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  1. I agree most of us want to See a vehicle back together, and lets face it there isnt any solid vehicles left that are dug found after 60 odd years. Its the quality of the re-pro parts as-well I think and you have to shop around, making/casting /machining one offs is a very expensive business and a rare machine can run into tens of thousands.............is it worth it? people's faces at Military Odyssey should reveal that question. http://www.SdKfz.com great site always wanted a Demag.....sdkfz to big to get in my garden.
  2. Thanks to all of you for the chat, hope to see you at some of the shows this year Simon.
  3. Wow! 15 pounds membership?? thats errrrrrr........(Ill keep it clean) and we didnt get your pics mate try again... Simon
  4. Well.........dont know about this one apparently if you dig up or find a vehicle or gun or whatever in Poland you have to hand it in to the government who restore it and put them in museums, realising that they are worth vasts amount of money probably most end up in barnes around Poland being slowly restored by enthusiastic poles hoping one day to reap the rewards. As it caries a long spell incarcerated in prison for defrauding the government for not handing it in , they've probably dumped it as far away from where they live at the top of a tall mountain. You can just imagine the couples conversation on the way home....'if anybody stops us Marek, just say we were looking for mushrooms! ''
  5. Hi Ash, Yer pretty good site whermact awards , still by the time you've paid postage from USA and there is no pics and I aint a member of the forum etc.........? strangely since Ive started this helmet discussion someone has contacted me and offered me some original shells for 50 pounds a piece (solid not dug-up ones) so ill have a look.
  6. Hi Ash, well if your into reenacting and want to do the german thing get a Cossack (dnper ural) see motorcycle section a bit of artist work goes along way, and its where I started. British bikes are easier and cheaper to get hold of and yank bikes are expensive but spares and such are easier to soarce good luck with your Mum, mine was the same she said things like ''why dont you get a car?''
  7. yea I got a Police one, but if you compare it to an original the rims are shorter on the post war police and liners have a sweat band at the front of the liners, slider buckle on chinstrap too.
  8. Well Jack if I can do it anyone can, dont know bout the''strange stuff '' (pete) have to have a closer look!!
  9. Cheers Ive been told that some copies are cast from originals and some ........well hand beaten by enthusiastic children I think. some of the better ones Ive seen have been reworked by ageing the leather and repainting steel using European Camo,or winter wash etc.......
  10. Yea all the time it is at its best off road, Im in a off road club (also drive a suzuki sj 413 with spoa and big 31'' tyres) and sometimes take the zundapp, should see the faces of people when you go chuggin past them on a muddy embankment
  11. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s119/KRADRIDER/Picture017.jpg[/img] During the re-paint, OK guys better leave som space hope you enjoyed the pics thanks for the help, O one other thing I have been looking for good WH liecense plates but have made my own as you can see, Ive orderd a hand stamp from regaliaspecialist( http://www.regaliaspecialist.com ) for the red tax stamp between the WH and numbers 354875 Ive orderd a ''fieldpost stamp can anyone tell me if this is the correct stamp?. cheers all.
  12. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s119/KRADRIDER/bury2005.jpg[/img]
  13. Me posing at Bury 40's weekend, when I was in Northern renactments 21st Panzer division '' Hey Mr cool guy''
  14. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s119/KRADRIDER/bury20052.jpg[/img] In camo colours, before my repaint........think it looks better in grey.
  15. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s119/KRADRIDER/Picture007.jpg[/img] My son and his mate, amazingly my son can drive this at 14, but I make sure there is miles of space........like a aircraft runway first
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