish surname ? He was attributed with 3 tours , I don't know how this was calculated Polish / RAF I suppose. I understand he was apprenticed with Polish air force , he did airframe/engine , he was a part trained pilot . A ex-pit fitter (uncouth , who got by without technical college) one day tried mirth , it started with Zacky's spelling of "fibra washers" & then more or less that he should not have been present. I tore strips off the pit-fitter as Zaky was officially charge-hand fitter (he had moved north with the firm mid-1960's from Harmondsworth) & he should show more respect to his 'superior' . Knowing that if he got up from the card table & struck me he would be sacked. I could have asked Zacky lots , I didn't - only twice did he mention WW2 , that afterwards he went home to Poland 1p.a. to see his mother and that he had been a Lancaster rear gunner and was most surprised that it was never his turn to be hosed out of the turret and that it was his choice to re-muster as aircrew (this was soon after the incident)..
  14. Brush Research are the originators
  15. S2A were the days of 'selective assembly' and graded pistons (check crowns for size & grade). If worn you could use oil control rings , 3 slip hones are overtaken by "Flex-Hone" many engine plants inc. Perkins have used them for 40 years + Snap on (among others) sell them. With 2.1/4 pet. I use a Makita variable drill 0 ro 500 max. rpm. Any ridge , you can use a buster called a RIDGE REAMER , I just use a die-grinder to remove stock & finish with round India slips.
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