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Uploading pictures tutorial.


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Hi all.


Thought it may be wise to write a few words on how to post pictures up on the forum. Knowing how to do this puzzled me for sometime but it didn't need to as it is a very painless process.



First of all you need to use a site that allows you to upload your own pictures to it. I use http://www.photobucket.com'>http://www.photobucket.com'>http://www.photobucket.com so here is what you need to do;


1.Go to http://www.photobucket.com and fill out the necessary

2. Once you have registered and you have had a look around the site you need to find the ' add pictures' button.

3. Click on browse button this should pop up a 'choose file' window, Desktop, My Documents for example

4. Locate the folder/file that has the pictures in the you want to upload ( it may be easier to place a shortcut of the image on your desktop to begin with as it is easier to find).

5. Click the image that you want to upload, you may see something like P7110008.JPG which is a picture of my GMC or if you have renamed it you will see that name of the image.

6. Click 'submit' on the Photobucket site

7. You should now see your picture up on Photobucket.....well done that is a result!


Now to get image from there to HMVF follow the following steps.


1. Underneath your picture on Photobucket you will see three boxes 1st Url, 2nd Tag and the 3rd box is Img

2. Highlight the 3rd box ..........the Img box

3. Right click of the mouse and copy

4. Then paste it in to your message HMVF



That is pretty much it! It may seem a bit long winded but once you have done it once or twice you soon get the hang of it but if anyone else has a better/quicker then please do let us know.


Hope that helps...........now get posting.

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Guest shane taylor
Hi Jack

Sorry,far too complicated for acoputer illiterate like me.I'll just mail them to you and let you do the necessary.


Come on Degsy, you can do it :D:D

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Hi Jack,

Got as far as the "highlight the third box " bit then I found my mouse doesn't do right click and copy, must have different breed of mouse to the rest of the world or I don't feed it the correct cheese. :?

John Wheatley



Ok John.


Do you not have any buttons as all of your mouse? :-o :?

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There is a much easier way than how Jack is saying.


When you go to write a message, below the message box it says "Additional Options", click on that , then click on "browse", this brings up "My Documents", "My Pictures" or whereever you store you photos on your computor. Just going to give it a try to prove a point, if it does not work, I am going to crawl back under my stone :oops:


Pic should be of Green Archer which Lee was interested in, a few weeks back.




[attachment deleted by admin]

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Hi Pete,


Not to worry,I've already found a replacement,not a Dodge and it has a few more wheels than the D15,but of a similar style....


Be good to see you up here in sub tropical Wales 8-)



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