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  1. Dodge VK62 crew buses in the front row?
  2. Could these be Crossley Q tractor units with housebody trailers?
  3. quiet Christmas, just refurbed the spares box for the 19 Set
  4. Just found a better copy of the publicity shot and the sign actually seems to be a body coloured diamond superimposed on a black or red square
  5. Thanks Wally, I suspect there was an element of artistic license with the film markings, although they seem to be grounded in reality. I also wondered if the background square might have been red rather than black and was intended to allude to the 7th AD but without the red jerboa, particularly as they had missed the unit code on the RASC AoS square.
  6. I’m now looking to reproduce the wiring connections between the batteries and charging board and between the charging board and the PSU for my MWR. Was the original wiring PVC covered or did it have a bituminised woven cotton covering ? Thanks
  7. I’m interested in the markings on the K2/Y(s) in Ice Cold in Alex. Looks like an plain RASC diagonal green/red AoS square without superimposed unit code on the offside front and rear and perhaps a made up Div Sign on front nearside of a white circle within a black or red square. Does that make sense or has anybody got a definitive answer ? thanks
  8. Added the clamps for the table today. Possibly not quite prototypical, but certainly based on photos of remaining bits in scrap bodies
  9. New reproduction shock mounts for the brackets that hold the tray to the table arrived from Jordan Baker in Canada yesterday so I could finally bring everything together.
  10. External dimensions are 17” x 7.5”. There is a drawing in WftW Vol 2 of a possibly similar frame fitted in a jeep equipped with a 19:set and RF amp filled with two valve boxes, one for the set and a generic one for the amp, so I wondered if a similar frame was fitted as standard in the MWR, despite all the lockers and bins provided.
  11. Thanks for your help. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board though as the 18/22 box I have is too small for the frame. Was hoping the original 19 set box might have been a bit larger to better fit the frame.
  12. I have a question, Is the original Spare Valves Case that came with the 19 Set (ZA3104?} the same dimensions as the later case which is marked up as being universal for the 19/22 Sets Just trying to sort out stowage arrangements in the MWR thanks
  13. Over 3 years after I first pictured it, the radio table is finally finished and painted. The flat fronted draw was not right so as a lockdown project, I started from scratch and built a new one with an angled front as original. Table now just needs drilling for the four shock mounts for the clips that secure the 19 Set’s wooden carrier to the table. I will do that when the new ones arrive. All that remains is to sort out the earthing straps in due course.. I have also made up the four clips that hold the table to the floor. The 19 Set has been refurbed for a while
  14. Luckily there are a number of younger companies who seem happy to think outside the box. Can only hope that one of them thinks it is worthwhile bringing a DAC to the marketplace.... It was equally bizarre that no one had come up with a fresh Crusader in 1/35th scale to replace the Italeri offerings until Border Models announced theirs recently. It all the more strange since Tamiya must have done all the necessary research for their 1/48th scale offerings. A Covenanter and A30 Challenger would complete the set (hint hint somebody)
  15. As it seems to be on every “want” list across the web, I do find it bizarre that nobody has yet stepped up to the plate and offered a new state of the art (or indeed any) injection moulded 1/35th model of the DAC. Surely someone must offer one eventually. Then perhaps we can shift our hopes onto the Humber LRC and Morris LRC It is a significant gap, especially as it has been in military service for the last 80 years. It remains in service with the Qatari Army as far as I am aware. I put my jeep in 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry markings about 40 years ago on the strength of a photo of
  16. Mirror Models offer a 2 in 1 model of the WW2 10cwt GS trailer in 1/35th scale. Bronco offers the 10cwt Lightweight trailer in 1/35th.
  17. Brasso and then toothpaste can probably be used to polish up the reflectors, and any imperfections left can be sorted by brushing on some silicon floor polish like Pledge Future or the current equivalent. This will dry to provide a smooth glossy surface filling in the imperfections or minor scratches as it dries.
  18. Bit more progress, trunking for the wires from the auxiliary dynamo to its control box has been made up and fitted and the battery clamps screwed down to the floor on battens in their final positions. The mounting bracket for the control box has also been repositioned and tightened down The little panel for the interior light with switched plug for the lead to the interior light on the roof is also now ready to fit to the back wall next to the radio table although I’m still trying establish the path for the wiring as it cannot be seen on the photo above. Have also refinished the cont
  19. Are spring hanger grease bolts another term for shackle pins? If so, I ended up having some made for me by a local machine shop as I couldn’t find a suitable source for replacements
  20. Wonder if there is any link with the equipment used for the Royal Navy field gun races that were/are held at the Royal Tournament?
  21. Managed to obtain a new baseboard for the charging board, so swapped all the switches, wiring and terminals over as a single unit without the need to undo any of the connections. By undoing all the screws and nuts on the front of the board it was possible to gently withdraw everything and then carefully feed into the new board. Took the opportunity at the same time to repair all the cracked and broken Bakelite covers for the switches, using black plastic card and black epoxy putty. Just need to paint the frame and then it’s ready to be fitted into the back of the MWR
  22. I am looking for a good photo of the brass data plate on the front of the big old CAV 141, 142 or 143 series control boxes. These are fitted in vehicles like the Scammell Pioneer series, Matadors, Dorchesters and QLRs as well as the MWR. The dimensions of the plate would also be helpful. Just found this picture of one in the back of a Dorchester, and it looks as if the unit is not overall black as anticipated but that perhaps the copper baseplate under the black covers on the box is left unpainted. Does anyone have a NOS or untouched example of a 141/142/143 which shows the original
  23. Ron, Nick is a lynchpin of the BAJR admin team. I too resisted FB for as long as possible but eventually bowed to the inevitable. Have to say that the Bedford MW group is the best source of information around for these trucks, similar for British jeeps.
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