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  1. Given your MW is fitted with a non-original OY cab, I would be inclined to leave well alone. If it works, don’t fix it.
  2. I think that is the position for the screened coil used in the MWR FFW
  3. The correct carb is a Solex type 35RZFAIPO/C581/0. C581 should be stamped on the carb. That is the 35RZFAIPO specific to the MW, as it was also fitted to other Bedford’s such as the QL
  4. Can even be seen (or more accurately, not seen) on the brass manufacturers plates attached to some of the tanks in the Tank Museum which have also had the manufacturers name ground off
  5. Not party to such detailed information I’m afraid. The build photos of the test shots for the MkI are now on line, so things are definitely moving forward. All the other elements (markings, boxart etc) are already in place
  6. Kevin, FFN for 2FFY is 18000
  7. There are no RA units with the 5 digit FFNs you quote in the list I have, and the presentation is way too large as well. FFNs were usually only about 1” lettering above the colour bars, as part of the preparation for overseas movement markings
  8. Perhaps too large for a Field Force Number (which can be up to 5 numbers) above coloured bars which would be used for mobilisation purposes. More likely to be a unit serial applied on a coloured (?red/blue) arm of service square. Is all the number readable? If it is (possibly) 74 on a red/blue square, that would indicate a Royal Artillery Field Regiment in an Armoured Division from 1944. Is there any further Divisional marking on the other side of the cab?
  9. Don’t be fooled by the label on the pump at the moment. Pays to check. The local Sainsbury’s now shows the 95 octane unleaded as E10 on the label on the pump but won’t actually change over to E10 until 1st September... Had to ask to find out that nugget of information
  10. The back is now completed and just needs paint. New bins have been made and await painting. Tailgate now finished as well
  11. The former MAT Crusader, which used to be displayed on a Warflat wagon at the NRM outstation at Shildon has apparently been moved and replaced with a Universal Carrier. Does anybody know what has happened to the Crusader?
  12. To the extent that you can trust period colour photos, here are some K2/Ys in SCC2 on an airfield. Paintings from life are another source of colour information, although inevitably an interpretation by the artist
  13. Looks like a Standard Vanguard utility
  14. Think I will be contacting RCH as well to see what they can do.
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