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    East Anglian Fighting Vehicle Group (Membership Sec)
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    H&S Advisor for Catten College
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  1. What's in the background looks fun. Can I have one of those please?
  2. Ha ha! It's the patented Land Rover air conditioning
  3. When you find the "proper" one I might be interested in your MAG sling :cool2:
  4. Motorbikes in the back are no problem. Got my Guzzi in the back with the tailgate closed (just had to take off the numberplate holder) and the 650 Dakar went in with the tailgate down. You'll also need some plasters for the dreaded Land Rover Elbow :-)
  5. Thank you Clive - we can always rely on you for a proper answer. :-)
  6. Welcome chap! Matador is a good thing to lust after. Good luck! :-)
  7. Wasn't the L2A1 the license-built FALO (heavy barrel SLR)? That thing looks far too big for that kind of jobbie. I'm confused :confused: :???
  8. Stonking piece of kit! Heidi likes it :nut:
  9. You're selling your daughter? Blimey! :shocked:
  10. Welcome Martin. Whereabouts are ya then?
  11. Hello Caroline Is it sunny in Sheffield too? It's sunny here in Colchester. :cool:
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