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  1. Over 3 years after I first pictured it, the radio table is finally finished and painted. The flat fronted draw was not right so as a lockdown project, I started from scratch and built a new one with an angled front as original. Table now just needs drilling for the four shock mounts for the clips that secure the 19 Set’s wooden carrier to the table. I will do that when the new ones arrive. All that remains is to sort out the earthing straps in due course.. I have also made up the four clips that hold the table to the floor. The 19 Set has been refurbed for a while
  2. The glacial restoration of my MWR continues and as the refurb of the 19 set installation is approaching the end, my thoughts are turning to the furniture in the back of the truck. I have finished, bar painting, the radio bench and am now stripping and refinishing the various lockers and thinking about the wiring to and from the control board. Inevitably the more you know, the less you know. The 19 set installation has two pairs of batteries, one set of which is clamped below the radio bench. I am unsure about the other pair. Are they stored, charged, in the lockers at the rear of
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