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  1. Are spring hanger grease bolts another term for shackle pins? If so, I ended up having some made for me by a local machine shop as I couldn’t find a suitable source for replacements
  2. Wonder if there is any link with the equipment used for the Royal Navy field gun races that were/are held at the Royal Tournament?
  3. Managed to obtain a new baseboard for the charging board, so swapped all the switches, wiring and terminals over as a single unit without the need to undo any of the connections. By undoing all the screws and nuts on the front of the board it was possible to gently withdraw everything and then carefully feed into the new board. Took the opportunity at the same time to repair all the cracked and broken Bakelite covers for the switches, using black plastic card and black epoxy putty. Just need to paint the frame and then it’s ready to be fitted into the back of the MWR
  4. I am looking for a good photo of the brass data plate on the front of the big old CAV 141, 142 or 143 series control boxes. These are fitted in vehicles like the Scammell Pioneer series, Matadors, Dorchesters and QLRs as well as the MWR. The dimensions of the plate would also be helpful. Just found this picture of one in the back of a Dorchester, and it looks as if the unit is not overall black as anticipated but that perhaps the copper baseplate under the black covers on the box is left unpainted. Does anyone have a NOS or untouched example of a 141/142/143 which shows the original
  5. Ron, Nick is a lynchpin of the BAJR admin team. I too resisted FB for as long as possible but eventually bowed to the inevitable. Have to say that the Bedford MW group is the best source of information around for these trucks, similar for British jeeps.
  6. Ron, Just use the search term “British Army Jeep Research” in google. First answer is the BAJR webpage .....no need for Facebook. www.britishjeep.com
  7. Nick Thomas = British Army Jeep Research (FB)
  8. Another little step forward. The charging board frame that came with the truck would have needed a lot of work to make it something like the original so it was easier to start from scratch. It wasn’t easy to bring all the parts together for welding as the frame had to fit within a newly made cover attached to the top of the body and also line up with the existing metalwork and use existing fixings. Also now fitting the (one original and three reproduction) battery box frames that go either side of the radio table. These will be screwed to the floor on wooden battens. I was lucky to f
  9. You could always try Autosparks in Nottingham. They might have a pattern.
  10. David Bryden’s Tiger1.info website has a page for MG34 toolboxes. I wonder if the same box was used in the PzII? Sorry....cant link so google “Tiger1.info MG34 toolboxes”
  11. 76 on green over blue is listed as the junior armoured car regiment for Armoured Divisions, Middle East Forces from 21/9/41. Is there a divisional sign on the other side of the tank? The Chilwell list shows C5108998 to be from contract C12425.
  12. The bulbs are single filament with two contacts as the trailer is not earthed and all bulbs need a feed in and a contact out, back to earth. The British trailer socket/plug is also two contacts only so the lead between truck and trailer is again just live and earth only. One side of the trailer socket is earthed to the vehicle
  13. Agreed....you can’t beat a book in your hands and on the shelf The current prices of some of the books I have acquired out of an interest over the years never cease to amaze and shock me. Even relatively recent ones like the Warpaint volumes.
  14. The Almark book on markings by Hodges is very much of its time. In later years Cannon Publications in Doncaster republished the book with a additional long commentary on its contents, by MD Taylor which was enhanced by much more detailed and recent research. You should try and obtain a copy of this later publication. It has the same cover as shown but includes the name of MD Taylor and P Hodges as joint authors. The books on order of battle by M Bellis are also very helpful, as is the book on Military Heraldry from WW2 by Howard Cole
  15. You could always try the QRL/Notts Yeomanry Regts museum at Thoresby Hall Courtyard. They might be able to help further.
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