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  1. Thanks, that’s what I expected. Will have to see if there’s any potential to move the sockets within the existing screwholes in the faceplate.
  2. Has somebody got a photo of a SMTP fitted into its holder on the front of a British made Mk III WS19?. My set came with the holder already fitted midway between the 2 sockets on the left of the face. I have picked up a cheap, non operational SMTP to go in the holder but I just cannot get it to fit between the two sockets, as the winder seems to interfere with the top socket. I’m assuming that the holder is fitted correctly so that 12 o’clock is at 12 o’clock when fitted in the holder. thanks
  3. They (SSC) used a similar system to correlate census numbers and chassis numbers for the 10 cwt GS wooden bodied trailers as well
  4. Thanks Wally, Cole rides to the rescue. I seem to refer to mine more nowadays than when I bought it decades ago. I am moving towards the assumption it would be the Commando Brigades sign used as the Formation Sign with the downward pointing silver dagger badge used on uniforms. I must check the Osprey Army Commandos book again for uniform details.
  5. Does anybody know the formation sign carried on the vehicles of No 2 Army Commando? They were part of the 2nd Special Services/Commando Brigade operating in Italy and the Balkans. Thanks
  6. These examples were seen on Daimler ACs in Germany at the end of the war
  7. Same as the badge carried on 1st Royal Dragoon Guards Vehicles?
  8. Is it a two headed Austrian eagle? Might be worth contacting the Museum of the successor Regiment- the Queens Dragoon Guards. It’s called Firing Line. The Vehicle badge for the Royal Dragoon Guards seemed to be a stencilled version of the cap badge outline.Wonder if that was all they did as well
  9. If rain doesn’t soak through, is it likely that thicker paint would?
  10. Red split rim nuts are specifically mentioned in wartime drivers handbooks but white hub nuts were a parade/peacetime affectation I think
  11. Coming soon from Gecko Models. Mk I first to be followed by “1945” and “Post War” (=Malaya / Canal Zone / Korea / Libya) boxings of Mk II and Mk I SOD
  12. If you do Facebook, take yourself over the British Army Jeep Research group. Best resource for British jeeps, marking guides, hundreds of pictures etc etc
  13. Thanks, that’s clarified what I needed to know about the markings applied to RSG vehicles.
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