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  1. It is a xxKBxx Lightweight , photograph indicates all good , BUT the chassis would need a thorough examination . Details given , comparing to photograph - all good. Chassis depending - the Estimate sale price is ££ very low @ 2.1/2 to £3,000 + 6% * VAT BECAUSE this is not a dog , buy a dog and the heavy repairs and parts £cost such as a almost unobtainium vent-panel will rack the ££££ north. If the chassis needs changing - the estimate is still Fair - because the swop job would give a min. £8 to 10 K valuation. . The MOT history = very good , no advisories
  2. https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/number-plate Ask this lot , then forward their reply to your CHP office..
  3. Desert Storm - which Op. by that name was over 40 years ago ? ISTR the SAS did start off with VW buggy LSV over 40 years ago.
  4. Gets better - Larry. I will be waiting for 1984 , FIRST registration of 85KB04 , more or less decided to fit BRITPART !! civvy spec. springs , claimed as manuf. by the OEM to Santana (along with Std. shocks). I have this set up on a Rover 10 that I fitted new original Bramber springs , vast £ saving on Paracetamol.. I purchased 85KB04 from MVS Jan. 1998 , had DMG Autos @ Alrewas , give a clean MOT ticket 07.01/98 & drove it home on trade plates. I have all the MOD Service Records - mileage still 33,516 - garaged on blocks 22 years. At least I hav
  5. There is your answer Larry , go to your nearest MAIN Post Office and follow the instructions of sirhc , and of course report back in full HERE.
  6. Correct , just check no 'genuine' supercessions , also sometimes the aftermarket continue with the older number / sometimes genuine / aftermarket NOS still available. . Often - the newer the number the higher the £ price !
  7. https://www.thexmod.com/item_detail.asp?id=44671 Priced in £ it should be armoured , armored it should be priced in $ ,,
  8. S3 civvy Parts Catalogue RTC9841CE dated June 1988 :- FRONT chassis bush still - 569746 REAR chassis and all spring bushes still - 548205
  9. Reading this again , it seems there is a error with 12 qty. Seems it should read 10 qty. as the front chassis bushes are longer..
  10. RTC9841CC dated April 1982 Page 1J 17 The REAR - CHASSIS bush - is stated as 548205 , then years ago I scrubbed it out in light pencil, then again marked as CORRECT with my words 'short bush at rear'. I should have used a rubber. So yes, Larry's L'wt book is correct - 10 qty. 548205 are needed. (subject of supercession) The FRONT = bush 569746 2 qty. (longer because of the different inner shackle plate with welded on ferrule. For some reason - the standard 109" page I also penciled the rear chassis bush 548205 , as wrong & should have rubbed i
  11. It is all a Mare's Nest , if you can find patience with FB , then expand all the comments and replies to the recent post of Butty Butt - concerting same with his FFR 55HG87. All complicated because MOD "Release Notes" auction receipt had no actual date of manufacture. Often the DIS just stated the Month/ Year. Normally DVLA consider the cars FIRST registration as opposed to the Manufacture Year, most December built cars are not registered until the January of the next year. People getting "Heritage" Certificates, Solihull to get Sespatch In / Out dates. 'B' Cards from Museu
  12. btw - replacing chassis bushes is a PITA , some use a gas-axe to burn the rubber out . I normally chain drill / use a hole saw from both sides & cut out. Then taking time , use die-grinder , hacksaw, files to split the outer sleeve without damaging the chassis tube. Just pray you don't have a loose chassis bush that has worn the tube . Go easy cleaning any rust , don't use a flap-wheel as it removed metal as well as rust & you need a transition/slight interference fit to pull the new bushes into.
  13. Well - if that is what it states - it is one of those errors. I am ref. to Parts book civvy April 1982 (88" = same as Lwt) Each spring has two quantity = total of 8 qty. 548205 You need two qty. REAR chassis bushes (if required) 569746 And two FRONT chassis bushes , IIRC - a little longer in length = 569746 Front bushes tend to be a bit more expensive for 'genuine' - why ? Probably FRONT not changed as often as REAR - smaller production runs. Before starting - best launch the boat and get all the bushes and all the bolts (because you don't know i
  14. btw - if I knock out a rubber bush , it seems always a chassis bush rather than a spring. Serious tub payload overloads , squeaking , jack up & use of pry-bars LoL Bolts are best occasionally pulled and inspected (you can find heavy step wear caused by bush liner tube, factory never greased them) . I apply graphite of MoS2 . CV joint grease.
  15. I always do a quick check for SUPERCESSION , using LR Series same part - just s/s. https://www.lrseries.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=548205 s/s most often the reason is a change of design or manufacturer as OEM / spares supply. Q.C. for traceability for returned defectives. Originally - well back in last century , the OEM would be Metalastic , Trelleborg was probably a supplier, in the days before BRITPART (Border Supplies). Approx. 40 years ago - I purchased sets of new petrol & diesel engine/gearbox mounting rubbers , both genuine & B
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